Michael A. Liberto

Fire Service Professional

Personal Mission

To uphold the goals and organizational values of the City of Newport Beach Fire Department by delivering exemplary service through ethics, passion and innovative leadership.

Work History

Work History
Jan 2006 - Present

Fire Captain

Newport Beach Fire Department

Supervision of fire suppression employees during emergency and non-emergent situations; Fire prevention and community education as it relates to fire and life safety.

Jan 2011 - Jan 2012

Staff Training Captain

Newport Beach Fire Department

Responsible for training and education for the department. Assigned several projects during tenure to reach training and development goals of line personnel.

Jan 2008 - Present

Fire Investigator

Newport Beach Fire Department

Responsible for determining origin & cause of all fires, witness interviewing and fact gathering, photography of the scene, report preparation and courtroom testimony as an expert witness.

Jan 2008 - Jan 2012

Vice President

Orange County Fire/Arson Task Force

Elected position. Scheduled and created agenda for monthly task force meetings. Conducted meetings and training in support of the mission of the group and as per the Orange County annex.

Jan 2002 - Jan 2006

Fire Paramedic

Newport Beach Fire Department

Fire suppression duties; Basic and advanced level care of the sick and injured.

Jan 1998 - Jan 2001


Escondido Fire Department

Fire suppression duties; Basic and advanced level medical care of the sick and injured.

Jan 1993 - Jan 1998

Paid-Call Firefighter

Orange County Fire Authority

Fire suppression and medical response duties as part of an on-call response team. Two years spent on a wildland fire crew and the remainder of the time spent as a Firefighter/FAE on a Type 1 Engine Company.


Aug 2014 - Present

Bachelor's Degree (enrollment in process)

Brandman University (Chapman)

Bachelor's of Business Administration (Organizational Leadership) Estimated completion date: 2015

Jan 2013

Chief Officer Certification

Demonstrated core competency at the Chief Officer level as required by the California State Fire Marshal's Office. Certification hours: 400+

Jan 2005

Fire Officer Certification

Demonstrated core competency at the Fire Officer level as required by the California State Fire Marshal's Office. Certification hours: 400+

Jan 2008

Fire/Arson Academy

National Fire Academy

80-hour course delivery in the field of fire investigation. Topics included ethics, fire behavior, arson motives and techniques, origin and cause determination, scene safety for fire investigators, fire modeling, report preparation and courtroom testimony.

Jan 2008 - Jan 2010

Fire Investigation I & II Certification

Demonstrated core competency as a Fire Investigator as required by the California State Fire Marshal's Office. Certification hours: 160+

Jan 1997 - Jul 1997

Paramedic Certification

Daniel Freeman/UCLA

Completed course curriculum required for certification as an EMT-Paramedic in the State of California. Formal education included didactic, clinical and field work.


Creative Writing
Well-developed word processing and writing skills. Excellent at documentation and report preparation. Creative writing skills developed through development of my health & wellness blog, published articles, contributing editor of a gaming news site and author of a book currently in the process of publication.
Computer Processing & Web Design
Known within the NBFD as a "go-to" expert on computers and related hardware/software issues. Web designer of the NBFA Website (www.NBFA.org), a health and wellness website (www.Grinds4Gamers.com) and a gaming news website (www.MOGNation.com).
Community Management
Founder of an online video game community tailored for adults and working professionals. As the Director of Community Management, I oversee a community of nearly 2,000 members. Conflict resolution and mediation between parties is a weekly occurrence and handled via a disciplinary schedule and code of conduct very similar to the policies and procedures of the NBFD (www.MOGNation.com).
Health & Fitness Coach
Certified Level 1 Crossfit Instructor/Trainer. I am also the creator of an online health/wellness/fitness blog where fitness/wellness coaching, recipes and dietary programming are formulated free-of-charge for participants interested in living a healthier lifestyle.
Public Speaking & Presentation
Skills developed within the NBFD as a Public Information Officer and as the co-host of several "on-air" weekly podcasts related to the entertainment industry.


President, Extra Life Orange County


Extra Life Orange County is a non-profit organization in affiliation with Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, benefiting CHOC Children's in the City of Orange. Duties include oversight of an elected committee, overall scope and vision for the group, event planning and general organization of fundraising efforts. This is an elected position.

Coordinator, Games for Soldiers Drive


Games for Soldiers is a charity effort in which various entertainment items such as video games, magazines, books and videos are collected and packaged for distribution to American soldiers deployed in combat zones. Our efforts help to provide a bit of "home" to our protectors abroad. This is a volunteer position.


  • Director of NBFD's Health & Wellness Program
  • Director of Public Safety Day (2004-2006)
  • Coordinator: Safety Committee (2011)
  • Telestaff Staffing Coordinator (2006-Present)
  • NBFA Webmaster (2004-Present)
  • Developed department's Health & Wellness Policy
  • Developed Fire Captain's Exam Simulator (committee)
  • Developed department's Fire Captain taskbook
  • Co-wrote successful grant proposal for wildland gear
  • Active Shooter Incident Trainer
  • Implemented Fire Officer classes at NBFD Training Center
  • Planner & Lead Proctor for Probationary Firefighter Exams
  • Updated & Revised Probationary Training Manual
  • Developed Fire Investigation Report Templates
  • Researched & Implemented Fire Investigator Camera Equipment
  • Initial development of NBFD Public Information Policy
  • Researched & implemented Target Solutions Program
  • Developed Training Module for camera equipment
  • Developed Investigator Surveillance Equipment Training
  • Developed Training Calendar program upgrade
  • Revised, Organized & Delivered 2011 Recruit Academy
  • Development & Delivery of Customer Service Training 
  • Development & Delivery of Fire Investigation 101 Training
  • Development & Delivery of WMD/HazMat/Terrorism Training
  • Developed internal CICCS Engine Boss Program
  • Developed internal DMV Licensing procedures
  • EMS Testing Proctor for numerous exams
  • Member of County committee for ePCR development
  • Paramedic Preceptor
  • Event Coordinator: 2011 Firefighter's Olympics
  • Supervised & trained 7 probationary employees


  • Being a Dad & Husband (true leadership)
  • Philanthropy
  • Computer Gaming
  • Website Design
  • Podcasting & Vidcasting
  • Writing (published articles & book manuscript completed)
  • Audio & Video Editing
  • Health & Fitness (personal and coaching others)
  • Hunting & Fishing