Michael Black


I currently hold degrees from the University of St. Thomas in Houston in International Studies emphasis in Culture, International Development emphasis in finance, and business. I have experience giving independently-created presentations from data collected by personally created surveys while at Halliburton. As Sales and Marketing Director at Wade Wilson Art I trained and educated new hires, managed the college intern program, and re-vamped the companies target marketing using creative events. I have strong experience in strategic and creative event management. I have also been a regular volunteer for the Houston Human Rights Campaign assisting with event management, and a variety of diverse time-sensitive projects.

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2014 - Feb 2015

Marketing and Social Media Consultant

Law office of Garrett C. Higley, PLLC
  • Build a social media strategy from ground up with measurable deliverables
  • Deliver performance dashboard to LOGCH utilizing reporting features of selected platforms
  • Create Social Media Policies and Procedures document for LOGCH team
  • Train LOGCH team on how to use social media to boost revenue
  • Create social events for LOGCH to expand and improve the LOGCH Brand Image
  • Work within budget with third party vendors to develop web collateral
Dec 2013 - Feb 2015

English Instructor

Berlitz Global Language Learning and Cultural Training
  • Teach conversational and business English to C-Class executives
  • Conduct one-on-one tutoring sessions with executives
  • Adapt teaching style to accommodate culturally diverse clients 
Aug 2012 - Jun 2013

Director of Sales and Marketing

Wade Wilson Art
  • Trained and taught new employees in every facet of the business Engaged a discerning clientele of both walk-in and established clients
  • Created and updated a sales tracking spreadsheet documenting client data and progress of sales
  • Exceeded monthly sales goals of a high end luxury product Adhered to a variety of strict business policies
  • Adhered to legal requirements of artist contracts in day to day projects and sales transactions
  • Increased productivity through project and time management of monthly art openings
  • Created and managed a variety of unique events bringing in new clients and increasing sales
Feb 2011 - May 2012

Market Analyst and Specialist

Halliburton Landmark Software and Services
  • Presented self-created quarterly marking metrics outlining progress of initiatives and projects to C-Class Executives, upper management and sales team
  • Second lead in creation and management of Annual Sales Summit for the company sales team
  • Presented Sales Summit progress quarterly to C-Class Executives and sales team
  • Managed diverse international project teams for sales summit deliverables
  • Collaborated with teams, including C-Class Executives, to revamp the Customer Management System(CMS) to increase sales and more effectively report data to upper management
  • Collaborated with third party vendors in creation of mobile friendly customer surveys
  • Presented analytic data collected from surveys in consumable PowerPoint format to marketing team, sales team, and C-Class executives to guide decision making
  • Decreased the time required for national and international trade-show preparation by streamlining many of the required marketing deliverables
Jan 2007 - Jan 2010

Vice President of Fundraising

University of Saint Thomas Social Entrepreneurship Program(5o1c3)
  • Project managed the Annual Fundraising Event
  • Increased earnings of fundraising event by 50% with no budget increase over one year
  • Oversaw numerous volunteers and managed a variety of micro-fundraising events
  • Created and managed the daily updating of complex financial spreadsheets
  • Utilized interpersonal networking skills to secure donations for all fundraising needs
  • Collaborated with a diverse group of board members to create policies and procedures
  • Participated in conducting complex region based research which included psychological, economic, and socio economic surveys and assessments



International Studies, Development and Business

University of St. Thomas

Focusing on research, politics, and practical business application, the culmination of my scholastic teaching  has aided as a foundation for my real world experience. 

European Government and Regional Study of Europe

Ecole De Management

I studied in Strasbourg with both educational scholars and experienced professionals in the realm of international mergers


I have over ten years in retail, and countless hours in fundraising for a variety of non-profits. I also served as the director of Sales for a prestigious museum quality abstract art Gallery. The average value of work was between 10-50k.
Interpersonal Networking
The child of a Mississippi mother and scrap empire building father, I was pushed early on into philanthropy and social settings. Harnessing the ability to carry on a conversation and develop relationships has aided in my opportunity's, and frequently in my sales goals.
Brand image
My branding area of focus is on people, and utilizing social media to compliment real world networking, not replace it. I have created events myself as an opportunity for brand image expansion, trained my clients on how best to direct their digital and real world presence, and how best to spend their networking time outside of the office.
From working with data collected from surveys, to fundraising intake spreadsheets, I have experience sifting through data to get to the answer of why we should move in a certain direction, to achieve a specific result.
Survey Creation
I have vast experience in creating surveys for customer data collection. I have used online platforms to do this, as well as worked with third party's to create mobile friendly data collection methods.
Having created and managed both small (ten person) and large (100 person) events, I have experience of creating memorable experiences with minimal finances. I have also been in charge of a variety of deliverables from posters, to websites, to a plethora of marketing campaigns with finite budgets, and grand expectations.