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Creative Investment Solutions


The underlining purpose of this company is to assist families in building strong financial foundations to rebuild from, while at the same time help investors build a profitable, well-organized real estate portfolio, and benefit while helping others.

The Implemented Plan

Creative Investment Solutions is an organization created to assists not only investors, but we closely work together with families, and have available a product built around families needs, to help them buy homes from investors who are creative enough to offer their good credit and money to purchase homes and make them available to families in need of a new start. Now, this does not mean we don't work with families whom have acceptable qualifications to buy a home on their own; we just put a lot more focus on those that really need our help!

 On the first side of the coin, we look for investors that are interested in investing in real estate through our wholesale lines, or other banks, wholesalers, short sales, and traditional seller financed deals that we may have at our disposal. Once we establish a home, or group of homes, our partnered property management company will work side by side with those investors to make all the necessary improvements to the homes and begin to find a family to move into the investments. This is just one avenue of investing with Creative Investment Solutions. We also have our own Private Investment Holdings arena that pays out each individual investor 10% a year on invested capital. This avenue is perfect for those more conservative and passive investors. We have a wide range of options as a company. Investors can come to us for whatever they are seeking; however our passion is helping the families that are involved with our company. In addition, we also have partnered public accountants and attorneys, with years of education and service behind them to assist any investor in smart tax strategies and ways to protect not only themselves, but their investments as well.

On the other side of the coin are the tenants. Upon moving into the home, we make available a copy of a Financial Education Course Book, and as they begin to learn all the techniques within the product, we then begin to prepare them for purchase of that particular home. The course book covers credit repair, credit building, money management, accounting, budgeting, how to retire with real estate, how to save money, how to balance a checkbook, how to build a strong power team, etc. What is so great about this course book is that they can go back to it whenever they feel they need guidance or if they just get in a rough spot. These families will work hand in hand with one of our coaches to assist the families in our investors homes with whatever they will need in order to build a strong and suitable portfolio that our lenders will approve for financing, which enables the investor to get their money back, plus profits, and go buy another house, to help another family. We coach the families to establish a manageable financial lifestyle, thus ensuring our investors that streams of income are always being generated for their investments.


Work experience

Jan 2008Present

Senior Partner

Creative Investment Solutions

We our a group of investors brought together to achieve visions that we all have in common, to help families create successful and financially sound life plans. Through this tough economy, many people have been affected from all walks of life. Whether it was bad advice taken from the past, or misleading information that was innocently acted upon, many families need new and more effective tools to take on the modified way the world is beginning to operate. Our group is determined to show people these tools, and educate them on how to implement their uses in this newly shaped economy to more positively affect ones life. Nobody should be alone during tough financial decisions. If there is a need for change and a new direction, we are here to help people understand the necessary new roads that must be traveled in order to help get those goals that much closer, and more believable.

Jan 2008Dec 2009

Vice President

Kiwanis International

Kiwanis International is a non-profit organization that helps establish a better community and sense of overall positive life achievements for the children of the world. As a group, we went out into our local communities and not only helped raise money for our youth, but also helped make our surroundings and local businesses more vibrant

Jun 2008Dec 2009

Board Member

International Literacy Program

The literacy program was established to help out struggling students achieve a higher education in addition to their already established schooling. As a board member, I introduced a financial literacy program, which included not only community sponsored events for higher financial learning, but business-to-business training to help grow company employees financially for higher individual and company results.

Nov 2007May 2008


Ice Creamery, LLC

Built from the ground up, this was a very successful ice cream shop. I opened this business in the winter of 2007, and in the summer of 2008, I sold it for more than 3 times what I put into it. Sales revenues of $8,000 a month on average, 15 employees, two attorneys, two certified public accountants, and one assistant to my manager, all of whom I had responsibility over.

May 2006May 2008


Fireside Espresso, LLC

Purchased in April of 2006, my mother put me in charge of the daily operations and books. We were in business for 2 years, at which time we sold the business for more than 4 times of the purchase price. Sales revenues of $21,000 a month on average, (with catering events), 30 employees, two attorneys, two certified public accountants, and one assistant to my manager; all of whom I had responsibility over.

Jan 2006Jan 2008


Weber Investment Company

Involved in the acquisitions of distressed properties, and producing more than 30% returns on investor monies per year. Working with the Town of Payson to acquire foreclosed properties, dismantling those properties, and establishing rebuilds. My company also assisted families that were losing their homes due to financial hardships, and helped renters become homeowners, and helped homeowners become investors. We were also working with an existing investment firm to establish a school, Sound Life Education, to teach the specific education needed in this newly shaped economy.

Jan 2006Jan 2008


Weber Reality Investments, LLC

A real estate holdings company, this entity worked under the umbrella of Weber Investment Company to hold and manage rental properties.

Jan 2006Sep 2006

Branch Manager

Bank of America

I was hired to watch over the daily duties of a branch manager, including team building, money security, all deposits, the customer service program, high net worth clients, and meeting all company regulated quotas.

May 2000Dec 2005


Vons Companies, Inc

Started at the age of 17, I worked for this company for 6 years, getting promoted wherever I could to one day reach a corporate level position.

                                                  May 2000 – June 2002 Courtesy Clerk, Promoted to‑                        June 2002 – November 2002 Customer Service Manger, Promoted to‑                            November 2002 – May 2003 Produce/Dairy Deli, Promoted to‑                                      May 2003 – January 2004 Checker, Prompted to‑                                January 2004 – October 2004 Supervisor, Promoted to‑                                        October 2004 – January 2006 Store Supervisor