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Michael Mangin

Retail Account Management Specialist at T. Rowe Price

Work experience

Aug 2011Present

Student Advisor Level II

Pre-Collegiate Development Program

The Pre-Collegiate Development Program (PCDP) at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS), is a system-wide, institutionally funded academic program for college-bound high school and middle school students. It is designed to motivate and prepare first generation students in pursuit of their higher educational goals. PCDP is structured to ensure that students are academically prepared to enroll and be successful at UCCS, the University of Colorado system or any other post-secondary institution of the students' choice.

Experience Includes:

  • Use of spreadsheets, database and word documents
  • Work well with coworkers on projects and tasks
  • Facilitate career exploration, higher education opportunities and leadership development
  • Create a support system for low-income, minority and first-generation students currently in grades 6-12
Jul 2011Present

Volunteer Law Intern

Colorado State Public Defender's Office

“The right of one charged with crime to counsel may not be deemed fundamental and essential to fair trials in some countries, but it is in ours. “

~ Gideon v. Wainwright, 372 U.S. 335 (1963)

Experience includes:

  • Extensive filing, sorting and technical documentation.
  • Serve subpoenas and other related tasks
  • Conduct interviews with suspects, victims, family, etc.
  • Experience with Adobe Acrobat and OCR Text Recognition
  • Jail phone call analysis and transcription
  • Confer with attorneys on law and procedure
  • Locate, obtain, evaluate and preserve documentary evidence
  • Know laws related to arrests, rules of evidence and court procedures
  • Maintain confidential information
  • Communicate and deal with members of the public in situations requiring tact and judgment
  • Analytical and problem solving skills must be utilized
  • Proficiency in writing, reading, researching and thinking logically; the skills needed for an attorney
Mar 2012Present

Executive Director, Founder

Beyond Liberty

After coming back from the International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington DC, Michael decided to create his own company dedicated to spreading the message of liberty, innovation and the principles this country was founded on. This company primarily focuses on economics, philosophy, history and other disciplines to inform and educate. 

Jan 2010May 2010

Student Teacher

West Elementary School

As a second semester project for Teacher Cadet, I was to attend a first grade classroom at West Elementary and teach lessons. I was also required to help the students out with math, science and reading. This first hand experience was a great opportunity to look into the discipline of teaching and work with kids.


Jun 2010Present

Bachelor of Innovation in Business Administration

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

The unique BI degree focuses on multi-disciplinary innovation teams, proposal writing, intellectual property, brainstorming skills, prototyping products, investor networking, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Core Disciplinary Area of Study: Creative Communications Public Speaking, Video Production, Website Design, Photography and Music SoftwareMinor Area of Study: Economics


My personal objective in life is to continue the fight for people's rights as a future Constitutional Defense attorney and by spreading the ideas of liberty through mass communications.

My current objective is to find a part time job that allows me to gain the necessary skills to build my career. I am interested in firms focused in video/film, business and innovation, public relations, finance and even customer service or marketing.


I am good at learning new concepts and am willing to explore new possibilities.


I wish to become an attorney, and Mock Trial helped shape that. After five years with Mock Trial, I have become very interested in the discipline of law. With that, I put my resources to the test and began working at the Public Defender's Office.


Economic theory is very fascinating to me. I like the idea that I can better understand people's behaviors and relationships. It is also very satisfying to know concepts and relationships that are not spread through main stream knowledge.


Political philosophy and history is an interest of mine. I enjoy searching for new information and answering questions. Analyzing, observing and problem solve is what I like to do. Especially, if I can explore new ideas.


I love to get more experience with film and video production. I also enjoy applying my video skills to my other areas of interest.


I am very passionate about public relations and speaking. I enjoy giving persuasive arguments and stories to audiences.


Maturity and professionalism
Extensive leadership training
Ability to compose, edit and design documents.
Negotiation and Persuastion
Ability to Adapt to Workload
I always get my work done; always. No matter what the circumstances, I have always completed every assignment I have ever been given.
Comfortable with Customer Interaction
High Work Ethic
Public Speaking
Team Collaboration