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Work experience

Sep 2010Present

Teaching Assistant

Aalborg University
  • Guiding students in their projects and being the examiner in the end of the semester
Oct 2011Present

HR Junior Consultant

Siemens AG

To be elaborated

May 2011Sep 2011

HR Support

Siemens AG
  • Support of the HR Manager and HR Consultant in relevant HR and administrative tasks
  • Uphold HR Processes and Standards internally in designated area
  • Build HR reports and follow-up on derived activities and measures together with HR Cousulting team
  • Form a stable back-office to ensure availability of the HR Consulting services
  • Answer requests from managers and employees regarding HR IT tools and other people related tools and processes
  • Prepare Upward Feedback session on request
  • Prepare presentations for HR Manager/HR Consultant
  • Participation as project member in HR projects
  • Communicate with identified collaboration partners in the business
  • Ensure alignment regarding documentation and administrative processes
Apr 2010Apr 2011

HR Advisor

Nordjysk Elhandel A/S

HR strategy:

  • Construction/implementation of a HR strategy – among other things structuring HR related processes


  • Recruitment in collaboration with the managers
  • Preparation of job advertisements
  • Creating a closer working relationship with AAU
  • Creating a Studentforum in the company


  • Reduction of the introduction period
  • Working whit a HR system for handling staff development interviews, pay negotiations, providing of courses.
  • Developing a program for management/talent training
  • Identification of education requests, and planning of course that match the company strategy
  • Analyzing of competencies and forming reports
  • Developing material regarding how to handle stress
  • Handling of perks and initiatives regarding health promotion


  • Seeking/choosing collaboration partners during the outplacement of employees and handling the contact with the former employees

Daily operations

  • Implementation/Updating of the HR system
  • Handling of different legal matters when they occur
  • Administrative tasks related to HR such as handling health insurance, employee analyzes, forming contracts, forming politics and so on
May 2009Apr 2010

Junior Clerk/Trainee in HR

Nordjysk Elhandel A/S

  • Preparation of a questionnaire survey for the APV 2009 including analyzing the replies and completing a report for internal as well as external use
  • Project participant during the implementation of the before mentioned HR system. Among other things I worked with preparation of educational materials to the system, teaching of the managers and continuous supervision
  • Completing accounting knowledge report 2009
  • Preparation of the advertisement for "Karrierevejviseren 2010"
  • Updating the employee handbook
Oct 2008Apr 2009


  • Preparation of a questionnaire survey with the purpose to document the effect of the, by the organization offered, courses for people with anxiety
  • Analyzing of the replies and completing a report for external use when seeking donations
May 2008Apr 2009

Student Assistant

Aalborg University
  • Administrative work

Student Assistant

Different part time student jobs

While going to school and studying since I was 14 years. The jobs are the following:

  • Substitute during seven weeks in the summer of 2009 at Grundfos A/S Nord 1, 2628, Bjerringbro
  • Service employee at XL-byg Vorup (2003-2008)
  • Counting cars for Cowi (2008)
  • Cleaning in a fitness center Aalborg (2007)
  • Cleaning in Hvorslev Kommune (2003)
  • Service employee SuperBrugsen, Bjerringbro (2000-2001)
  • Service employee OK Benzin Ulstrup (2001-2003)


Different courses

SurveyXact - Beginner level: Oct. 2009 One day, Rambøll Management A/S

Employment law A-Z - Practical issues: Marts 2010 One day, Økonomi og Personale A/S

KP PH, KP Team Profile, KP 360+ (Certification in person profiles): Marts 2010 Four days, Kjerulf & Partnere A/S

First aid: Sep. 2010 One day, Falck

Course in sickness benefit and maternity pay: Oct. 2010 One day, Økonomi og Personale A/S

Presentation technique: Nov. 2010 One day, Folkeuniversitetet

Personal impact: Dec. 2010 Two days, Folkeuniversitetet

MBA course in Negotiation: Dec. 2010 Two days, Edinburgh Business School

Sep 2008Jun 2010


Aalborg University

10th term: Construction of a HR strategy for Nordjysk Elhandel A/S

9th term: Implementation of a HR system in Nordjysk Elhandel A/S

8th term: Working with HR as a strategic tool in connection with organizational changes. The project was based on a case study where Aalborg Zoo was the case 

7th term: Working with the comprehension of cultural changes in an organization with Spar Nords takeover of Roskilde Banks branch offices as the studied case

Sep 2005Jun 2008


Aalborg University

Bachelor: Written in marketing - treating different strategies of positioning

Aug 2004Jun 2005

1 årig HHx

Handelsskolen i Turøgade


  • Sales (level A)
  • English (level A)
Aug 2000Jun 2003

Mathematical student

Paderup Amtsgymnasie


  • Psychology (level C)
  • Media Knowledge (level C)
  • Spanish (level A)
  • Math (level A)


Microsoft Visio
EasyCruit (Stepstone)
I set up job advertisements and sort the applications in the system and know all the basic functions.
ETWeb Enterprise (Stepstone)
I am sole responsible for this HR system in Nordjysk Elhandel and know the system well. We do staff development interviews, bonus evaluations and competence profiles through the system and I organize and analyze all.
I created an APV survey in this program and pulled data for further analyses
Microsoft Office
I have worked with Microsoft Office throughout both school and work. Therefore the basic functions are natural for me. Word, Outlook and PP is use and a daily basis.


Lars Bach Andersen

Manager at Nordjysk Elhandel for 1½; year.

Michael Kværndrup

Counsellor during 9th and 10th term at AAU

Rikke Alkert

Rikke and I have worked together in building the HR function in Nordjysk Elhandel A/S

Søren Rygaard

Søren is a manager at Nordjysk Elhandel A/S and I have worked with him during an analyze of competencies in his department.

Peter Kinch

Peter is a manager at Nordjysk Elhandel A/S. I have worked with Peter with tasks such as finding education for his employees and different services regarding HR



At the moment I am employed by Siemens A/S as HR Junior Consultant working with mainly white collar in Siemens Wind Power. 

Before this I worked on a temporary contract for Nordjysk Elhandel A/S as a HR Advisor, forming of the relatively new HR Division (formalized in Feb. 2009). It has been a challenging time, and I fell it has been a success. I started as a Junior Clerk working for Rikke Alkert and Lars Bach Andersen. Then I was employed in Rikkes maternity leave while still writing my thesis. I had to break the role as a Junior Clerk and gain the professionally respect from both employees and managers. Now the managers, co-workers and employees I have worked with has announced that they have been highly satisfied with my work. Please feel free to contact my references.

As a person I have a positive attitude to life both in private and while working. I am geographically flexible and curious to experience the world. I like changes and challenges because it makes me stronger as a person and also provides me with new opportunities. I work efficiently and always present a result that I have put all my skills into. A healthy balance between personal and professional life is of great importance to me. A career is important for my future but I can achieve this without the support from my family and friends.

Age: 28

Marital status: single