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Work experience

Mar 0024Present

Dishwash Machine Attendant

Sep 2008Dec 2008

Packaging/ Ultra Slicing

Sara Lee Foods, Inc., Inc.

The Cold Room:

Working on assembly line in packaging/ Ultra Slicing making 12.30/hr at medium pace and fast pace. After deli meat has been sliced, a conveyor brought the sliced meat to our team to be placed in the proper container right before a machine air seals the pack.


Working on an assembly line rotating every half hour to 3 different positions (packing sealed meat into containter to be placed in boxes to ship, restock supplies such as labels, plastic tubs & lids, the finally packing the complete tubs into boxes.

Nov 2002Nov 2008

Computer Technician

T&M Computer Services

Self owned computer company ran from inside the home.

Tony Jarrell and I modified, repaired, & built personal computers with various tools and programs.

Jan 2008May 2008

Grill Cook

Maysville Sonic Drive In

In charge of reading the order screens as orders are placed. Cooking beef & poultry products on a flat top grill, while the side orders such as french fries, popcorn chicken, & etc. in a deep fyrer.

Jun 2007Nov 2007

Assembly Line Worker

Miami Valley Digital

Created christmas shelves to be placed in stores such as Target, Home Depo, & Walmart in various states. Placed stock of christmas related items (envelopes, scented paper, christmas stamps etc.) on shelves according to blueprints to be shipped out.

Feb 2007Jun 2007

Assembly Line Worker

Removed vehicle weather stripped created by machine, clipped the excess metal on both ends to stacked in numbers, to be painted by co-worker on the combo line.

Nov 2006Feb 2007

Broil Cook

Reading orders as they are put into a computer system showing up on the screen at my station. In charge of cooking main dishes such as steaks, ribeyes, side orders, as well as prepping the food in the mornings.

May 2002Jul 2002


Daves Fireworks

Sales of fireworks both single sold and packaged. Running and operating a cash register as well as inventory, tracking sales & budget, & promotions.


Aug 1999Jun 2003


Mason County High

Graduated with a 2.0 GPA with the basic skills needed to complete high school.