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I work closely with people; negotiating contracts and fees, networking, booking venues and musicians, mentoring students and co-managing my band Tribal State. My passion lies in music, however I'm not limited to it. I thrive to learn new skills in areas completely unrelated, for example I'm currently perfecting meditation and hand stands. I work as a general laborer because I like physical work, and  to free my mind of the mundane. I am eager to work; what i lack in education i gain in my ability to take on instruction and learn quickly. I am Kinesthetic; i work well on my feet and I'm a practical problem solver. Family man and father of two, my goal in life is to Build an Empire. 

Work experience


Session Musician

HJL Entertainment Ltd

Provide musicianship for various musical artists in New Zealand and Pacific Islands. 


Academic Tutor 

Ministry of Education, NZ 

Facilitate, lead and provide academic support to students in Music Programs throughout NZ during school hours and .modifying instructions to suit the individual's needs


Managing Director

HJL Entertainment Ltd

Manage and Coordinate the workings of Tribal State, Rock Band, Auckland NZ 


General Labourer

Waterboys Civil

Installation of UFB, Cleaning and preparing work sites, Loading and delivery of materials, use of hand tools and power tools, working in severe weather conditions (hot and cold)


Drain Layer

H&H Drainage Solutions

Operation of heavy machinery; excavator, trucks. Assemble, install, repair pipes, drains, fixtures and fittings for water and gas pipes. Keeping accurate record of faults, assuring high standard of work in accordance with the Company's health & safety and quality framework.



Medcen Samoa (Private Hospital)

Patient evaluation, providing diagnostic and evidentiary data, safely positioning patients to get accurate images, advanced preparation and testing, maintaining patient records.



Diploma in Contemporary Music and Arts 

Music and Audio Institute on New Zealand (MAINZ)