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Hello I am Michael Rogers. I'm a hardworking individual that is self driven to succeed and advance in the workplace. Over the next four years I plan to attend Grossmont Community College then transfer to a university to finish my education. I plan to take a degree in a the legal field,  to eventually become a lawyer. I wish to help people in my career, be it through representation and proper exercise of justice.

Work experience

Aug 2015Present

LifeGuard/Aquatics Instructor I

YMCA McGrath Center

As a Lifeguard/Aquatics  Instructor I I have the responsibilities of both ensuring the safety of patrons on the pool deck and also teaching patrons water safety and stroke development. Being a duel job, I constantly have to change from guarding and teaching and assume the different requirements and responsibilities. As an instructor I have to meet certain requirements with each student as described by their skill level as well as teaching them the four main ideas of the YMCA, Respect, Caring, Honesty and Responsibility. The instruction provided is not just the ability to swim, but also teaching water safety and comfort. As a lifeguard I am responsible for ensuring safe practices in the pool as well as performing rescues and ensuring that there is a safe chemical balance in the pool.

May 2015Aug 2015

Assistant Life Guard

YMCA McGrath Center

Assistant life guard is required to ensure the safety of patrons who chose to enjoy both the aquatics and land based facilaties at the YMCA.

Nov 2014

Dishwasher / Busboy

Brodys Burgers and Beer

The Dishwasher/Busboy position is responsible for the sanatation of all dish ware and cook ware. Other responsibilites include the creation of simple foods and shakes, and to clear tables after patrons leave.


AP Testing

Valhalla Highschool

During my education at Valhalla high school I have taken Advanced Placement courses that provide an equitable college credit, being that you pass the equivalent AP exam. Earning a 3 is viable to get credit at most universities. The tests are scored on a scale of 1-5.

AP Biology - 3

AP U.S. History - 4

AP Language and Composition - 4

AP World History - 4

Sep 2015Jun 2016

Senior Year

Valhalla Highschool

1. College Prep Senor English

2. Wood shop/Construction

3. Chamber Ensemble Choir

4. AP Government/Economy

5. Saga - Journalism Class

Sep 2014Jun 2015

Junior Courses

Valhalla Highschool

Junior Year Overall Gpa - 3.4

Junior Year Rank 192 - 469

1. AP English Language and Composition

2. AP United States History

3. Chamber Ensemble Choir

4. College Prep Pre-Calculus

5. AP Biology

Sep 2013Jun 2014

Sophmore Courses

Valhalla Highschool

Sophomore Year

1. Algebra II

2. Humanities II Honors

3. Chamber Ensemble Choir

4. Spanish 5/6

5. AP World

6. College Prep Chemistry

Sep 2012Jun 2013

Freshman Courses

Valhalla Highschool

Freshman Year

1. Advanced Choir

2.Physical Education

3. Geometry Honors

4. Spanish 3/4

5. Humanities I Honors

6. Biology

7. Pre-AP World


Jun 2015Jun 2017

Title 22 Advanced First Aid

Davis Family YMCA

Certified to provide a higher level of first aid that supercedes the Basic First Aid. Responsibilities include providing care for cases of extreme trauma or injury until emergency medical personal arrive. 

May 2015May 2017

Basic First Aid

ASHI Blended Learning CPR/AED

Certified to perform basic first aid in cases of injury or emergencey

May 2015May 2017

O2 Admin

YMCA McGrath Center

Certified to provide emergency oxygen to a victim in case of emergency

May 2015May 2017

YMCA Swim Instructor

McGrath YMCA

Qualified to teach swim lessons and classes to ymca patrons, with a focus on both the personal and developmental growth 

May 2015May 2016


YMCA Mcgrath Center

Certified to perform CPR and rescue breathing, along with other emergency and rescue skills


Sports Experience 

   Freshman Year

     J.V. Water Polo - Fall 2012

     J.V. Swim -  Spring 2013

  Sophomore Year

     Varsity Water Polo - Fall 2013

     Varsity Swim - Spring 2014

  Junior Year 

     Varsity Swim - Spring 2015

     During my athletic career at Valhalla I had made Varsity in both Water Polo and Swim during my sophomore year. During my Junior year I was not able to play water polo as I was taking three AP courses and had to make a choice between the two commitments. Instead of sports that season I had searched for work experience where I had found my first job at Brody's Burgers and Beer. 


Interests and Community Service

As of yet I do not have much experience in community service, but I am actively searching for community service opportunities. As well as applying for community positions I am currently applying for internship positions at local law firms.