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Michael Jarmark is a professional accountant living in Jersey City, NJ. He completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting at New Jersey City University, where he is also soon to complete an MS in Accounting. Michael Jarmark has conscientiously performed regular audits of monthly reports and accounting ledgers to ensure accounting accuracy. He has had experience preparing month-end reporting to include ongoing jobs, along with payroll, job budgets and sales trends. Michael Jarmark has demonstrated effective management of benefit plans and cash profit sharing for employees and employers so as to effectively optimize returns.

Many times over, Michael Jarmark has faultlessly carried out his responsibilities to ensure that the organization gets good returns on investments. Backed by almost two decades of financial management and accounting experience, Michael Jarmark is a persevering individual who is known for his prioritizing skills and his straight business accounting principles. Currently serving as the Plant Accountant at Jersey City Ford, Mr. Jarmark has formulated an easily-managed cash profit sharing system plus benefit plans for both employees and employers to help ensure topnotch returns on investments.

Michael Jarmark has had experience managing multiple projects simultaneously. What is required of him is nowhere from simple, as he has to maintain accounts, do budgeting and quality control and also ensure the optimum use of various database and reporting programs. During his employment at Seidlecki Construction Co., Inc., Bankers Life and Casualty, Co., KPMG and now Jersey City Ford, Michael Jarmark has shown that he can be trusted to deliver the best kind of accounting practices to ensure a smooth workflow and robust financial gains for the entire organization. He has been able to improve communication between departments, resulting in the consistent achievement of deadlines and the promotion of effective team building.

For Michael Jarmark, his greatest legacy is ensuring that the company he works for stays strong now and many years down the road.