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Narayan Roy Road, Aastha Apartments Ground Floor
data they generate-for better optimization, more insights, better efficiencies in an attempt to away with age old perceptions. The new era hospital in India aims to provide healthcare at itsbest for Shilpara Behala, Calcutta 700008, West Bengal, INDIA. Mobile: +919051331019. Email: [email protected] LinkedIn profiles: domestic and international patients and is already looking at various software based analytical tools for the same. SKILL SETS REQUIRED Skill sets necessary to meet and lead a team to meet to the objectives of the market therefore should be a holistic-encompassing a. Thorough knowledgeof thediagnosticlandscape, testsand technologiesinthemarket served b. Regulatory guidelines and compliances that regulate the served market c. Trends, both within the market and beyond-internationally that have created a difference d. Knowledge of processes within the care providers and insights that are required by these entities e. A scientific aptitude that forms a backbone for the a-d above. MY SKILL SETS AND COMPETENCIES OVERVIEW From being a scholar at India's premier institution for Biotechnology to a career of almost two decades in the diagnostic industry, I have handled diverse product portfolios in almost every aspect of diagnosticsthrough diverse rolesranging from technical support to sales andmarketing, led teams, launched products supported customers in urban and remote rural settings of India, been a speaker to innumerable seminars in national(like APCON, ACBICON etc) and local forums(be it centres of excellence like the National Instt for Cholera and Enteric Diseases or Medical colleges or private tertiary care hospitals), trained over a thousand people, been an advocate of molecular testing to my market since a time when molecular testing was in infancy; designed laboratories, built KOLs out of customers, established long term relationships in various fields both from lab domains to physicians and surgeons; in all, an experience of learning and being able to apply the lessons learnt. In my current profile, which is albeit different from the strictly diagnostic persona, I am involved in pursuits of the digital skill sets-in course of which I draw the learnings from my tenure

Narayan Roy Road, Aastha Apartments Ground Floor
D.O.B: Shilpara Behala, Calcutta 700008, West Bengal, INDIA. Mobile: +919051331019. Email: [email protected] LinkedIn profiles: WORK EXPERIENCE

Functional Consultant-Healthcare

Ideation Technology Solutions
Calcutta Functional Consultant- Ideal Healthcare is a clinical, administrative and business analytics product designed for hospitals. It combines all data available to the hospital, in its Hospital Information System, Laboratory Information System as well as components of various Enterprise Resource Planning software. The product aims to consolidate this data and deliver insights that answer business questions of the hospital stakeholders. In addition, the product de- identifies all clinical and incidence data and consolidates that in the form of Population Healthcare Analytics, thus providing hospital-level, peer-level and population-level insights. My role in this initiative was to provide consultation for the following:- Elucidate hospital and diagnostic lab functionalities and operational details Identify the organizational structure of hospitals, along with roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders Identify pertinent questions and the sequence of queries for various stakeholders Identify and interpret data sources and connect them to possible inferences Identify gaps and design modules to extend and advance the current product Help construct metrics, models and workflows for usable healthcare analytics Provide and classify research documents for development and data science teams Identify areas of compliances and regulatory requirements Collaborate with potential users and provide feedback about needs and usability Interact with partner organizations and potential clients, as needed.


ArcVision Technologies
Calcutta Associate-Healthcare Initiatives(Honorary) In this role, I have been associated with conceptualization, initiation and formulating strategic partnerships with NGOs, local bodies of prominence and tertiary health care providers for awareness, treatment and follow ups on cervical cancer high risk populations in one major red light district of Calcutta. In addition, I was involved in an informal concept note for the WHO laying out ways and means for establishing telemedicine in three African countries(Architectural Outline For the AF_ CARE initiative of the W.H. O.

