Michael Calkins


Michael P. Calkins

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Extensive and broad-based experiences and achievements in IT and consulting. Ability to analyze situations, pay close attention to detail, and deliver through straightforward communication and utmost professionalism. Recognized for building and leading teams and organizations in both service-focused and product-focused companies. Solid business approach to key initiatives, combined with an appreciation of knowing how to build and promote teams and processes inside organizations. Key skills include:

Service Development

Organization Growth & Leadership

Problem Solving

Best Practices

Systems Integration/Simplifications

Process Development

Market Research

Prototype Design/Building

Efficiency Improvements

Marketing Plans

Long Range Business Planning

Change Management

Risk Management

Database Development & Migration

Leadership Development


Best Practices

Transformeda disjointed management process that was lacking professional services.Analyzed current systems and needs to commercially available PSA solutions, determined an implementation plan, and lead the deployment.Result: Successful use of the new system improving efficiencies in project reporting, project costing, proper management approvals, and forecasting.

Unified a disjointed sales process.Established a sales process for determining phases and gateways, and developed a more effective pipeline report. Result: Standardized reporting across several sales staff allowing the organization to understand its true sales pipeline and make appropriate sales decisions.

Organizational Growth and Leadership

Maximized team talent. Utilized an approach of training and coaching with a clear mission for the organization. Result: Building of organizations that had turnover consistently lower than industry norms, and these organizations were internally recognized as having the leaders in the company.

Aligned remote location staff.Created a culture of obtaining internal IP, Practice oversight, and periodic “all hands” meetings.Result: Office location became inconsequential.Sharing of thoughts, consistency of deliverables, and a culture of communication has lead to less engagement issues and a higher rate of repeat work.

Service Development

Aligned service offerings.Established a service-focus team to capture service needs from clients and the industry. Aligned these needs with the consultants, sales team, and marketing activities. Result: A consistent and clear sales message that saw a large increase in unsolicited calls. Better coordination of consultant-led marketing materials.

Determined offerings for a new service organization.Analyzed client needs, reviewed the market, and made decisions based upon that research.Result: Significant headcount growth and a backlog of services of nearly $4m.

Process Development

Streamlined a software product’s implementation. Directed development of a complete lifecycle process.Coordinated efforts across the company and with implementation partners, developed templates, guidelines and a reference guide for the enterprise-wide deployment of the product. Result: Methodology utilized by every successful deployment of the product.

Database Development & Migration

Planned the migration activities for several large data stores, utilized by over 40 local government agencies.Reviewed the current needs for the data, developed programs to record the metadata of the legacy information, and established long-term goals in the migration plan.Result: Plan approved by all agencies. Large repository of metadata being used to aid in data cleaning and legacy system usage.

Delivered a solution for migration of data required for a global, distributed, order entry, manufacturing and sales support system.Acted as liaison to business owners through the process of data cleaning, new data definition and final migration.Result: Successful and complete conversion of 20 years of current and historical enterprise-wide information.

Market Research

Researched needs for a centralized vehicle towing/storage solution for local municipalities.Reviewed market needs against current solution offerings. Conducted interviews with key stakeholders in the process. Result: Successful initiation of a start-up.

Examined CASE tools to be utilized across two global 500 companies.Developed rubrics and processes, hands-on research, and result communications. Result: Selection of best-of-breed tools that could be used in the companies.

Channel Development

Establishedcompany to company partnerships.Meet with key individuals from partnering firms to review mutual needs and goals.Determined key actions in which to grow the partnership and managed these goals and internal feedback. Result: Partnerships based on real work in a cooperative setting instead of a partnership based on paper.


Noblestar, Austin, TX

Chief Operating Officer


Senior Manager


Kurion, Austin, TX

Vice President, Professional Services


I2 Technologies, Austin, TX

Director, Consulting Services


SMART Technologies, Austin, TX

Director, Consulting Services


IBM Global Services, Austin, TX

Principal, Business Intelligence Services



B.A., Computer Science, State University of New York (Potsdam) 1984

B.A., Psychology, State University of New York (Potsdam) 1984

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