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Work experience

Nov 2013May 2014

Regatta Hotel

Regatta Hotel
  • Worked in a fast paced Bar/Bistro, requiring effective communication with customers, coworkers and management.

  • Developed excellent time management skills in balancing part time work, full-time University, and sporting commitments.

  • Valued staff member, often worked closing and call in shifts.

Nov 2012Feb 2013

Undergraduate Engineer

Power and Water Corporation

Dec 2011-Feb 2012 / Dec 2012-Feb 2013

Completed roughly 20 weeks of practical work experience over two separate vacation periods. My responsibilities included:

  • In 2012/13, I was involved in the design and construction of a new electrical substation being built in the Darwin suburb of Leanyer.
  • Due to the short amount of time in this role, I was only involved with the civil works contract of the project, and the construction of the building that is now used to house the high voltage switchgear and transformer control equipment.
  • My role was to manage the responsibilities of the site engineer whilst he was on leave.
  • This involved carrying out required quality assessment tests and updating progress trackers, signing off sub-contractor dockets, recording daily financial activities and delivering progress reports to senior engineers in weekly meetings.
  • For the majority of this work I was based out on site, which gave me a practical experience in working side-by-side with contractors, design engineers and senior project managers.
Feb 2010Mar 2011

Administration Officer

Northern Territory Government
  • During my time in this position, my department (the Department of Housing, Local Government and Regional Services) was focused on establishing 15 Indigenous communities throughout the Northern Territory as ‘Growth Towns’, which would act as service hubs for the surrounding area.

  • This was done by putting together reports for each of the towns that showed what was important to the community as well as what they needed to keep growing as a town.

  • My role in this project was writing, editing, and proofing these reports to make sure all of this information was correct. This project took me out to a number of these communities to work alongside their leaders and government officials.


Feb 2012Dec 2015

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

University of Queensland
  • Expected Graduation: November 2015

  • At this point in time I only have a handful of subjects remaining before graduating as a Civil Engineer. For a number of semesters I've only done three subjects instead of four in order to accommodate my sporting commitments, which has ultimately resulted in extending my studies by a year.

Feb 2011Dec 2011

Bachelor of Civil and Structural Engineering

Queensland University of Technology
  • I started my Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Structural) at QUT in 2011, though transferred to the University of Queensland for personal reasons the following year.
Feb 2004Dec 2009

Higher School Certificate

Darwin High School
  • Higher School Certificate with a Tertiary Entrance Rank of 81.91

  • Throughout my high school years I was involved in leadership groups and countless sporting teams. From successes with my sport I went on to compete at national events such as the Pacific School Games in Sydney in 2005 and again in Canberra in 2008, as well as the National Age Championships for a number of years.


Rick Van Der Zant – High Performance Coach, Yeronga Park Swimming Club

Phone: 0412 870 756 Email: [email protected]

Steve Barker – Senior Project Manager, Power and Water Corporation (no relation)

Phone: 0419 425 218 Email: [email protected]


Currently training and competing at a national level, with ambitions of making it onto the Australian Olympic Team in 2016. To stay competitive at this level I train morning and night every day, and travel interstate and overseas for QAS training camps and competitions a number of times a year.
Problem Solving Skills
Innovative and able to think outside the box when finding solutions to problems. Always seeking to improve work processes and find a more efficient way to achieve a goal.
Organizational Skills
Outstanding organizational skills as demonstrated in the role of an Assistant Site Engineer with Power and Water. Capable using MS Office Suite and Integrated Project Management Software such as Incite and Oracle.
Well-developed professional writing style evidenced from professional design reports and research experiments during tertiary studies. Confident communicating with colleagues and supervisors in the workplace and recognize the value in feedback amongst communication.


Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)

Open Drivers License

Sep 2014Present

Santiago De Compostela

Notably, I‘ve also recently completed the ‘Santiago de Compostela’ in Spain; which is a 750km trail starting on the French-Spanish border, and finishing on the western coast in the city of Santiago. This pilgrimage trail is known as ‘The Way of Saint James’ or the ‘El Camino’ and is an amazingly challenging, beautiful and spiritual walk that hundreds of people make each year.