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As an expert in the diamond profession, Michael Bohdjalian has access to the most valuable and sought after coloured diamonds for investment in the world. He works with diamonds that have proven to be stable investments and secure assets with extremely reliable potential for their capital growth. As market volatility fluctuates, he promotes colourful diamonds as a hedge that secures his client's financial health and advises wealth managers and IFAs on how to choose and acquire them. The main core of the company's clientele are made up of customers of great net worth or family businesses.

Business and Educational History

After growing up in London, Michael Bohdjalian attended Warwick University, where his studies focused on politics and economics. He was awarded a degree in 2005 and then began in business. He worked in the capacity of an equity broker for the markets in the UK and helped with fundraising of the UK's smaller companies that were part of the AIM market. Today,  aside from being an independent consultant in Coloured Diamonds, he is also the director at Bohdjalian Asset Management Limited, a company that provides management consultancy, not including financial management, in London.

Valuable member of the Diamond Industry

In his role as an independent consultant in Coloured Diamonds, Michael Bohdjalian promotes acquisition of coloured diamonds at various levels of investment. He possesses valuable expertise in the area and understands the best of breed market, which helps to ensure a ratio of low risk returns to the client. His transparent advice has proven to be both trustworthy and reliable. He is an expert in every colour of diamond, including the most rare of all colours; the red diamonds. Since there are fewer than 20 diamonds in the world with the red classification, the prices range from $1m per carat and above. The next rarest of all coloured diamonds are the green stones, which more than often also contain brown, grey or yellow. Blue diamonds are one of the most highly sought after colours, partly due to the recent royal wedding. Pink diamonds come from only one mine, which is set to be closed in the coming years. They come from the Argyle mine in Australia and are a favourite of celebrities because of their explosive colours. The most common, of course, are yellow, or canary diamonds, which make for a good entry level investment.

Trustworthy Trader

His extensive knowledge of diamonds has propelled him to the forefront of the unique coloured diamond business. Michael Bohdjalian has built a lengthy profile of contacts and business associates world wide. With his trusty network, clients can be assured that he is bringing them products that can be trusted. He is also able to test stone authenticity, which adds a further mark of security to his transactions.

In addition to his work in the diamond industry, Michael Bohdjalian contributes his skills to a number of philanthropic projects. He is a fundraiser for both the Royal Society for the Blind and Amnesty International.

Additional Services and Support in the Diamond Industry

Michael Bohdjalian offers a buy-back, or resale policy to help his clients find buyers for their diamonds. This includes selling them at auction or helping them by marketing through other outlets.

Personal Interests

Making his home in his birth town of London, Michael Bohdjalian spends a lot of time travelling between international clients and diamond mines in the Middle East, the US and across Europe.  While he does not find a lot of time for extracurricular activities, he enjoys going to the gym or playing football or squash as well as an exciting game of backgammon.

Work experience

Jan 2012Present


Independent consultant in Coloured Diamonds
Jul 2009Present


Bohdjalian Asset Management


Sep 2002May 2005


Warwick University