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Work experience


Solutions Analyst


Solution Analysis: Integrating MS Dynamics CRM to internal systems. Working to provide a great user experience for agents looking to get real time access to their clients. I am implementing solutions where we gather this information from 20 discrete systems on both Mainframe and Windows systems. This is a Scrum project where we deliver continuously based on 2 week development cycles. Technologies: Dynamics CRM, C#, Javascript, WCF, REST, SOAP, WSMQ, BizTalk, TFS, MS SQL Server, SSIS, ETL

Solution Analysis: Developing a high level architecture to modernize our mobile offerings. My proposal includes using Xamarin to leverage our .NET skills while developing applications to run natively on both Android and IOS platforms. We were deploying apps to their respective market places within 3 months. Second, I proposed a CQRS(Command Query Responsibility Segregation) pattern for providing data to our client facing applications. We are currently working on putting the physical architecture in place to support the CQRS effort. I also proposed IBM worklight to manage mobile security and PUSH notifications from the enterprise. Technologies: Xamarin, C#, MS SQL Server, Service Bus, REST, MVC, Web API, SOAP, WCF, WSMQ, IBM Worklight, Domain Driven Design, Entity Framework, NoSQL

Solution Analysis and Sr Software Engineer: Combine 3 claim systems into 1 platform. I worked as an integration developer on this project. The project spanned 2 years, and involved captive resources that had no other responsibilities in the enterprise. The project was governed using a hybrid of Waterfall and Scrum. Three months of planning was utilized to build a product backlog consisting of Epics and User Stories. Once the planning was complete, we worked in 4 week scrums until the project was complete. During this project, I worked with business stake holders, system matter experts, and vendors for our business to business integrations.  We also had a large contingent of developers offshore. I was responsible for making sure all of our coding standards and developer testing standards were clearly communicated and adhered to. To help with this, I implemented an on-boarding procedure and a code review process. 

After my success with the integration work, I was asked to leverage my SQL skills as the reporting lead. My team was responsible for implementing the data warehouse used by finance and actuarial . My team consisted mostly of offshore developers. I would meet for a quick stand-up with offshore on a daily basis to clear any roadblocks as they arose. I also worked as the communication hub between our technologists and business analysts. While making sure the development was proceeding, I clarified requirements and kept tabs on any work the systems people were completing on the physical architecture. Technologies: Guidwire ClaimCenter, GOSU, Java, Apache Tomcat, BizTalk, SQL Server, T-SQL, Stored Procedures, WSMQ, .NET, C#, WCF, SOAP, Unit Testing

Sr Software Engineer: Previously I was tasked to develop an automated workflow system. I noticed we had an opportunity to create something that could be both pluggable that scaled horizontally. Taking full advantage of the adapter pattern, I created a fully configurable system that was able to model human workflow. Using simple linked lists represented as data in SQL, I was able to create workflows that could infinitely reference other workflows. The workflows themselves had steps that were interfaced classes. Because .NET was used as the core technology, it was easy to configure a step to do anything the .NET Framework could do. The technology we developed is now mission critical and used in every aspect of our Life Insurance operations.  Technologies: C#, Windows Workflow Foundation, WCF, SOAP, Distributed Windows Services, SQL Server, CRUD, Unit Testing


Development Engineer

Information Solutions

Worked as a facilitator and engineer for a broad range of clients. 

Implemented a service order imaging and tacking system for Albany Time Warner Cable. 

Implemented a sales tracking suite for Curtis Lumber, including a custom application that reported on sales exceptions. The application empowered the sales leadership to find problems in a very large retail setting. 

Implemented a client check in system for 3 hospitals. The check in system led to a more efficient client check in process while making sure all the proper paper work was completed. Internal Audit's job was made easier because the HIPAA documents were captured electronically. 

Implemented a system that read all claim information on a paper EOB and transferred it to a database. A back end system allowed the business office staff to automatically update claims in their MISYS system without having to thumb through 300 page EOBs. This decreased the lead time on EOBs coming into the organization from 9 days to 2 days. 

Technologies: VB6, .NET, C#, SQL Server, T-SQL, Stored Procedures, OCR, Informix, MySQL


PC/Network Tech


Day to day maintenance of PCs, Network infrastructure, and phone system. 

  • Increased the number of PCs in a manufacturing facility from 10 to 250. 
  • Installed all of the CAT 5
  • Networked manufacturing equipment. Accomplished real time reporting on the state of the machinery. 
  • Facilitated Y2K with the corporate office. 


Siena College - 1998-2000

HVCC - 1995-1997


.NET, C#, SQL Server, T-SQL, Stored Procedures, STAR Schema, Web Services, REST, WCF, SOAP, XML, XSL, SOA, OOP, Domain Driven Design, ORM, Entity Framework, JSON, Web API, MVC, Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, TFS, Code Branching and Source Control, GOSU, Gherkin, Cucumber, Unit Testing