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Work experience

Oct 2010Present

Director of Enrollment Management Information Systems

Concordia University Irvine
  • Retained all duties of previous position.
  • Took ownership of operations and development of the enrollment management tool - Hobsons Connect CRM. 
    • Imagined and implemented the use of abstraction layers to drastically reduce query/filter maintenance and over-proliferation.
    • Reorganized a chaotic  set-up, creating and enforcing object naming schemes, organizational structures, and operations schedules.
    • Set up automated systems that leveraged the capabilities of the CRM tool such as automatically sending personalized responses to new inquiries and notifying admissions staff within 24 hours of the inquiry submission.
    • Managed the integration and extraction of data to and from external partners.   
  • Developed training resources and provided technical support for enrollment management personnel. 
    • Created an Enrollment Management Wordpress Blog to simplify the notification process for identified bugs, fixes, and enhancements to enrollment management data systems.
      • Interested staff and faculty opt-in to receive automatic notifications from the blog.  As a result, visibility of data system operations have been elevated and communications simplified.  
    • Developed an Enrollment Management Wiki to record and share community knowledge.
      • Produced several password-protected video tutorials which are used by admissions/enrollment staff.
      • Coordinated with other enrollment staff to store documents, procedure outlines and account information on the wiki.
      • Managed access to the wiki. 
  • Admissions Data Warehousing and Analysis
    • Created a no-cost data warehousing solution using the popular MySQL open-source database.  Previously, much of the admissions data was kept only keep in the CRM system, which limited data analysis and did not provide data backup protection. 
    • Developed a program in MySQL that provides enrollment performance tracking for the current year in comparison to previous years in order to allow enrollment administrators to quickly identify areas of growth and concern.
  • Web Development
    • Implemented Agile software development practices.
    • Created a rapid form development framework.
      • Allows multiple personnel to quickly develop web forms.
      • These forms are connected to a custom-build PHP back-end which automatically processes form submissions.
      • Modules enable the pushing/pulling of data between various University systems, including Banner and our CRM tool(s). 
      • Allows for the quick integration of data recovery and backup using open-source database systems.
  • University ERP System Integration
    • Documented a complex data bridge which exists between our enrollment CRM and BANNER ERP system.  
    • Analyzed hundreds of lines of PL/SQL code in order to understand and modify the data bridge for the launch of 7 new academic programs.
    • Provide technical support and data recovery when errors occur in the bridging processes.
Apr 2009Oct 2010

Director of Student Retention Data Systems

Concordia University Irvine
  • Managed the implementation, development, and daily operations of the Hobsons Retain CRM tool which is used to deliver and track targeted communications to segmented portions of the current student population.
    • On-going development of the CRM data model.
    • Development of daily data transfer from the University's Banner Student and Admissions modules and the CRM.
    • Design of e-mail communications in collaboration with various departments.
    • Ongoing design and development of the EaglesNest, a personalized webpage that delivers custom messaging to individual students based on their unique characteristics. 
  • Developed a predictive enrollment application which analyzes historical enrollment data to predict enrollments across all university programs.
    • This process was formerly done by hand, consumed significant man-hours and was subject to numerous mathematical errors.
    • The new application:
      • Accesses the Banner Student module/schema to retrieve registration data.
      • Uses a consistent methodology to make thousands of calculations.
      • Requires minimal configuration to generate predictions based on user specified scenarios.
      • Has proven extremely reliable and is now used to plan future University budgets.
  • Engineered a freshmen attrition model which utilizes a variety of data points to identify which freshmen students are most likely not to return for their sophomore year.
    • Accesses and integrates data from Banner modules/schemas (Financial Aid, Admissions, Student) and CRM data.
    • Provides insights on which factors are most influential in freshmen student retention.
    • Enables proactive retention efforts on the part of University personnel by assigned each individual student with a predictive retention score.
  • Created a desktop enrollment data application which is used by senior administration to keep track of up to the moment enrollments in various University programs.
    • Previously requests for enrollment data were processed manually by the registrar's office which could result in delays of days or more.
    • This application pulls data directly from Banner's Student schema, giving the user instant access to up to the moment information.
Aug 2007Jul 2009

Director of Housing Services

Concordia University Irvine

Responsible for all daily operations in Concordia's four undergraduate residence halls.

  • Created and maintained a Housing Services database, which radically changed operations and levels of efficiency. 
    • Automated the creation of personalized communications.
    • Tracked student fines and payment dates.
    • Integrated with BANNER to extract registration, personal, housing, and meal plan data to provide the ability to track and quickly view the status of approximately 1000 housing assignments and residents across the campus, giving housing staff the ability to instantly identify open spaces and potential roommate conflicts during the room assignment process.
    • Generated reports used by parallel departments and administration.
  • Managed a 330k operational budget. 
  • Hired, trained, and managed several student desk attendants to provide customer service in the housing/residential education office. 
  • Developed and documented a number of processes for a previously ad-hoc environment. 
Aug 2006Aug 2007

Assistant Director of Residential Education

Concordia University Irvine
  • Live-on position, overseeing 2 upperclassmen residence halls
    • Direct supervision of 16 student resident assistants.
    • Judicial Officer.
    • Budget management.
  • Director of summer conferencing housing crew
    • Managed a team of 12 students responsible for the preparation of residence halls for visiting conference groups.
    • Provided services for small and large groups, including Exodus International's 2008 summer conference.
Dec 2001May 2004

Web Designer

Biola University
  • Responsible for large portions of the University's website.  Work included the development of a new template design and multiple redesigns of the University's homepage.
  • Significant experience in Adobe Flash development.


Aug 2000May 2004

Bachelor's Degree

Biola University

Professional Development

Noel-Levitz National Conference on Student Recruitment, Marketing, and Retention

  • 2009, 2010


About Me

I am an innovative software engineer/analyst with accomplishments in web development, database architecture and administration, CRM technology, predictive modeling, data analysis, and graphic design.

My strengths include the desire to continually enhance organizations through the application of new knowledge and practices, a commitment to finding creative solutions to complex problems, and an ability to consistently create positive work relationships. Because of these gifts I've been able to find success in implementing creative solutions and managing complex projects.

Ideal Work Environment Traits

  • Commitment to doing good for those around us, our communities, and the world at large.
  • Belief in the dignity and importance of every human person.
  • Trust in employee judgments and the flexibility to pursue creative, out-of-the-box solutions.
  • Conviction that great results emerge from great teams with great relationships.

Skill Sets Overview

Web Development 

  • HTML, CSS, AJAX, Javascript, Actionscript, Object-Oriented PHP, CMS experience.

Database Administrator & Architect

  • Oracle and MySQL database systems.
  • Broad working knowledge of Sungard Banner ERP solution.
  • SQL and PL/SQL

CRM Administration and Development

  • Salesforce
  • Hobsons products:
    • Connect
    • Retain
    • Apply-Yourself

Data Analysis

  • Data integration and transformation.
  • Predictive modeling.

Web Design

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Dreamweaver
  • Flash
  • Acrobat

Recent Projects

Currently Active

  • Developing a web-based enrollment reporting tool using PHP and Web Services which will provide authorized personnel with instant access to Banner (ERP) data.
  • Training to two new CRM team members. 

Recently Completed

Software Development

Web/Graphic Design

Social Media