Michael Mc Mahon

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 1985 - Present


Phoenix Union High School District


Feb 2006 - Apr 2007

Masters of Arts in Education

The purpose of this degree was to develop professional teaching skills to adults at the community college or online level.

Feb 2003 - Nov 2005

Masters of Arts in Education

Purpose of this degree was to learn the skills necessary to implement technology into educational curriculum.

Aug 1977 - May 1981

Bachelor of Arts

Northern Arizona university


As i near retirement from my school district near 2013, I look forward to the next step in my professional career as an educator for adults with the emphasis on using technology.


Worked with special education students since being a Junior in High School, 1976.

Taught since 1981. Special education self-contained classroom 1981-83. Sweetwater Elementary W.E.S.D.

Adaptive P.E., 1983-85, Regular education P.E. 1984-85, 4-6 grades. Washington Elementary, W.E.S.D.

Adaptive P.E., H.S. level, 1985-1991. Desert Valley High School, P.U.H.S.D.

Community College Program, 1991-Present. P.U.H.S.D. (mainstream students 18-22 yr. old onto community college campus, all disabilities.)

Other programs: J.T.P.A., Summer Schools, Summer Camps staff, Zamboni driver, Pizza maker, D.J./restaurant/night club employee, Respite provider.