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Michael Black

Pain Discoverer, Conversation Navigator, Quota Maker

Who I am:

With a cheerleader mentality, consistent optimism and strategical humility, I am able to use my experiential knowledge and "always be 1% better" mentality to beat quotas, be a leader in attitude, and raise the bar for any group of which I am apart. I bring more then high numbers, I bring a contagious winners mentality and a drive for self, and team improvement. 

Work experience


Sales Account Director

  • Demonstrated History of goal achievement maintaining top ten performer status for Q1-3 2017, and Pacing Q4 2017.
  • Winner of Q2 2017 SalesShark award (>200% of quota) 
  • Q2 2016, Q1, and Q3 2017 Most valuable player award (High team contribution in attitude, numbers, and peer assistance)
  • Received four quota based promotions in under two years
  • Voted by peers as leader of the Employee Advisory Group 
  • Continually invited to lead motivation, and skill focused sales floor trainings
Sep 2014Feb 2015

Marketing and Social Media Consultant

Law office of Garrett C. Higley, PLLC
  • Build a social media strategy from ground up with measurable deliverables
  • Deliver performance dashboard to LOGCH utilizing reporting features of selected platforms
  • Create Social Media Policies and Procedures document for LOGCH team
  • Train LOGCH team on how to use social media to boost revenue
  • Create social events for LOGCH to expand and improve the brand Image
  • Work within budget with third party vendors to develop web collateral
Dec 2013Feb 2015

English Instructor

Berlitz Global Language Learning and Cultural Training
  • Teach conversational and business English to C-Class executives
  • Conduct one-on-one tutoring sessions with executives
  • Adapt teaching style to accommodate culturally diverse clients 
Aug 2012Jun 2013

Director of Sales and Marketing

Wade Wilson Art
  • 100% quota attainment in sales of luxury good 10 out of 10 months
  • Manually (Excel) tracked, recorded and maintained client pipeline
  • Trained and taught new employees in every facet of the business 
  • Adhered to legal requirements of artist contracts in day to day transactions
  • Created and managed a variety of unique events increasing sales over last year
Feb 2011May 2012

Market Analyst and Specialist

Halliburton Landmark Software and Services
  • Presented self-created quarterly marking metrics outlining progress of initiatives and projects to C-Class Executives, upper management and sales team
  • Second lead in creation and management of Annual Sales Summit for the company sales team
  • Presented Sales Summit progress to C-Class Executives and sales team
  • Managed diverse international project teams for sales summit deliverables
  • Collaborated with teams, including C-Class Executives, to revamp the Customer Management System(CMS) to increase sales and more effectively report data to upper management
  • Collaborated with third party vendors in creation of mobile customer surveys
  • Presented analytic data collected from surveys in consumable PowerPoint format to marketing team, sales team, and C-Class executives to guide decision making
Jan 2007Jan 2010

Vice President of Fundraising

University of Saint Thomas Social Entrepreneurship Program(5o1c3)
  • Created and managed the daily updating of complex financial spreadsheets
  • Kept track of donor and vendor donation pipeline year over year
  • Increased earnings of fundraising event by 50% with no budget increase over one year
  • Oversaw numerous volunteers and managed a variety of-fundraising events
  • Utilized interpersonal networking skills to secure donations for various needs
  • Collaborated with board members to create policies and procedures
  • Participated in conducting complex region based research which included psychological, economic, and socio economic surveys and assessments



International Studies, Development and Business

University of St. Thomas

Focus on research, business theory, and practical application 

Summer 2007

European Government and Regional Study of Europe

Ecole De Management

I studied in Strasbourg with both educational scholars and experienced professionals in the realm of international mergers