Professional Summary

Bilingual senior level executive with 30 years of experience in Operations, Production and Sales Management, including traveling domestically and internationally throughout North America, South America and Asia. Accomplished career known throughout the industry for delivering and sustaining revenue and profit gains within highly competitive global and commercial markets.

Budget Planning and Financial Management

Developed annual budget and sales/marketing plans for established and startup companies. Analyzed P&L and balance sheets to help maintain company vision and goals. Evaluating market data to drive sales in general markets as well as niche markets. Constantly evolving production procedures to maintain cost effectiveness.

Operations and Project Management

Initiated corporate policies and structures for all departments. Coordinated and maximized all production functions in conjunction with sales forecasts, enabling our company to meet all delivery dates and have no QC field issues. Increased sales from $0 to $139 million total sales over 15 years in a market that is driven by price rather then quality, forcing our competitors to change how they did business. Established and maintained strong customer relationships.  

Leadership Development

Involved in the development and training of customer service representatives, sales representatives (both employee and non-employee), supervisors and managers to understand corporate vision and product knowledge.  Assessed and adopted innovative processes to maintain goals through changing economic conditions.

Company Information

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2009 - Present

VP Operations

Vartek Industries LLC

We are a plastic hose and tubing manufacturer located in Tampa Florida. We specialize in both custom and commodity type of products. Working in niche OEM markets such as portable hot tubs while also working with distributors in the irrigation, pool, marine and electrical markets. Our abilities allow us market diversifications so we are able to enter the construction, chemical, industrial, medical, petroleum, pnuematics, and powder & bulk industries. 

Our company has extensive years of expertise in the extrusion of plastic hose and tubing both reinforced and non-reinforced. Vartek is the quality leader in the Pool and Spa industry. We continue to help our customers attain their goals by always asking how we can help them succeed. As an example, our VarGrip styled hose has changed how many of the progressive OEM's use flex hose in the manufacture of their spas. Currently Vartek is a great example of a successful privately held US manufacturer that offers high quality products in North America. It was nominated for processor of the year in 2008. It is the second time that a Porter owned company has been nominated.   

2008 - 2009

Project Manager

Wynn Design & Development
Challenge: Keep all field issues of this $1.8 billion dollar project on track for an opening date that was moved forward by 30 days.

Project Management; Helped manage all site walks and associated information while assisting in the resolution of field issues as the owner representative working directly with the general contractor and subcontractor. Generated contract change orders when required, communicated daily all field observation reports and notice of correction items. Consultant for coordination and corrective work related to pools and spas at both Wynn and Encore.

2005 - 2008


Tektube Group LLC
Challenge: Continue the success of the company through product line diversification, production cost improvements, & customer relations enhancements. Market Diversification; Conceptualized the creation of a new division, Specialty Plastics Applications, which would be a distribution arm that would sell products that were complementary to those we manufactured. This new division would implement a single source mentality throughout our customer base and industry. The products introduced through this division still had to meet our strict standards of manufacture. SPA- would be a partnership driven entity. Our first item was original in its conception and no one offered anything close. SPA solidified our customer base relationships. Production Management; Due to continuing instability in raw material pricing, innovative approaches were needed to keep costs down, which resulted in redesigning of our existing product lines, reducing weight, maximizing line speeds and improving our changeover rates to reduce scrap. Initial improvement was to foster reduced labor costs by 25% through job/task balancing. Collaboration brought about $650,000 in annual savings by reducing scrap costs down to 1.2% from 5%, managed reduction of factory costs to 1.8% from 3.8%, and teamed with our VP of production in attaining customer rejection rate to .02% of pounds sold.Then decided to strategically move 35% of our plant output to the east coast, to better serve our customer base and reduce climbing logistical costs.

CustomerRelationships;Wanting to remain the leader in customer service we introduced a camera system that allowed our customers to watch streaming video of our production facility. This service enabled them to remain confident in everything we told them. By implementing this program with an automated product reorder system, based on their historical needs, we removed a burden from our customer's purchasing department. It was a solution for these companies not conceptualized financially, although we indirectly helped these organizations improve their productivity at no cost to them.

