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Work experience

Jun 2013Present

Test Engineer


Testing of online and land-based casino games. The corresponding games, including related software, hardware components and cabinets, are being tested to be compliant for the jurisdiction it needs to be accredited for.

Sep 2012Dec 2012


TNO (Via Enter-technology)


Image data analysis and visualization for a NATO mission in Afghanistan.

Image analysis

A 3D simulation of a part of Afghanistan had to be made. To achieve this, certain information of the area had to be (mostly digitally) extracted from 2D imagery. Geospatial data has been processed and analyzed by using Erdas Imagine (Intergraph). By using the spational modeller script language and the tools which are delivered within this software package , certain interesting elements could be found in satellite and aireal imagery. The output of this can be rendered in software packages like terratools. (with terratools I made a 3D representation of the data).

Jul 2012Aug 2012

Software engineer



A tool had to be developed for Pharmacists for the description and printout of medications.

Medication handout for patients

As part of MicroHis, I developed a tool which recognizes (contra)indications of different kinds of medications by connecting my tool to their existing software.

Nov 2005Apr 2012



Within ErasmusMC there was a need for  the 3D visualization of genomic data, for example genomic disorders and chromatin fiber(DNA). As a default, 2D browsers like ucsc were used to visualize data. These browsers do not have the capability of displaying interchromosomal interactions and 3d structures.


The solution was to build a 3D Genome Browser, which is able to load in different data formats (gff, fasta etc), but is also able to load own data (3D coordinates, coordinates of loop structures and sequence data).

Languages/packages I worked with for the development of the Globe 3D Browser:

- C/C++

- Opengl


Globe 3D Browser

The "Globe 3D Browser" I developed makes the road a lot easier for scientists for the understanding of the (human) genome, which can eventually result in a cure for a particular disease. The Globe consortium has been founded by Bert H. Eussen, Tobias A. Knoch and Michael J. Moorhouse.

Data processing and analysis

Next to the Globe 3D Browser, I developed several tools to search for specific sequences (for example duplications and restriction enzymes) within different genomes. These tools can be used to extract locations, find repeat regions, compare distances and a lot more.


Visualization, Analysis, and Design of COMBO-FISH Probes in the Grid-Based GLOBE 3D Genome Platform.

The GLOBE 3D Genome Platform - towards a novel system-biological paper tool to integrate the huge complexity of genome organization and function.

Sep 2009Mar 2010

Town (game development at home)

This is a 3D game engine I developed as a hobby. The user is able to switch from the world editor to "play mode" instantly, which gives the user the possibility to quickly create different environments.

Jan 2002Jan 2007

Post distributor


Sometimes I was responsible for a small group of 5-10 people, to work as a real team to be on time for upcoming deadlines. In the first few years I worked there for about 4-3 days a week. In the last few years I worked there for one day a week.

Feb 2003Jul 2003

Business process management & application development


After analysing the different information flows, I found a few flaws and bottlenecks in the method of communication between different departments. After identification of the problem and creating flowcharts diagrams etc, I have developed a html/javascript application to improve the company's workflow.

Nov 2000Nov 2002

TNW (The New World, game development at home)

By posting on different internet forums I came into contact with other programmers, 3d/2d designers and musicians. We started working on this game with a team of about five people. Unfortunately, we could not finish this game because of a lack of 3d modellers. Screenshots of a demo of this game has been printed in a game magazine called PCZone, which was being sold in the Benelux.


Aug 2001Oct 2005


Hogeschool Rotterdam

Work images




Objective C
i-OS / i-Pad app development
Knowledge of both operating systems. Concerning unix systems, I have worked mostly with Ubuntu and a Fedora/RedHat environment.
As a own small project, I created a xml format reader in c.
For huge datasets, I created AWK and SED scrips for fast data transformation.
Basic knowledge of these protocols which I use for data transfer and lookup (both Windows and Linux).
Worked with a team for two months (Scrum approach) for a medical application at CSC.
At TNT I used Javascript for the development of a tool which registrates the employees which are off duty due illness. A in-build warning system makes sure that the correct people are being contacted.   As a own hobby project, I have created a small javascript game.
Electronic music production
Fruityloops is the package I use for music production.
C++ Programming
The engine of the Globe 3D Genome Browser has been build in c/c++.  I have used gtkmm (object oriented gtk library) to create a user interface.   Created several tools for loading in all kinds of data formats,(like gff), and the possibility to export files in those formats or own designed data formats.
C Programming
By using Visual Studio on Windows and on Linux e-macs and gcc/g++, I developed the Globe 3D Genome Browser (c/c++). The development was mostly in a agile mindset,  there was a good connection between me and the users and the needs where constantly being updated and could change meanwhile.