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Operation Par: Jun 2014-Feb 2015

  • Managed a caseload of 65 of patients transitioning to methadone treatment.
  • Assessed patient eligibility during intake based on mental health and drug use history.
  • Facilitated information distribution to patients regarding safe methadone use and nutrition.
  • Conducted individual counseling sessions using cognitive behavioral and motivational enhancement therapies.
  • Completed necessary session documentation in accordance with facility regulations.

Research Experience

Dec 2011May 2013

New College of Florida

Bachelor's Thesis

Researched how experience in yoga and/or meditation over varying lengths of time among 21 participants affected levels of rumination, mindfulness, and psychological resilience as measured by statistically validated psychometric scales.

Jan 2012May 2012

New College of Florida - Lab in Social and Personality Psychology

Self-Compassion, Trait Meta-Mood, and the Dialogical Self
Discussed Dialogical Self Theory and concepts from M. Cooper's Plural Self  to ultimately use comparative psychological scales experimentally in an attempt to empirically correlate the two models of phenomenological intrapersonal communication.
Dec 2010May 2011

New College of FLorida

Independent Study Project 

A research paper written based on the research presented at the 25th Anniversary Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies Conference  on the neurobiological effects of MDMA on veterans suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in controlled therapeutic settings.


Aug 2009May 2013

B.A. Psychology

New College of Florida

Academically Rigorous Self-Guided Education with Narrative Evaluations and  a required  Undergraduate Thesis Project

Aug 2007May 2009

A.A. Focus in Psychology and Engineering

Miami-Dade Honors College

Academically Rigorous Honors Program with a required minimum GPA of 3.5.