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SEO Optimization | Website Design | Implementation
    We provide complete support with your SEO optimization, our staff has extensive knowledge in SEO optimization let us show you how easy SEO can be. We will maximize your website for top rankings by optimizing content. We will boost your link popularity by obtaining new link partners. We will increase your search engine ranking with Yahoo, Bing and Google. We provide the ultimate All-In-One Web Solution which some clients view as a technological breakthrough. It gives you our client the ability to turn your computer into your personal design studio. If you are too busy or lack the inclination our Design Team will handle all the details for you.      
Project Management
Delivering the tools and techniques needed to move your ideas from conception to completion. We assist with a personalized business strategy that becomes your blueprint. We have solutions that can help you with increasing revenue that can lead to customer satisfaction and retention.
All-In-One Web Solutions
Provider of All-In-One Web Solutions for various clients, ranging from Software Consulting to Multi-Media and Film Production Companies.
Multimedia Applications
Technical and Creative Genius Credits on Film Project.
Information Marketing Technology
Information Marketing Technology is the art of merging IT and Marketing Departments seamlessly to function as one cohesive unit through the means of multiple technologies. 

Work experience

Aug 2010Present

President | SEO | Web Solution Technology

E-Z Solushunz LLC

Manages the SEO Web Technolgies Division of EZ Solushunz. Responsible for daily reporting, site traffic, search engine ranking, and insuring that each client is kept in the loop in regards to all aspects of Marketing Projects involving SEO. Michael also stays connected with hands on involvement with web design and implementation projects.

Serves as onsite Compliance Officer to insure that all software and servers are compliant with any new updates. Being a pioneer in the Information Marketing Technology made this promotion the perfect fit for Michael.

Nov 2002Mar 2012

Assistant Manager of Contact Center Operations

DialAmerica Marketing

Directs a supervisory team to insure the entire shift is in compliance with marketing guidlines, state and national regulatory requirements while consistently exceeding budgeted goals. Our Center generates between 7 - 10 million dollars in gross annual sales. Working knowledge of lead plans from preparation to implementation.

Jul 2008Aug 2010

V.P. Information Marketing Technology

E-Z Solushunz LLC

Leads daily operations for the Infomation Marketing Technology division at E-Z Solushunz. This division focuses on delivering the most advanced multimedia and web related applications and solutions. E-Z Solushunz is an independent group of experienced consultants, with more than 17 years experience. The firm has developed a reputation for providing real business improvement through our emphasis on small business objectives. We are an important source of advice and assistance to our clients. Our services are designed to help our clients make their decisions better and improve their performance. As a result, our clients are better equipped to meet the challenges of today's constantly changing business environment.


Fitness Consultant / Retention Specialist

Bailey's Powerhouse Gym

Consulted members as it pertained to various aspects of their fitness goals. Designed specific training programs and specialized in the importance of nutrition as it relates to overall physical development. Promoted to the corporate offices to assist with the implementaion of the Retention Department. My expertise in this area was frequently requested by senior management as the department grew. Instrumental in leading the Retention Team to generate over $10,000 dollars within 60 days from start up.


Local Area Networking Implementation and Configuration Certification

Learning Tree

Certified in Local Area Networks Implementation and Configuration


Karl Hoaglund

The team at EZ Solushunz has been fantastic. I'm kicking myself for not finding them sooner. I paid thousands of dollars to another company I found online to do SEO for me. They took over six months to get me toward the top of the Google search results, and as soon as I stopped paying them, I dropped off the listing. EZ Solushunz got me to page one of both Google and Bing within a couple of weeks, and for a fraction of the cost. And they are a real pleasure to work with, they obviously make customer service and good communication their highest priorities. I couldn't be more pleased.

Frederick J. Preston

"The folks at Team E-Z are the epitome of class, professionalism, and excellence. Their attention to detail is unrivaled in today's "microwave" society. At every turn, they went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our success. They make difficult, possible; possible, easy; and easy, ...easier.

Jerry McMillan

“I can personally endorse Michael as a manager of call center resources. Michael has mastered a diverse portfolio of skills, he manages and develops human resouces from the entry level associate to masters of their craft. Michael is equally adept at the management and deployment of the technology and network infrastructure required to run a center effectively.”

Alan Drain

“I worked with Michael for approximately 4 years at DialAmerica Marketing. Michael is one of the most professional, high character individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His dedication and commitment to the success of the organization was beyond reproach. He works diligently to produce results at high levels and strives to exceed all set expectations. He very easily takes direction and constructive criticism and strives to improve any and all areas of opportunities. I would recommend Michael for any position he is qualified for and will not hesitate to provide any type of recommendation on his behalf.”