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I have a Bachelor's degree with Honours in Pure Mathematics and a PHD in Operations Research. I have been a Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Mathematics and Computational Finance at Australian and American Universities. I have used a wide variety of mathematical software including Mathematica, Matlab, Reduce, Macsyma, Theorist, Lisp and Derive, as well as the traditional programs Fortran and C. I have had PHD students in both Mathematics and Finance. I have done consulting in mathematical finance, computational finance, biostatistics and financial option evaluation. For the past 2&1/2 years I have been employed as a research director and programmer to design automated trading systems for private trading firms. My goal is to continue research into optimizing automated intraday trading programs.

Work experience

Aug 2009Present

Finance Research Consultant

MathOptions LLC
Sep 2007Aug 2009

Research Director

Unetich Trading LLC
Mar 2007Sep 2007

Research Director

DB Trading

Associate Professor

Stuart Graduate School of Technology
Jan 2000Sep 2001

Senior Lecturer in Finance

School of Economics and Finance, University of Western Sydney, Australia
Mar 1986Dec 1999

Senior Lecturer in Mathematics

School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Western Sydney, Australia
Jan 1980Dec 1985


University of New South Wales
Jan 1977Dec 1977


University of Technology Sydney
Jan 1975Dec 1976


University of Sydney

I was a Mathematics Tutor in the School of Mathematics and Statistics, Faculty of Science, University of Sydney. I taught honours Mathematics for undergraduate years 1 to 3.


Jan 1978Jul 1985


University of NSW

I was a PHD student at the University of NSW in Sydney, Australia. My thesis was on Queueing Theory and was concerned with the construction of general theorems for M/M/1 queues. It had applications to highway traffic control and processor allocation in computers.

Jan 1972Dec 1976

B.Sc. (Hons)

University of Sydney

I was an honours Mathematics student in the School of Mathematics and Statistics, Faculty of Science, University of Sydney. My honours thesis was on Harmonic Analysis.


Automated Trading
I have worked in the financial markets at the Chicago Board of Trade for a number of companies as a designer of automated trading systems using high level programming languages like Mathematica.
Mathematics/Finance Researcher
For the past 25 years I have been doing post doctoral research in Applied Mathematics and for the last 17 years I have been doing research in mathematical and computational Finance. I have published many papers in both areas while I was a professor of Mathematics/Finance at universities in Australia and the USA.
Data Modeling
I have considerable experience in developing mathematical and computational models from large databases. Especially in the construction of non linear regression models. I am also proficient with the use of Neural networks and Wavelet analysis. I was previously a senior lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Western Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
Financial Derivatives modeling
I have written a number of research papers on the evaluation of path dependent and exotic options. I have held posts as Professor of Mathematical and Computational Finance at Stuart Graduate School of Business, IIT, Chicago and Senior Lecturer in Finance at the School of Economics and Finance, University of Western Sydney, Sydney, Australia.
Mathematica Programmer
I am an advanced user of the 4th generation symbolic computer language Mathematica. I am also an accredited consultant in the use of Mathematica approved by its parent company Wolfram Research Inc. I am lisdted on their consultant's web site at:   I am also proficient in Matlab and C.