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Experienced and Adept Software Developer working with integrated front and back end technologies to deliver end user experiences. Meticulous about progress and best use case scenarios to promote efficiency and productivity. Practices utilizing appropriate frameworks for each project's desired functionality with an agile approach.

Work experience



Self owned entity. Solo developer. Social media manager. Over the years, I've used the sales process to convert prospects to clients. I designed and implemented code while working directly with clients for their end users. Provided guidance to clients who needed a product, but were unaware of what kind.

Currently in the process of developing 3 single page apps, that I expect to turn profits in 8-12 months. Two are aimed at the English as a foreign language market and will be competing with existing solutions, but offer better usability and additional features at a lower cost.  One is directed at a Netflix series fan base and aims to provide a social network where users can form groups based on birthdays.

These SPAs are being developed with Firebase as a back end and AngularJS as a front end. Server functions are provided through Firebase and include Stripe payments and Google cloud messaging for device notices.

English teacher in thailand

anuban wat pitula tira rang sirit

Taught English as a foreign language to first grade pupils. My teaching directly contributed to our school earning an award for most proficiency in the English language for our grade in the province.

  • Assisted and trained other English teachers in the department
  • Community leader for my teaching agency to welcome new hires

IT Field Technician

field solutions/field nation 

General IT field work. Contract position. Printer installation, maintenance. Machine imaging, hardware replacement, user migration.Locations serviced included: BB & T Bank, Wells Fargo, Ross, Walmart, Intuit (Reno), Law Firms

center consultant

fedex office

Interim job while focusing on education, software development, life and family. This engagement was beneficial to my employer, and myself. I transferred from San Diego to Reno. Excellence in working production and I'm able to provide excellent references describing teamwork and leadership.



Hooked people up with free shots and free smiles. Always applied extra caramel sauce for our customers and provided free samples to promote hunger and thirst to bump profits. Analyzed product sales for fun. Excellent knowledge of customer service and dish washing. Pretty good at brewing coffee ever 30 minutes as well.

airman, yeoman

us navy
  • Spent ~1.5 years on aircraft carrier John C. Stennis CVN-74
  • Reported to & worked with Chief and Division Officer of V-3 Air Dept.
  • Training officer for the division of 80 Sailors
  • Records quality assurance / maintainer for division
  • Held the responsibilities of positions 4 pay-grades higher than my own
  • Received EP evaluations and recommended for promotion every cycle
  • Chocked and chained aircraft
  • Trained in firefighting & basic lifesaving skills



us Naval Air Technical Training Center

Knowledge and troubleshooting skills in electricity/electronics, communications and RADAR. Mathematics for electronics, AC circuit analysis: Mathematics used to solve electronic problems, RL circuit analysis, RC circuit analysis, LCR circuit analysis, digital devices, amplifiers, rectifiers, filters and voltage dividers. Digital logic circuits: Flip-Flops, Multivibrators, Registers, Clocks and Counters, Adders, Subtractors, Multipliers, Dividers, Microprocessors, Microprocessor Signal Analysis. RF communication: RF Communications, Transmitter/Receiver Fundamentals, Block Diagram/Signal Analysis, Troubleshooting, Signal Tracing, AM Transceiver, AM Receiver, AM Transmitter, FM. RADAR: Synchros, Servos, Gyros, INS, Solid State Devices, Physical Security, Airborne Search Radar, Synchronizer, Receiver, Indicator, Transmitter, Antenna, Troubleshooting the Radar


multiple online training centers

FreeCodeCamp, CodeWars, StackExchange, OpenCourseWare, YouTube, End user / cilent experience


1. I am also a We - - Fan site for the Netflix series sense8. Advertising to Facebook groups. Working directly with feedback from end users. This was a three week project, that gained 220 user registrations in 16 hours of launch. Technologies: Firebase, AngularJS, animate.css, moment.js

2. TEFL Pro - - Agency/employee portal. Job site. Foreign teachers can search for jobs that agencies post. This will compete with current industry leaders by offering advances features for both the end users and the agencies that competitors don't currently provide. Additionally, this will bring down the cost of teacher acquisition to the agencies. Technology: jQuery, AngularJS, animate.css, MaterializeCSS. Plans to refactor this with Angular 4 or React are being considered.

3. English Pupil - - English learning/teaching portal. Teachers will be able to provide one on one lessons to students via webRTC video chat. This will compete with the current industry leaders by offering both premium lessons to affluent customers and free lessons to underprivileged customers. Technology: Firebase, jQuery, AngularJS, animate.css, MaterializeCSS

4. S. Cohen Fine Art - - Redesigned client website to bring the end user a more fluid UI and easier experience. Technology: jQuery, AngularJS, animate.css, MaterializeCSS



Video production, Analytics, Project management, Leadership, Training, Development, Teaching, Network, Software development, Linux, Windows, iOS, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Military, Adobe After Effects, Domain, World Travel, Social media marketing, Social media management


Web Apps, Single Page Apps, FullStack, NodeJS, Git, Firebase, Bootstrap, MomentJS, Stripe, Twilio, Trello, Agile, npm, gulp, webpack, AWS, JavaScript, ES6, Linux, AngularJS, ReactJS (minimal), Apache, Analytics, Grunt, Bower, CSS3, PHP, HTML5, Android dev (minimal), jQuery, Adobe Photoshop, MySql, UI Design, Security, Adobe After Effects, Domains, Agile design, Wordpress


Computer Security, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography, World Studies, Video Production

Tabs, not spaces.