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Work experience

Consultant Business Development

Veropartners s.r.o.


Consultancy for business partnerships, requirements gathering on the client sie (Oskar, T-Mobile, Eurotel) for customized applications development, establish partnerships with Middleware Vendors, strategy planning for new mobile technologies (MMS, EMS, GPRS, UMTS).

Sales support for Vero Partner clients (Europa 2 --biggest Radio Station in the Czech Republic). 

Sales engineer / Account manager

Wysdom Inc.


EMEA sales support, technical sales support for Wysdom's product MAP-OS Multi-access Portal and Mobile application middleware platform.

Customer presentations, requirements gathering for EMEA.

Account Manager for leading mobile operator in Czech Republic.

Other responsibilities include contract negotiation, process definition, change request process, business lead for installation project on the client side, tender process management.


  • Multi-million dollar contract with Telefonica O2

  • Contract with Vodafone Egypt

  • Contract with Belgacom

Mar 2009Present

Head of mobile

Grupo ADI S.A.

Grupo ADI is the leading provider of print and digital content to publishers, big cooperations and governments.


Managing the business development and sales team, introducing new products, setting up product and professional service strategies.

Client requirements gathering, contract negotiation, process definition, business lead for project installation on the client side, tender process management.

Providing advice and strategy for mobile businesses for various business sectors


  • Digital strategy for publishers, insurance companies

  • Providing Information system Abertis and BBraun (Touchscreen Totems in Spain)

  • El Angel Perdido iPad / iPhone application (worldwide)

  • Tourist guides for Abertis, Andorra and other Cities

  • Nokia Live Sports Event application

Nov 2006Mar 2009

Head of Business Development / Head of Mobile Solutions

U-Turn Media Group A.S.

U-Turn media group A.S. sets up custom-branded mobile communities for the viewers and subscribers of media companies and wireless operators including video, images, text and other value-added services to mobile phones - focusing on video on demand and live-streaming video solutions.


Managing the business development and sales team, introducing new products, product and professional service strategies.

Customer presentations, client requirements gathering, contract negotiation, process definition, business lead for installation project on the client side, tender process management.


  • Implementation of Budweiser mobile campaign BudBucks (UK)

  • Implementation of Honda F1 mobile campaign (UK)

  • Mobile services for T-Systems (Germany)

  • Mobile campaign for channel 4 (UK)


Nominated “Best Innovation Award” Mobile Entertainment Forum 2007

Jan 2005Nov 2006

Chief marketing officer / Director of sales

Ginger Alliance s.r.o.


Managing the business development and sales team, introducing new products, product and professional service strategies

Customer presentations, client requirements gathering, contract negotiation, process definition, change request process, business lead for installation project on the client side, tender process management.


  • Offline mobile ring tone sales solution for T-Systems (Germany)

  • Mobile Solution / Content for Budweiser UK wap campaign World football championship 2006 (UK)

  • Reseller agreement with TechMahindra (India)

  • Mobile campaign for channel 4 (UK)

Sep 2003Dec 2004

Chief technical officer

Whooshgroup LTD


Translate technology vision into technical architecture to comply with the business strategy. Manage implementation including all third-party and vendor management.

  • Provide ongoing system and application maintenance and production according to defined SLAs

  • Communicate technology trends to Board

  • Support in the identification and evaluation of potential partnerships.

  • Maintain relevant know-how in broad range of mobile telecommunication applications. Consulting directly to the Board with regards to:

    • M&A opportunities

    • Partnerships & co-operation

    • Advice on feasibility of ideas

  • Initiate / mediate rolling out best-practice processes across Whoosh

  • Develop and own partnerships with global technology partners.

  • Represent Whoosh technology with external community (speaking engagement)

  • Served as escalation point for all architecture and implementation issues.


  • SMS / TXT entry for Celador “Who wants to be a millionaire” (UK)

  • SMS / TXT walk away question for Celador “Who wants to be a millionaire” (UK)

  • SMS interactive campaigns for Hello Magazine (UK)

  • BBC “Test the Nation” SMS / TXT to TV Interaction

  • BBC “Who would pass 11plus” SMS / TXT to TV Interaction

  • ITV “Great British Driving test” SMS / TXT to TV interaction

Corporate Awards

Winner of 'Best Use of Wireless' New Media Age Effectiveness Awards 2004

Nominated “Best Innovation Award” Mobile Entertainment Forum 2004 

Jul 2002Sep 2002

Project manager

Mobilcom Multimedia GmbH


Operation of Mobile Data Services including GPRS, WAP-Gateways; Mobile Application Platform; Handset Application Platform, SMSC, MMSC and Intelligent Network Solution.

