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To develop information systems through leadership, project management, and technical expertise that support and grow business operations, while rapidly responding to industry changes.

Qualifications Summary

  • Information technology professional with seven years experience managing, designing, and developing innovative solutions for a leading Third Party Benefits Administrator in Canada.
  • Extensive knowledge of the insurance and pension industry's rules, regulations, and practices.
  • Managed IT projects with budgets in excess of $500,000.
  • Delivered thirty-five percent productivity gains by reducing manual operations through automation using proven technologies.
  • Proven track record working with management and users to deliver business systems with real benefits to daily user operations.

Work experience

Sep 2009Present

Manager, Information Technology

D.A. Townley & Associates

Promoted from Senior Programmer to Manager of Information Technology.  Manage development, design, and integration of software and hardware systems for one of Canada's leading and largest employee benefits administrator, with over one billion dollars in assets under administration.  Oversee IT operations and staffing, and deliver technical resources to development projects.  Work with company's management team to develop and implement an IT strategy, and budget for updating and growing business operations.  Project manage custom systems development from the requirements phase though to the implementation phase.  Manage IT infrastructure including file and print services, networking, data backup, disaster recovery, and asset auditing.  Attend trustees meetings to discuss, plan, and resolve their information technology and reporting requirements.


  • Automated critical business processes to reduce reliance on IT resources and promote departmental autonomy.  Improvements led to thirty-five percent reduction in IT resources required to complete these processes.
  • Established a new system for tracking time and invoicing clients for custom systems development and technical support, which significantly improved revenue and reduced departmental costs.
  • Implemented a knowledge transfer training program to improve departmental flexibility and encourage team member growth.
  • Developed a departmental knowledge base and operations manual to document IT operations and protect against knowledge loss.
  • Implemented a help-desk system to manage team productivity and track user issues.
  • Improved data availability to clients though improved reporting and delivery of web content.
Nov 2006Sep 2009

Senior Programmer

D.A. Townley & Associates

Subcontracted to D.A. Townley & Associates for over two years before being bought out from Michitsch Systems and offered a Senior Programmer position at D.A. Townley & Associates.


  • Replaced existing team of software consultants who were hired by D.A. Townley to develop an employer benefits administration website written in LANSA, on the iSeries. Project was over-budget, out of scope, and had over three hundred recorded software deficiencies.  Addressed budget over-runs and scope creep by re-defining project goals and implementing a development roadmap to correct the deficiencies and improve system reliability. 
  • Developed an application to calculate a pension members termination package, which includes pension calculations, contributions history, and detailed breakdown of their payment options.  Previously, packages were calculated manually and took two to three hours to complete.  The new application automatically calculates ninety percent of packages in under one minute.  Used C#,, NHibernate, and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Developed Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes using Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to consolidate all of the company's legacy data into a data warehouse.
  • Developed an employee benefits administration website to provide information about claims history, benefits coverage, and policy provisions to plan members. Used C#,, NHibernate, and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Developed and implemented many releases of the company's Multi-Employer Pension System, Claims systems, and interactive Employer Benefits Administration Website. 
  • Responsible for managing the company's source code repository, release management system, documentation standards, and quality control processes.  Implemented procedures and controls that led to post-release implementation problems being reduced by over seventy-five percent.
  • Provided guidance and management to the junior programmers during various software development projects.
Sep 2003Nov 2006


Michitsch Systems, Inc.

Worked as a software consultant for a diverse range of private and non-profit clients across British Columbia.


  • Comprehensively reviewed problems with an existing $500,000 software project and provided recommendations and new project plan to meet financial and time objectives.
  • Implemented new company policies and procedures to provide a more structured approach to systems development and testing, using recognized industry standards.
Feb 2002May 2003

Programmer (Web Applications)

Syreon Corporation

Developed web applications for a variety of international health and pharmacological clinical studies across North America and Europe.


  • Developed more than ten different websites to collect, process, and clean data prior to importing into Clintrial database management system.
  • Prototyped a new version of the core web application that Syreon used to collect clinical research data.  Used C#,, and Oracle.
  • Wrote system validation documentation to bring the core web application into compliance with the Good Clinical Practice requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
Jan 2002Feb 2002

Database Developer (Contract Position)

Telus Enterprise Solutions

Worked with their asset management team to improve the Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes from client sites.


  • Optimised their existing Microsoft Data Transformation Service (DTS) packages to improve performance and reduce data errors.
  • Developed an alerts system using Microsoft SQL Server Mail to inform system administrators of incomplete data being imported from client asset management systems.
Apr 2001Sep 2001

Application Developer (Contract Position)

Child Support Agency (CSA)

Consulted on a nation-wide software project for a public sector corporation that collects child support payments. 


  • Developed a set of systems to collect, analyse, and report on team productivity, using Microsoft Excel. 
  • Collaborated with the business division's management teams to streamline existing reporting into a succinct executive overview.
Nov 2000Apr 2001

Application Developer (Contract Position)

Egton Medical Information Systems (EMIS)

Senior member of a thirty-person project team developing a new legal case management system for one of the United Kingdom's largest software providers.


  • Worked on data and business layer projects that included building store procedures, views and triggers for the Microsoft SQL Server database, and middle tier COM+ components using Visual Basic, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), and Message Queuing (MSMQ).
Mar 1999Nov 2000

Manager, Information Technology


Managed IT operations and infrastructure for a group of companies that included seventy specialist cellular retail outlets and a distribution company within the United Kingdom.  Oversaw a team of IT specialists, with expertise in systems development, infrastructure implementation, and support.  Responsible for managing and implementing IT policies and strategy, which supported a company with greater than one hundred percent year-on-year growth.


  • Managed an annual budget of over £500,000.
  • Re-developed the existing Microsoft Access systems into a three-tier application with Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), Component Object Model (COM), ActiveX Data Object (ADO), Crystal Reports and Microsoft SQL Server to enhance future scalability, support business logic changes, and provide a platform to develop integrated E-Commerce applications.
  • Implemented a new wide-area network (WAN) infrastructure across all company sites using Windows NT/2000, firewalls, and virtual private network (VPN) technology.
  • Trained a successor for my position to ensure a smooth transition.
Nov 1998Mar 1999

Technical Support Consultant

Lake Financial Systems

Responsible for client site installations of SunSystems accounting software for a leading independent provider of financial management software.  Provided second-level technical support to client sites around the United Kingdom.


  • Implemented SunSystems on many diverse platforms using Unix and Windows NT, with databases like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.
Apr 1997Nov 1998

Development Officer (Information Systems)

Newcastle City Health National Health Service Trust (NHS)

Responsible for collecting requirements, designing, and developing software systems for a number of health centres, medical units, and clinics that provide health care to patients throughout the north of England.


  • Developed a number of stand-alone and Client/Server business applications using Microsoft Visual Basic, Access, and SQL Server to collect clinical data for administrative and reporting purposes.
Sep 1995Apr 1997

Computer Support Officer

Northumberland Mental Health National Health Service Trust (NHS)

Provided first-level technical support for computer hardware and software issues within a mental health organisation spanning more than thirty sites and two hundred users across the northeast of England.


  • Worked under the organisation's service-level agreements, delivering a responsive and efficient service, while minimising user downtime.



Jan 2004Present

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer