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Michael Brown 

 Inventory management, UNLOADEDer& stocker

Work experience

Feb 2015Aug 2015

Merchandise Lead / Stocker

Dollar General

I stock the shelves and also change "Plano grams" . Planograms are the layouts that the company uses to display the merchandise. I reset shelving by department replacing old labels with new ones and respacing the shelves. I also run the register occasionally. 

Dec 2013Nov 2014

Receiving Associate and Inventory Management Specialist


At Walmart I unloaded trucks that were loaded by hand. The trucks contained a mix of boxes and pallets. The boxes were general merchandise and grocery. There would be between 1400 boxes and 2500 boxes on each truck. Most days I would go in the truck and load all the boxes onto a rolling conveyor and push them down for workers to sort.  We had two trucks days 2 times per week but during the holidays we had as many as 5 two truck days per week. On two truck days I sometimes unloaded both trucks but if not I would sort the boxes and stack them on pallets by department. Each truck took between 1.5h to complete.

Once the trucks were complete we wrapped the pallets with plastic wrap to make sure its safe to be around customers. We then lift the pallets with pallet jacks and pulled them to the correct department in the store. I used the walkie stacker to remove any pallets that were double stacked from the truck. I often pulled full pallets of heavy water from general merchandise back room door across stores full length to the back room on the grocery side of the store.

As Inventory Management Associate my job was to use a handheld device (Telzon) to locate items that needed to be stocked on the sales floor. I  would be given a list of depts to pick merchandise from. Based on the items on that departments list I would remove that quantity of the item from the designated bin location. Depending on the merchandise I would then take the pallet or buggy to the correct for department for the overnight associates to stock.

For the last hours of the day. I used the same handheld device to store merchandise from that days truck that wouldn't fit on the shelves. I would be given a deparment to go to and remove any excess freight. I would take that merchandise to the designated binning location and scan it into its bin. 

May 2011Jul 2013

Technical Support Agent

AT&T Volt Management Corp .

  During my time at Volt I worked over the phone with AT&T U-Verse Customers who were experiencing technical difficulties with their At&t U-verse Equipment. My job was to resolve any of those issues by using interactive tools on the computer and walking customer through physically resetting equipment and changing settings. If nothing I have done corrects the issue and its not an issue that will correct itself like outages in network or bad weather I was able to schedule a technician visit to the home. The information that I left for the technicians was the only information that they would have of the issue before arriving at the residence.

Jun 2010Apr 2011

Sales Clerk and Inventory


San Antonio, TX, United States Sales Clerk and Inventory Manager. I made sandwiches and rang up the sales. I also kept day to day inventory on the meats , cheeses , breads , vegetables paper goods, chips and drinks.


Jan 2014Oct 2014

Walkie Stacker and Electric Pallet Jack

After reviewing study materials about Walmart and Sam's Club heavy machinery I was given certification to operate the Electric Pallet Jack and the Walkie Stacker for improved efficiency. The forklift was not necessary for my job description therefore I did not train for forklift certification.


Marcella Carillo

Manager Dollar General

Roger (863) 422-7537

General Merchandise Manager , Walmart

Afzal (863) 422-7537

Manager and Supervisor , Walmart


Aug 2006Jul 2010

Standard High School Diploma

Macarthur High School

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