Anne Jensen

Anne Jensen

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2010 - Present

Teaching Assistant

Aalborg University
  • Guiding students in their projects and being the examiner in the end of the semester
Oct 2011 - Present

HR Junior Consultant

Siemens AG

To be elaborated

May 2011 - Sep 2011

HR Support

Siemens AG
  • Support of the HR Manager and HR Consultant in relevant HR and administrative tasks
  • Uphold HR Processes and Standards internally in designated area
  • Build HR reports and follow-up on derived activities and measures together with HR Cousulting team
  • Form a stable back-office to ensure availability of the HR Consulting services
  • Answer requests from managers and employees regarding HR IT tools and other people related tools and processes
  • Prepare Upward Feedback session on request
  • Prepare presentations for HR Manager/HR Consultant
  • Participation as project member in HR projects
  • Communicate with identified collaboration partners in the business
  • Ensure alignment regarding documentation and administrative processes
Apr 2010 - Apr 2011

HR Advisor

Nordjysk Elhandel A/S

HR strategy:

  • Construction/implementation of a HR strategy – among other things structuring HR related processes


  • Recruitment in collaboration with the managers
  • Preparation of job advertisements
  • Creating a closer working relationship with AAU
  • Creating a Studentforum in the company


  • Reduction of the introduction period
  • Working whit a HR system for handling staff development interviews, pay negotiations, providing of courses.
  • Developing a program for management/talent training
  • Identification of education requests, and planning of course that match the company strategy
  • Analyzing of competencies and forming reports
  • Developing material regarding how to handle stress
  • Handling of perks and initiatives regarding health promotion


  • Seeking/choosing collaboration partners during the outplacement of employees and handling the contact with the former employees

Daily operations

  • Implementation/Updating of the HR system
  • Handling of different legal matters when they occur
  • Administrative tasks related to HR such as handling health insurance, employee analyzes, forming contracts, forming politics and so on
May 2009 - Apr 2010

Junior Clerk/Trainee in HR

Nordjysk Elhandel A/S

  • Preparation of a questionnaire survey for the APV 2009 including analyzing the replies and completing a report for internal as well as external use
  • Project participant during the implementation of the before mentioned HR system. Among other things I worked with preparation of educational materials to the system, teaching of the managers and continuous supervision
  • Completing accounting knowledge report 2009
  • Preparation of the advertisement for "Karrierevejviseren 2010"
  • Updating the employee handbook
Oct 2008 - Apr 2009


  • Preparation of a questionnaire survey with the purpose to document the effect of the, by the organization offered, courses for people with anxiety
  • Analyzing of the replies and completing a report for external use when seeking donations
May 2008 - Apr 2009

Student Assistant

Aalborg University
  • Administrative work
1998 - 2009

Student Assistant

Different part time student jobs

While going to school and studying since I was 14 years. The jobs are the following:

  • Substitute during seven weeks in the summer of 2009 at Grundfos A/S Nord 1, 2628, Bjerringbro
  • Service employee at XL-byg Vorup (2003-2008)
  • Counting cars for Cowi (2008)
  • Cleaning in a fitness center Aalborg (2007)
  • Cleaning in Hvorslev Kommune (2003)
  • Service employee SuperBrugsen, Bjerringbro (2000-2001)
  • Service employee OK Benzin Ulstrup (2001-2003)



Different courses

SurveyXact - Beginner level: Oct. 2009 One day, Rambøll Management A/S

Employment law A-Z - Practical issues: Marts 2010 One day, Økonomi og Personale A/S

KP PH, KP Team Profile, KP 360+ (Certification in person profiles): Marts 2010 Four days, Kjerulf & Partnere A/S

First aid: Sep. 2010 One day, Falck

Course in sickness benefit and maternity pay: Oct. 2010 One day, Økonomi og Personale A/S

Presentation technique: Nov. 2010 One day, Folkeuniversitetet

Personal impact: Dec. 2010 Two days, Folkeuniversitetet

MBA course in Negotiation: Dec. 2010 Two days, Edinburgh Business School

Sep 2008 - Jun 2010


Aalborg University

10th term: Construction of a HR strategy for Nordjysk Elhandel A/S

9th term: Implementation of a HR system in Nordjysk Elhandel A/S

8th term: Working with HR as a strategic tool in connection with organizational changes. The project was based on a case study where Aalborg Zoo was the case 

7th term: Working with the comprehension of cultural changes in an organization with Spar Nords takeover of Roskilde Banks branch offices as the studied case

Sep 2005 - Jun 2008


Aalborg University

Bachelor: Written in marketing - treating different strategies of positioning

Aug 2004 - Jun 2005

1 årig HHx

Handelsskolen i Turøgade


  • Sales (level A)
  • English (level A)
Aug 2000 - Jun 2003

Mathematical student

Paderup Amtsgymnasie


  • Psychology (level C)
  • Media Knowledge (level C)
  • Spanish (level A)
  • Math (level A)



Microsoft Visio



EasyCruit (Stepstone)

I set up job advertisements and sort the applications in the system and know all the basic functions.

ETWeb Enterprise (Stepstone)

I am sole responsible for this HR system in Nordjysk Elhandel and know the system well. We do staff development interviews, bonus evaluations and competence profiles through the system and I organize and analyze all.


I created an APV survey in this program and pulled data for further analyses

Microsoft Office

I have worked with Microsoft Office throughout both school and work. Therefore the basic functions are natural for me. Word, Outlook and PP is use and a daily basis.


At the moment I am employed by Siemens A/S as HR Junior Consultant working with mainly white collar in Siemens Wind Power. 

Before this I worked on a temporary contract for Nordjysk Elhandel A/S as a HR Advisor, forming of the relatively new HR Division (formalized in Feb. 2009). It has been a challenging time, and I fell it has been a success. I started as a Junior Clerk working for Rikke Alkert and Lars Bach Andersen. Then I was employed in Rikkes maternity leave while still writing my thesis. I had to break the role as a Junior Clerk and gain the professionally respect from both employees and managers. Now the managers, co-workers and employees I have worked with has announced that they have been highly satisfied with my work. Please feel free to contact my references.

As a person I have a positive attitude to life both in private and while working. I am geographically flexible and curious to experience the world. I like changes and challenges because it makes me stronger as a person and also provides me with new opportunities. I work efficiently and always present a result that I have put all my skills into. A healthy balance between personal and professional life is of great importance to me. A career is important for my future but I can achieve this without the support from my family and friends.

Age: 28

Marital status: single