Project Lead for New Mobile Data Application and Services, vendor selection, RFI and RFP processes.


Negotiation Skills
I have 6 years experience of negotiating with a wide range of suppliers and customers I understand how to use levers to win a negotiation and also understand the need for a win/win outcome to ensure future success
Time and Project Management
Managed multiple suppliers and development teams  which meant I had to be extremely organised and appreciate the importance of attention to detail Used to balancing more than one task simultaneously and balancing the needs of different people and varying agendas. I have created long term strategy plans and critical paths to ensure that key deadlines are met  
Interpersonal Skills
  I have worked with people from all backgrounds, including multinational companies, customers and colleagues. Through this I have learnt to adapt my register to suit different audiences management experience through managing multinational development and sales teams Conducted regular performance reviews and have created mentoring programmes to help with development    
Presentation Skills
  Strong presentation skills, both orally and in writing. I make presentations regularly to senior management I have presented to board directors so am at ease in the most senior of company Various public speaking engagements  I can summaries data in to report format which must be clear and concise and contain the relevant data to suit the audience    


Nov 1996Sep 1999

Computer scientist for media and communication

Academy of Computer Sciences

Nokia World presentation

Also view

Product presentation interactive


Michael Kirsch Head of Mobile Solutions in ADI Intelligent Guides, a firm dealing in digital and mobile media technology, mobile application development, media and information systems software development and Advertising.With over 14 years of experience in the Mobile and Telco industry, Michael is passionate and visionary about anything mobile.From the first implementation of an sms translation service in 1997, the development of interactive game shows such as "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" (Celador), „Test the Nation“ (BBC), to the creation of interactive digital totem kiosks, Michael has proven an outstanding ability to develop cutting-edge ideas and to implement them into real products and services.His expertise in the mobile / telco eco-system, his understanding of customer and business needs and his talent to explain even the most complex technical solutions in easy and understandable terms makes him a valuable asset to any company in the telecommunication sector.Michael has been working together with well-known brands such as Nokia, Adidas, Celador,BBC, Saintsburry, Abertis, Fc Barcelona, Grupo Planeta, HP, Telefonica O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Samsung and many more.


  • technical sales, corporate sales, account management

  • proven sales record (international sales)

