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Personal Summary

I have a diversified background excelling in real estate acquisition, asset management and disposition; distinguished by a business entrepreneurial mindset, creative problem solving,  team building and designing bottom-line revenue driven sales and marketing strategies. I am a generator of innovative solutions to operational challenges but with decisiveness to implement solutions while minimizing risk and maximizing performance. Proficient in transforming strategic plans into tactical initiatives for corporate forecasting and growth. I am a motivator and developer of people toward achieving corporate objectives with business acumen and analytical depth to align operational efficiencies with organizational vision.

I am an skilled communicator, both private and public, who is able to establish rapport with members of diverse age groups, and promote team cohesiveness at all levels of the corporate scale. Highly organized and a team leader; I am able to effectively coordinate tasks to accomplish projects with timeliness and creativity. 

As a conscientious self-starter, I am able to strategize and prioritize effectively to accomplish multiple tasks and stay calm under pressure. Solution engineering is a concept which I excel at and train others to become proficient in as well.

Years of business experience with a military background enable me to prioritize and delegate tasks effectively with implementing follow up protocols to ensure accountability and on-time performance while maintaining a high level of energy and enthusiasm in the organization. I understand the value of being an independent worker and team player in an organization.

My skill sets include understanding, analyzing, interpreting and creating financial reports both at the macro and global levels of an organization which would include developing operational budgets with logistical requirements to meet current future financial benchmarks. 

I also bring years of sales and marketing experience to an organization and adept at training in sales, service and communication concepts which translate into bottom line organization revenue results by increasing the customer value experience with each customer or client contact.

My objective is to serve a growing manufactured home community ownership group such as Caddis in a regional managerial role by accelerating its growth, performance and revenue objectives via maximizing per space income, increasing park owned home profitability and reducing operating costs in its park portfolio. My priority would include promoting the Caddis company brand, vision and culture through leadership and values training of community managers and staff. I am prepared to meet and exceed expectations at every level of the Caddis organization.

Thank you,

Michael Wilson



Honorable Discharge

United States Air Force

Community College of the Air Force

University of Maryland - Undergraduate Classes

Embry Riddle Flying Ground School                                     
Non-Commissioned Officer Leadership School Graduate
Numerous Service Awards for outstanding service and performance
Air Force Aircraft Weapons Systems Specialist School Graduate 

Air Force Computer Programmer School Graduate

Work experience

Jan 2012Present

Managing Partner & Principle

Bakken Residential, LLC

Bakken Residential, LLC is a residential and commercial development company whose mission was to develop several residential and commercial projects in the heart of the North Dakota oil play.  Mr. Wilson’s responsibility with Bakken Residential included but not limited to: implementing and assisting in the residential and commercial entitlement process, design and overseeing mobile home park development, design home and lot layout, oversee home order processes with manufacturer, design the FF & E package for homes, coordinate order-delivery-& set up home schedule with contractors, develop park rules and operational guidelines for employees and residents, develop park & home maintenance schedule, advise on lease structure, design a park operating budget, create an internal administration support team for management of park income and expenses, creating financial reports for investors, design marketing and branding program for park, hire and train park management team.



The Mobile Home Pros, LLC

As Principal of The Mobile Home Pros, LLC. Michael Wilson has responsibility for all activities including but not limited to: mobile home park management, manufactured home acquisition, rehab, manufactured home relocation, manufactured home marketing and resale, financing note generation, note servicing, note portfolio marketing and resale, mobile home park development, construction, contract negotiation, park due diligence and acquisition, mobile home park policies, procedures & operations, capital expenditures, P&L, sale, leasing and disposition of the assets of the corporation including purchase and resale of over 350 manufactured homes, development of the "Home Relocation Program" which was the purchase, relocate and resell over 100 homes for the purpose of filling vacant park spaces for communities owned by SUN, ARC, RHP and Kingsley.


Owner / General Manager - Health Clubs

Fitness America
Manage staff of over 50 and oversee business operations for health clubs, implement policies and procedures, advertising, sales training, develop telemarketing programs, maintain member relations and develop member retention programs through quality service, organize class fitness schedules design personal training programs, design and oversee club budget, train management and staff staff on company culture, oversee retail inventory purchase and control systems, maintain quality customer service through member tracking systems, develop club production and revenue goals, implement strategies to hit and exceed monthly and annual production targets
Mr. Colorado - 1985

Aircraft Weapons Systems Specialist / Computer Programmer

United States Air Force

Business Management Experience

  • Organizational Structure and Leadership
  • Revenue Generation in all aspects of Real Estate / Property Management
  • Management of Company Resources
  • Problem Solving and Solution Engineering both at the Financial, Operational and Personnel levels
  • Team Building
  • Finding, Evaluating and Procuring Company Assets used to Elevate Revenue Driving Return and Capitalization Value of Company Assets
  • Finding, Evaluating and Procuring Real Estate
  • Driving Revenue in Company through Increasing Performance of Assets, Reducing Operating Expenses
  • Implementing Strategic Resale or Lease Systems for Assets and Designing a Service Arm to Manage those Assets
  • Provide Sales, Marketing and Product Systems for Community Managers / Sales Staff
  • Develop and Coordinate Management & Maintenance Teams, Policies and Procedures
  • Analysis of Real Estate Acquisition and Expansion of Existing or Future Land Acquisitions
  • Manage Disposition of Real Estate  & Home Assets
  • Participate in Securing of Funding for Acquisitions via Equity, Debt or Combination of Formats
  • Strong Team Player with Desire to Lead by Example

Volunteer Positions Held

  • Victory Church, Westminster Co. – Trustee - Secretary / Treasurer - Jan 2001 - April 2005

2500 Member Congregation

Management and budget oversight of Ministry assets and operating expensidtures

Oversaw $11M building project and resale of previous facility 


  • Rainbow Ridge Subdivision, Arvada – HOA President - Jan 2008 - August 2013

117 Home Subdivision
President  & Architectural Control Committee 
Responsible for community assets, budget and management of HOA team


  • Shannon’s Hope, Arvada – Christian Maternity Home – Board President / Volunteer - June 2007 - Feb 2012

Oversaw organizational assets, operating budget and fundraising campaigns. Worked directly with founder on implementing a strategic revenue forecast to facilitate vision for organization.

Management of Board Team

  • Volunteer Youth Soccer & Basketball Coach - 9 years - 2004 to 2013