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Michael Bohannon

NSW Youth Liaison Officer

Work History

Work experience

Youth Liaison Officer

Mar 2014 - Present
UN Youth Australia

Youth Representative Elective

Jan 2013 - Aug 2015
Headspace Campbelltown

The role of the Youth Representative Elective is to organise and maintain leadership over the youth reference group and to provide a voice of the youths at the Quarterly Consortium. The youth reference group comprises 7 members aged 18-25 years, who meet on a monthly basis. The purpose of the group is to help involve young people in the development and running of Headspace, to provide a forum for young people to voice their concerns, needs, interests and ideas and arrange for an avenue for young people to be a part of the planning and implementing phases of Headspace's community awareness activities. Over past 2 years as Youth Representative I have helped design and develop the Headspace Cambelltown Brochure and have been part of Ongoing Community Awareness activities such as Youth Week, where I have presented a number of speeches and talks alongside our Liaison at Cambelltown Headspace.

Senior Soccer Referee

Jan 2010 - Oct 2013



Higher School Certificate - HSC

Feb 2014 - Nov 2015
Camden High School

Education from Years 11-12



Certificate III in Active Volunteering

Aug 2014 - Present
Max Solutions


First Aid Certificate

Apr 2014 - Present


Volunteer Experience

Youth Representative



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