  • web, wireless, applications development

  • technical project management, programming, technology background

  • technical and strategy consulting

What they say

  • “Michael demonstrated a thorough understanding of mobile technologies and a solid approach to problem solving on all projects I worked with him on. He was consistently professional and a pleasure to work with.”Duncan Barrett , Development Producer, Mobile, BBC
  • “Michael is passionate about the mobile telecommunications industry. During the period we have been working together, he has demonstrated countless times his in-depth understanding of both the technical and commercial aspects of the mobile ecosystem. In particular his extensive experience in mobile marketing and advertising makes him a rare and valuable team member.” Toby Downes, Head of Marketing & PR, U-Turn Media Group
  • “Michael is a brilliant professional who has always stood out as a reliable partner. His knowledge of the industry and business ethics is inspiring and an example for many of us. Working or partnering with Michael has always been a reason for confidence in a job well done.” Andreas Rockelmann, Business Development, U-Turn
  • “Michael combines two skill sets - what I found to be pretty unique in IT and telco universe - he is technically savvy and he can understand customer's needs and can help to define the best possible solution to be delivered. And he enjoys selling... The perfect match of skills and preferences for everyone involved.” Pavel Hlavnicka, CTO, U-Turn Media Group
  • “Michael is an impressive sales partner - because he knows his stuff from a technical point of view and is excellent at creating sales solutions and managing negotiations, he is a potent force to have on your side of the table.” Julia Bryan, Managing Director, Vero Partners.
  • “I collaborated with Mike on several successfully delivered projects as well as in the product development in Ginger Alliance... Mike on the marketing and sales, me on the technical side. I really like Mike's straightforward and no-nonsense approach to the business. His knowledge of mobile and web worlds allows him to take advantage of, not abusing, the technology; and to help clients with providing truly working services.” Pavel Kroh, Senior Analyst / Senior software developer, Ginger Alliance
  • “I had the pleasure of working with Michael on several mobile marketing projects, and besides being a very honorable, but tough negotiator; he was a great person to work with. I count him among my very knowledgeable contacts and friends in the industry and would welcome the chance to work with him anytime!”  Patrick Zandl, CEO, Pipeline 
  • “Michael is a dedicated, hard worker and self starter. When he is convinced of a course of action and able to execute he is tenacious.”  Alan McKendry, Chairman / Interim CEO, Ginger Alliance
  • “Michael and I worked extensively together as he was in charge of strategy and sales. Michael always impressed with outstanding industry and business understanding. His commercial sense was crystal clear at all times and his judgment never failed. He realized the market's demands before they emerged. The way Michael managed his staff was impeccable, a truly empowering manager. I look forward to working with him again in the future.” Ivan Paul Helcl, Senior Account Manager, Ginger Alliance
  • “Michael introduced a new approach to marketing and sales in Ginger Alliance, winning new clients in the UK and Germany. He is a skilled professional in IT marketing.” Petr Cimprich, COO, Ginger Alliance 
  • “Michael has a deep knowledge of mobile industry, he has strong business skills and he is also a great business negotiator. His insight to mobile marketing and future of mobile industry helped us to better understand our business.” Tomas Zeman, Co-founder, Wirenode s.r.o.
  • “Michael has expertise experience of the latest mobile technologies and was responsible for making sure that we delivered all our client mobile requirements for shows such as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on ITV and Test The Nation on the BBC. Michael was a great asset to the team and I still keep in regular contact with him to seek his technical advice.”  Ed Valpy, CFO, Whooshgroup 
  • “Michael worked in Wysdom in the field with our sales team. his drive and enthusiasm were a marked differentiator in our business and helped us succeed in sales.” Andrew Graydon, VP Customer Engineering, Wysdom
  • “Michael's professionalism, energy level and deep technical knowledge of the telecom industry make him an extremely valuable asset to any organization. He possesses a great gift of architecting very complex solutions and translating the technical aspects into a compelling value for his clients. Working with Michael is a great and fun experience.” Elie Makhoul, Director of Wireless Solution, iseemedia
  • “Michael, was a great asset for us as we expanded into the European market. His understanding of the local markets and understanding of the mobile environment was of great benefit. Michael personality and hard work makes him a great part of any team.” Kashif Hassan, Chairman, ooober
  • “Michael is a very knowledgeable professional who brings up-to-date information on technology trends into the immediate business future. He goes out of his way to help all groups within the company with his strategic thinking, and technical expertise. He is a trusted colleague whose integrity I highly respect.” Rob Towart, Senior Account Director, Dialect Solutions Group
  • “I had the pleasure of working with Michael at Soltima and later as a colleague on various projects. In my career, I have met few people, if any, who have the depth of knowledge of mobile consumer behavior combined with a comprehensive understanding of mobile technology. I would recommend Michael to anyone involved in the mobile content space; he will be a brilliant addition to your team. Fred Clarke, General Manager, Unity In Values
  • “Michael was a pleasure to work with. He is adept at distilling very technical discussions in a sales presentation into clearly succinct and understandable terms to clients. He is one of the best wireless subject matter experts I have had the honor of working with. I call Michael on a regular basis to bounce ideas off him because I know that he thinks outside of the box.” Alexander Middleton, Director of Sales, Freedom 4 Wireless
  • “Michael, is a very structured Project Manager and helped manage the implementation and roll out of the 12snap Auction Engine and platform in several European Sites for 12snap. Michael has an in-depth knowledge of Mobile Technologies, armed with this knowledge Michael directly managed teams of developers in Munich and Prague. I would recommend Michael to nay perspective employers gladly!” Justin Surman, vp technology, 12snap
  • “At 12snap, Michael was a no-nonsense, get-things-done type of manager. He earned the respect of his technical team as well as from his fellow project managers. If today I were assembling a team to develop technical solutions I want Michael to lead that team. Highly recommended.”  M. Wallace Green, Senior Strategy Consultant, Vodafone Czech Republic
  • “It's been a great experience working with Michael. He's an excellent project manager, very professional, target driven and great colleague to work with!”  Dietmar Lang, Business Development Manager, Start-up - Germany
  • “I had the pleasure to work with Mike and got very impressed by his deep technical knowledge and management skills. Though usually serving in many fronts at the same time and under big pressure, he always delivered on time. He's a really valuable team member, definitely a go-to guy.”  Oscar Azanon, Software Architect, 12snap
  • “Michael was my manager at 12snap. He taught me a lot about software development and industry. He was very enthustiastic and goal driven, though it was fun to work with him.” Leos Literak, Team leader, 12snap
  • “Mike did a fantastic job handling a huge amount of pressure from concurrent projects and always delivered even with tight deadlines. Mike is one of those rare people who combines strong technical knowledge and excellent people management skills and a great asset to any team.” Jon Koplin, International Project Manager, 12snap