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Work experience

Nov 2012Present

Software Developer


Web Development (January 2015 - Present) 

  • Launched the new Outdoors store
  • Currently working on an exciting project for the retail website.

Android Development (Nov 2012 - January 2015)

I was on the Amazon Instant Video and worked on the AIV apps for Android and Kindle Fire devices. When creating the AIV experience for Fire Phone (Amazon's first phone) I helped create strategies to allow us to continue using an single code-base across all devices. I worked very close with our design team; iterating quickly to improve the UX of our app. This work was a combination of making our app more beautiful and improving performance metrics, such as fluidity and page-load times. Because of this heavy focus on UI, I became the go-to person for any general Android UI question or suggestion. I spent time improving our build processes to be fully automated. This means the entire process of building, testing, signing, and releasing the app can be a completely hands-off process.

May 2012Aug 2012

SDE Intern


Built a new feature into our customer service agents' web interface. The feature helped to predict the identity of a customer that was calling customer service from a number that was not associated with their account.



Android Development
Ruby on Rails
Common Lisp