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Snowboarding, Scuba Diving, Rock Climbing, European Football, Music (Guitar), Traveling, Towboarding

Career Objective

Seeking a full time position as an engineer in the field of technology research, green energy solutions, or space exploration. Desiring the opportunity to work on challenging new projects with the possibility of relocation and travel for business.

Work experience

Jan 2004Oct 2008

Electrical Engineering Co-op Student

Robert Bosch LLC

Automotive Body Electronics - experience with multiple teams detailed as follows:

Senior Thesis Project - Comprehensive Design of iBolt OCS Test Apparatus

  • Designed, assembled, and completed an innovative new Occupant Classification System automated testing apparatus to advance the development of automotive passenger seats integrated with OCS technology.
  • Organized the thesis project timeline using Microsoft Project. Preparing work requests for technicians and working with development engineers and machining specialists was integral in accomplishing project objectives.
  • Coded a graphical user interface to calibrate/adjust integrated Animatics SmartMotorTM orientation using Matlab.
  • Structurally developed dimension envelopes and tolerances of a robotic chassis serving as a foundation for a 3-dimensional positioning system. This included utilizing physical, mechanical, and electrical systems understanding to design a universal testing tool for all current OCS-equipped passenger seat platforms.
  • Collaborated with machining specialists to design and fabricate high-precision mechanical components.
  • Successfully developed a validation testing procedure to finalize project objectives. Strategy in development included formulating testing methodology, systematically recording sample data on the newly-assembled apparatus, and analyzing results to validate functional operation.

Occupant Classification Systems

  • Performed extensive testing in a Mechatronics Laboratory with OCS-equipped passenger seats to advance the development of several vehicle safety platforms.
  • Traveled offsite to support customers with root cause analysis, assembly line inspection, and development testing.
  • Assembled four newly-designed portable electronic testing stations using circuit and layout schematics.
  • Trained incoming technicians and engineers to become proficient with OCS technology and testing methodology.
  • Organized and compiled testing data through Microsoft Access. Assisted in writing queries within Access to handle data flow and organization more efficiently.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning / Engine Cooling Fan Motor and Airflow Development

  • Analyzed warranty returned products. Coordinated teardown component testing, diagnosed root cause issues, and compiled documentation in a laboratory environment.
  • Performed dynamometer and durability tests on ECF and HVAC motors using oscilloscope and Instron structural test system.
  • Responsible for conducting all compression and tensile testing. Compiled data for all teams testing mechanical products using Bluehill 2 software.
  • Designed and conducted water-flow testing procedure used to determine moisture retainment within motor housing over lifetime. Analysis of testing data resulted in a new housing design to extend life of the motor.

Electronics Laboratory

  • Repaired/modified mother and daughter circuit boards for engineering testing modules on electronics workbench.
  • Developed skills for wire harness fabrication and breakout box assembly using circuit schematics.


Oct 2003Dec 2008

Bachelor of Science

Weighted Average Grade: 85.6

Courses Taken:

Calculus, Differential Equations, Matrix Algebra, Probability & Statistics, Digital Systems I & II, Circuits I & II, Electromagnetic Fields I & II, Electronics I, Signals & Systems, Microcomputers I, Advanced Logic Systems, Principles of Microelectronics Processing, Power Electronics & Applications, Semiconductor Device Fundamentals, High Voltage Generation & Measurement Techniques, Fuel Cell Integration & Packaging, and relative prerequisites.

Senior Electrical Engineering Design Project:

Team-based project involving a replacement dimmable LED bulb solution for house lighting in a local performing arts theater. Project included designing innovative bulb housing and heat sink solution, creating LED current-driving circuit allowing AC input dimming control to PWM LED dimming system, and assembly of prototype. Project goal was to reduce power consumption in the facility due to house lighting by over 70%.


Programmable Logic Controllers
Bluehill 2
OrCAD Capture
Pspice / Multisim
Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Project, Visio)
Macintosh & Windows Operating Systems


Phillip Davidson

Phil is a colleage whom I have worked with for the past 3 years in Occupant Safety.

Laura M. Rust, PhD.

Professor Rust was my academic senior thesis advisor. She guided me over the 9 months of work on my thesis project for Robert Bosch LLC and Kettering University.

Will Wilson

Will was my employer senior thesis advisor. We have worked together for 2 years and he was a mentor through my career as an undergraduate co-op student.