1999 - 2005

Vice President

Tektube Group LLC

Challenge: Establish, for this start-up company, the process to manage sales, production and administration functionality. Structure organization to capture market share quickly and unconventionally.

National Assessment; Concluded that we would acquire new business with quality & service, not by price, which would be novel to an industry that is based on price cutting. This process generated $0 to $56 million dollars in our first 5 years of business & a solid customer base. Implementing programs such as customer plant tours, automated ordering systems & consignment inventories all never attempted by any of our competitors.

Production Management; Established all company production policies and procedures. Participated in obtaining ISO 9001 registration in our inaugural year. These policies and procedures led to 40 straight months of manufactured product that were 100% defect-free. Introduced an automated scheduling and QC computer software system that allowed us to benchmark data to continue to produce at an unprecedented level in the industry. This system was accessible through the internet to be used as a sales & marketing tool considering our competitors did not offer services like this.

Sales/Administration Management; Conceived all policies and procedures, including integration into ISO 9001 registration, which held us accountable for everything we did. Developed all literature, sales, and documentation processes with an evolving software program that was access-based, accessible over the internet and customer-friendly.

Team Management; Produced procedures, implemented process, and conducted all training of personnel, communicating company vision, values & expectations. Detailing their job functions through 1 on 1 & group sessions as needed. Adopted a cross-training program for all departments.

1986 - 1999

Special Projects Manager

Product Development: Createdand structured process for all plastic, rubber and metal hose product development initially based on customer needs. Later launched a program based on company vision for further product development. Initial program led to the development of 14 new products over 18 month period that generated $800,000 in additional sales.

National Market Management; Controlled all product marketing strategies throughout the country based on data collected and region, leading to the formation of a mobile sales team training meeting that was held in each territory, which was met with great approval amongst my peers. Proactively holding these meetings once a month to listen to the needs of our sales personnel, this led to sales growth in every territory. Implemented our company’s participation in more national industry shows, which provided us with greater exposure to our customer base.

Production Management; Directed production scheduling of all products manufactured instate andcoordinated with our multiple plants around the world regarding delivery both at our branches and at various customer locations in the USA.

Project Manager1988-1992

Market Management; Conceived and implemented all sales and marketing programs for Pool and Spa product line, which was a specialty niche in our industry. Structuring our company's participation in trade shows and conferences targeting this specific industry, which gave us exposure our competitors failed to take advantage of.

Production Management; Coordinated all production scheduling of all plastic products manufactured and initiated bi-weekly meetings between plant operations and marketing/sales teams to assure customer satisfaction.

Team Training; Trained all customer service representatives in product knowledge and company policies. Produced and presented all company meeting topics regarding plastic products.

Customer Service Representative 1986-1988

Provided assistance to our sales team that included customer follow-up, order entry, direct marketing, and dissemination on all of our product lines. It was my involvement with our customer base that allowed me to understand their needs & implement the customer product development program.

1984 - 1986

Customer Service Representative

H. Muehlstein & Company, Inc.
Customer Service Representative

Inspected material, sampled material, processed orders, tracked deliveries, and assisted all sales personnel whenever required.


Enjoy working in youth sports. Coached baseball team in 2013. I was a volunteer and Director of Operations for a youth soccer club called Neusport Football.  I have volunteered and been involved with them for the past 7 years.  Our club provides an opportunity for boys and girls age 5 to 18 to play a sport they love.  Our mission is to produce and develop outstanding student athletes who demonstrate excellence both individually and in a team environment, through their personal commitment to our challenging and exceptional player development program.  We instill working with each other as a team, creating an environment that nurtures a high level of self-esteem and individual character.  We help them prepare physically and mentally for college or university.  It is my pleasure to continue working with this outstanding club.

Neusport Football Club