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Micah Valentiner

Line Cook


A passionate young cook with experience in high-volume, from scratch kitchens; from fine dining to fast-casual. Thrives in high-stress and fast-paced environments. Willing and eager to learn, he's a strong team-player with an open mind and a good attitude.


      • Familiar with commercial kitchen equipment, proper usage, cleaning and maintenance
      • Experience working service from various stations, including sauté, fryer, garde manger, salad, pizza, wok, and expo.
      • Always work with a sense of urgency.
      • Responds well to feedback and constructive criticism.
      • Good food and kitchen knowledge, i.e. ingredients, flavors, cooking techniques, cuisines, food safety habits, knife skills, etc.
      • Opening and closing responsibilities, making prep lists, completing them, being prepared for service, and properly cleaning and breaking down.
      • Highly attentive to detail, always willing and eager to learn.
      • Inventory management familiarity, submitting food orders, organizing deliveries properly.

Work History

July 2016Dec 2016

Line Cook - Volstead's Emporium - $14/hour

Secret speakeasy in the heart of Uptown, great place for food and drink - Minneapolis, MN 

A very small kitchen for an authentic speakeasy restaurant who's business depends on the word of mouth. A very small kitchen considering the quality of the food we served, with mostly French and Italian cuisines including duck, quail, squid ink pasta, sweat potato gnocchi, chiffon cake, and flan. Dinner service five nights a week, closing with another cook or alone, high expectations of food quality and high standards of acceptable cleanliness. Always labeling, dating, consolidating, rotating, flipping pans, further developed strong habits for a kitchen that meets food safety regulations.

Jan 2016July 2016

Line Cook - The Copper Hen - $14/hour

Fresh cooking in a new, and upgraded version of the familiar kitchen - Minneapolis, MN 

Same restaurant with a new menu and a new chef, which means a new ways of doing things. I'm back working the sauté station, and it's the same as ever, sometimes going for 5-6 six hours straight. Smarter than before, running the restaurant is as smooth as ever, it has become more efficient to handle even more business than it did in it's first year. My time was divided by running dinner service during the week, and cooking for brunch service on the weekends. No issue finding my place back in the familiar restaurant, but with more seats, a larger menu, and with more complex menu items - including shrimp, steak, walleye, chicken, etc; plus new sauces, gastriques, and a few curious things like pickled green strawberries.

Nov 2015Dec 2015

Line Cook - Café and Bar Lurcat - $14/hour

Sophisticated and elegant comfort fare - Minneapolis, MN

Seasonal hire. Cooking to the highest standards while drawing huge numbers every night, plus a likely possibility of additional parties, or a buyout in addition to an already busy service. Several parties become a daily occurrence, and it seems impossible to find the time to prepare for everything. Tempura-fried mahi-mahi, saffron lamb chops, a different interpretation of a Korean bulgogi lettuce wrap, a raw tuna pizza with pickled jalapenos, and a classic béarnaise sauce with french fries are a few menu items that display the complex and elaborate techniques that show the careful focus and attention put into every plate.

Sep 2015Nov 2015

Line Cook - SW Craft Bar - $13/hour

Contemporary and innovative Asian-Latin fusion - St Paul, MN 

Gochujang, pork belly, chow fun, and carnitas; Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Latino flavors tastefully combined to create a unique and unparalleled dining experience. "Wok-Hei" which is Chinese for the "Breath of the Dragon" characterizes itself as a hot white smoke produced with wok-cooking. Extremely hot burners rated over 100,000 BTUs mean that commercial woks reach extreme temperatures form the foundation for a different way to cook. Heat, it differentiates wok-cooking from traditional western cuisines, and don't forget to throw out everything you learned about food-safety regulations; since these extremely high temps break almost every rule in the book!

Jul 2015Sep 2015

Line Cook - 4Bells - $13/hour

Cozy, contemporary, and fancy Southern fare - Minneapolis, MN 

A new South-Carolina style cuisine joins the Loring Park neighborhood, offering a fine dining experience with a selection of seafood, and southern charm. The fryer station means non-stop fried chicken during dinners, and with some of the highest standards when it comes to food quality, cleanliness, communication, and good taste. Hard work is rewarded with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction every night.

Dec 2014June 2015

Lead Line Chef - The Copper Hen - $13/hour

Farmhouse-chic market-to-table food - Minneapolis, MN 

Maintaining an organized, clean, well-stocked line while preparing food orders and completing the daily prep list are the typical things being juggled on my shift. Accurately counting inventory, properly sized orders, meeting food safety protocols, a rotating daily cleaning project, and maintaining organization throughout the walk-in, freezer, and coolers demonstrates the standards that makes a high quality product. The bread starter must be fed properly at the same time everyday, and the pizza oven is a new tool with new skills to master. The sauté station became mine, for almost every dinner and brunch service for six months.

Jul 2014Dec 2014

Line Cook - Peoples Organic Café - $12.50/hour

Local and organic American -  Wayzata, MN; Eden Prairie, MN 

Serving quality food, while providing courteous and informative customer service in an open kitchen format. Assisted the Chefs by taking responsibility of various kitchen managerial duties. Consistently performed opening and closing responsibilities, delegated tasks and duties, and trained newly hired employees. Developed competency and proficiency on the different stations around the kitchen.

Apr 2013Jul 2014

Crew Member - Chipotle Mexican Grill - $8.85/hour

Fast-casual build-your-own Mexican that everyone loves - Wayzata, MN 

Provided extraordinary customer service on a daily basis. Food quality, efficiency, training, and responding to constructive feedback are characteristics found in a good employee. Communication is necessary for success, cut-size uniformity earns praised, and cutting cilantro without bruising is an expectation; this is where knife skills start. Grill station, prepping, cash-handling, food safety, dish-washing, and customer-service are all apart of the job.


Sept.Dec. 2013

National Outdoor Leadership School - Coyhaique, Chile

90-day long wilderness expedition in Patagonia

Mountaineering, sea-kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking, wilderness medicine certifications, and leadership skills.


Mainstreet School of Performing Arts - Hopkins, MN

Highschool Graduate

Major in Music Performance


  • Adam Judeh

    General Manager @ Chipotle


  • Chris Sipiorski 

      Executive Chef @ Peoples Organic


  • Peter Simonson 

      Sous Chef @ Peoples Organic AND

      Executive Chef @ SW Craft Bar


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      Sous Chef @ The Copper Hen


  • Eric Neumann 

      Executive Chef @ Volstead's Emporium