UX Designer with startup experience creating elegant, engaging, functional interfaces.

I have a broad range of experience creating designs for consumer and enterprise level interfaces. My abilities span multiple platforms, the web, desktop and mobile application design in both iOS and Android platforms.


I am seeking a position within an organization or design firm in User Experience / User Interaction (UI/UX) and/or Interaction Design (IxD).
My aim is to create better interfaces and experiences, making the web, applications and technology easier for the user. I simplify communication barriers, bridging the gap between end-users, designers and developers.

Work History

Work History
Nov 2013 - Present

Freelance UX Designer

  • Personal web related projects and mobile app design
  • Designing a CRM application optimized for job seekers
Oct 2011 - Nov 2013

UX Designer

  • Mobile Application Design
    • Version 2 of SpiderOak’s iOS app - iPhone / iPad
    • Version 2 of SpiderOak’s Android app
    • Process and deliverables
      • Created: wireframes, hi-fi mockups and prototypes, outlining the user flow and interactions.
      • Worked with: iOS, Android and HTML5 developers and product managers. Outlined the process, possible flows and gestures involved per OS.
  • UX Design
    • Admin Management Console web-app interface to control users’ file sharing portals.
    • Web Access file pages interface for viewing and sharing documents for personal and business products.
    • ShareRoom pages interface for viewing and sharing documents for personal and business products.
    • Process and deliverables
      • Created: wireframes and hi-fi mockups, outlining the user flow and interactions.
      • Worked with: developers and product managers, outlining the process and possible flows a user could take.
  • Application Design
    • Led the design of the desktop client’s OS integration for Mac and Windows allowing users to interact with and control file backup, sharing and syncing from the OS file browser.
    • Process and deliverables
      • Created: hi-fi mockups and prototypes, outlining OS user flow differences per OS.
      • Worked with: developers and product managers.
  • Graphics
    • Mac and Windows installer graphics
    • Mac desktop removable drive icon
Mar 2011 - Jul 2011

User Experience Designer

  • Mobile application prototyping, schematics and design
    • Designed the first mockup for Ark's planned mobile app
  • Site schematics and design
    • Assisted in designing several pages and web elements for Ark Version 2
    • Designed several conceptual versions of the alternative signup web form
  • Mobile site schematics and design
    • Designed the mockup for Ark's planned mobile site including the dashboard, cause page and donation interface
    • Administered Ark's mobile application marketing campaigns through Gowalla and Foursquare
  • Quality assurance
Oct 2008 - Mar 2011

Usability Experience Specialist

  • Translating goals and vision of the company to the end-user
  • Communication between end-user recommendations to developers
  • New member training in effort to maximize usability for the end-user and mouse tracking
  • Recommend appropriate changes based on user feedback
Aug 2007 - May 2008

Mac Specialist

Apple Inc.
  • Provided complete and appropriate solutions for every customer
  • Found innovative ideas to improve store processes and performance
  • Used proactive solutions for the organization and appearance of the store
  • Translated technical information to the non-technical customer
  • Communication skills included: positively updating store team members with products, customers, channel partners


Jan 2006 - Feb 2006

Executive Certificate

Northwestern University

McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science

Jan 1999 - Jan 2003


University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Certificate Technology, Arts, and Media, 2003
  • Certificate in Applied Business, Leeds School of Business, 2002
  • Student Activities Services Center, Leadership Group Board Member, 1st place, CUBIC Business Feasibility Study Competition




Wireframing, prototyping, storyboarding.



CRM Systems (Client SIde)

Template creation, customization, merge fields, mass mailing campaigns.

Mac OS X

My enjoyment working with the Mac and OS X has motivated me to learn file structures and manipulation, as well as some light programming. I hope to develop my SQL skills as well as develop for the iPhone through OS X.

Technology Training & Development

I thoroughly review new products available to consumers and match individuals with digital devices and accessories. Furthermore, I setup, configure and follow up with lessons and support.

Digital Audio Conversion

Over the years, I have developed the skill set of working with audio files, editing spoken word recordings. Many people have dated cassette tapes in which I convert to MP3 or other formats and enhance the sound by cleaning the background noise and compiling separate files into a single or multiple, bookmarked files.

Adobe Acrobat

I often work with PDFs to compile documents with OCR for creating professional formatted interactive forms.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Office Suite