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Work experience

Alcanze Las Estrellas Owner and Esl Teacher

Ingles Empresarial, S.A.
Alcanze Las Estrellas Owner and ESL teacher I taught ESL from my house to high school students in the neighborhood. I brought them from low 40% to upper 80%..

Esl Teacher, Teacher

Ingles Empresarial, S.A.
ESL teacher, Teacher observer, General Manager I started off for the first 2 years as an ESL teacher going to corporate clients teaching ESL. During that time I took students from a A2 to a C1 level on numerous occasions. As a teacher observer I went to all the classes of Ingles Empresarial, S.A. unannounced to check on quality of service that our teachers were giving. I gave the students anonymous questionnaires to fill out in order to get feedback on teachers and course. This was to improve our quality in teachers and the courses wewere offering. I observed over 30 classes a month which improved my teaching skills 1000 fold. The owner went back to Canada and left me in charge of the day to day operations on his company. I ran the day to day operations along with creating the operations manual along with the marketing manual. I oversaw 26 teachers teaching English as a second language.

Owner, Esl Teacher

Costa Rica, S.A.
Whittemore de Owner, ESL teacher I ran the operation similar to Ingles Empresarial, S.A. with a total of 12 teachers going to corporate clients teaching English as a second language. After 2009 the" global crisis" I finished the contracts with our current clients and closed the business after my father died.

Teacher Coordinator, Academic Director, Esl Teacher

English2Go, LTDA
Teacher Coordinator, Academic Director, ESL teacher The director of English2Go knew of my experience and offered me a job as his teacher coordinator/academic director. It was three months after my Dad died so I decided to take on some responsibilities of yet another company. I helped the director set up quality controls for teachers and brought in new teaching materials for teachers/students. I interviewed, trained and over saw 18 ESL teachers.