Account Manager-East, Molecular Diagnostics

QIAGEN IndiaPvt Ltd
Arnab Majumdar, Kaustav Chakraborty, Shilpara Behala, Calcutta 700008, West Bengal, INDIA. Mobile: +919051331019. Email: [email protected] LinkedIn profiles: 2011 April-June 2016 Calcutta Account Manager-East, Molecular Diagnostics Key responsibilities Business development

Product Manager-Molecular Biology

bioMerieux India Pvt
Ltd New Delhi Product Manager-Molecular Biology Key responsibilities Market development, marketing initiatives, productregistrations and regulatorycompliances, launches, inventory and logistics management, budgeting, training, technical support etc Average 50% growth in sales YoY Launch of WHO recommended LiPA for TB in India for detection and drug sensitivity of M. tuberculosis through molecular testing Launch easyMAG extraction systems in India Strategic tie-ups with partners for expanding the market penetration like FIND etc

Application Specialist-Bacteriology

bioMerieux India Pvt Narayan Roy Road, Aastha Apartments Ground Floor
Ltd Calcutta Application Specialist-Bacteriology &Molecular Biology Key deliverables

Key Accounts Manager

Roche Diagnostics India Pvt Ltd Narayan Roy Road, Aastha Apartments Ground Floor
Shilpara Behala, Calcutta 700008, West Bengal, INDIA. Mobile: +919051331019. Email: [email protected] LinkedIn profiles: Pre sales scientific support, sales growth especially for reagents and consumables, customer trainings, market development, lead generation for sales etc-Feb 2005 Calcutta Key Accounts Manager Business growth from equipment sales

Asst Product Manager/product Specialist

Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd Narayan Roy Road, Aastha Apartments Ground Floor
Mumbai/Calcutta. Asst Product Manager/Product Specialist Launch of NeoDin Molecular Diagnostics products and ESP microbiology systems in India Market development, product management, registration and regulatorycompliances, demonstrations, lead generation, installations, training, pre and post- sales support for all product ranges in biochemistry, immunooassays, hematology, hemostasis and molecular diagnostics

Jr Scientist

MiraclesInfertility&GeneticResearchPvt. Ltd Narayan Roy Road, Aastha Apartments Ground Floor
Calcutta. Jr Scientist IVF/IUI/ICSI techniques, diagnosis of GeneticDisorders through PCR and chromosomal study 1999

Marketing Executive

Johnson & Johnson(Ethicon Division)
Calcutta Marketing Executive

Narayan Roy Road, Aastha Apartments Ground Floor
Shilpara Behala, Calcutta 700008, West Bengal, INDIA. Mobile: +919051331019. Email: [email protected] LinkedIn profiles:

AWARDS and Recognitions


100% Club  


Performance award at work in Asia-Pacific region


100% Club


Performance award at work at Asia-Pacific region


GRE / subject GRE / TOEFL / TWE

Standardized testing for admission to Doctorate programs In U.S

Scores - 1930 of 2400, 78 percentile , 633 of 640, 5.5 of 6


Merit Scholar

Jawaharlal Nehru University

National Entrance Test

Jawarharlal Nehru University

Ranked 13th to qualify


Organic and Physical Chemistry

Calcutta University

First in class throughout the course with 100% scores in Organic chemistry in almost every examination


Healthcare analytics product development / 17 years in pathology and laboratory testing spanning Marketing, Technical support, training and sales / in-depth knowledge of metrics, workflows, technologies and trends and above average customer confidence 


Vanderbilt University

Online through Coursera

Johns Hopkins University

Online through Coursera


Indian Institute of Social Welfare

Online through Coursera


Masters in Business Administration

Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Buisness Management

Completed two of three years course before being transferred


Master of Science Biotechnology

Jawaharlal Nehru University

Bachelor of Science

Calcutta University

specialized training courses


Induction and orientation




Brand Champions- Marketing excellence


New Delhi, India


Molecular testing for food authenticity and GMO


CCFRA, Birmingham, UK


DNA fingerprinting


Grenoble, France


Automation technologies in Molecular Diagnostics


Marcy L' Etoile, France


Automation technologies in Molecular Diagnostics

Roche Diagnostics

Penzberg,  Germany


Automation  in clinical testing - Biochemistry, Immunoassays, Hematology and Hemostasis

Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd 

Mumbai, India


Basic IVF techniques

Awadh Hospital

Lucknow, India



Jawaharlal Nehru University


  • Healthcare-IT applications and insights
  • Personalized Medicine
  • Screening and prevention of cancer
  • Road safety