Michael Markos

Michael Markos


I am a Junior at Deer Valley High School. I have many achievements from school to extracurricular. In school I am in a after school business club called DECA. I have achieved many awards from it like 1st place in regional, and 3rd place at state confrence for business service management. In taekwondo I achieved my third degree black belt witch requires 10 years of training. Which is something not to many people can say they have gotten in their life.


I enjoy martial arts I do it 4 days a week. Also I go golfing most weekends. On my weekend life  I enjoy going to the race track and raceing the quarter mile.

Work History

Work History
Jan 2006 - Present

Part Time Instructor

ATA Martial Arts

I start my day preparing a class planner for all of my classes for the day, to make sure all of my short term objectives are reached. Then I lead the class into workouts followed by direct teaching of the new material. Also for my job there is the business aspect when i am behind the front desk i am the direct represenative for my taekwondo school. I can conduct all sales and even sign up new students and prepare them for their first class. I also answer phone calls and deal with parent complaints.


Aug 2006 - Present

Deer Valley High School

I am currently enrolled in the following university level classes:

A.P. Us history

Pre-Calc Honors

English 241-242

Advanced Marketing

Physics Honors




I have been learning computer skills since a young age. I have been intrigued by computers ever since I was a young boy trying to learn as much as possible. As of today I can run anything on microsoft office and anyother program on a computer with ease.

Leadership/ Management

At my work I set the example and directly lead the students through the material. Also I manage the rest of the enployees to make sure they stay on track and work efficiently.


Im, a people person which means, no matter who you are I would come up and start a conversation with you.