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Work experience

At Banani secondary school, I worked served at the school Tuck shop (British name for food/snack shop). As members of the school tuck shop team we served every Tuesdays and Saturdays. Occasionally we served on Fridays too. Our job was to make sure that each class received their tuck on time systematically. We arranged all stock in the shop and made sure that a request was made to purchase goods as soon as they begun to decrease.

This service required us to work together, be truthful, responssible, organised, patient and reliable.I belive that after having served at the Banani School Tuck shop, I was able to aquire these qualities. 

Student worker

Murray State University

I worked for the Regional Business Innovation Center through the  Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business at Murray State University. My Job was to; answer calls, take notes, deliver mail, help with filling paperwork running errands, organizing events as well as assisting in the day to day operations of the center. 


Jan 2012Aug 2012

Bachelor of Arts in Business

Murray State University
Jan 2005Nov 2011

Banani International Secondary Girls School

I did my last two years of primary and all my secondary at Banani International School. It is an all girls school located south east of the capital city, Lusaka. While at Banani, I took the ECZ examination for primary; the JSSLE for junior secondary and the IGCSE Cambridge examinations for secondary.

I took part in most of the sport activities the school offered. For example; netball, vollyball,soccor, basketball, swimming, hockey and athletics. I was also invoved in outdoor activities, like the Duke of Edingbugh Awards. I copmleted the Bronze and Silver. Iam currently completing the last stage, which is the Gold. In junior secondary, I was also took part in the Junior Youth Program of the Bahai Faith.

I graduated from Banani in November 2011, and was given the priverledge to recieve the Service Award of Banani International Secondary School. 


Geofry Chipatela

Primary School Head Teacher


I like music and art. I am also very interested in culture, sports and travelling. I like to serve and help others where I am able to. I enjoying learning new things as well as teaching/sharing my strengths.

I like living, and the life on a farm


Netball is a sport played in most commonwealth countries. Commonwealth, meaning a country that was colonised by the British. Netball has a total number of seven members in each team, with atleast three subtitutes. There are two teams, and both try to win by scoring more goals than thier opponents. To score, a player must shoot the ball through a tall hoop in the opponents goal. This game has seven positions, namely GD, GA,two WD,two WA and C. I played centre(c) and was comfortable playing wing defence(wd) and attack(wa) aswell.


Bronze and Silver Duke of Edingburgh Awards

HRH The Duke of Edingburgh KG KT Founder The International Awards Association

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I am a member of The Murray State Speech and Debate Union. I have represented my University in State and National competitions. I have been privileged to be a national champion of Pi Kappa Delta. A national Forensics society in the United States and across.

I am also a member  of the African Students Organization at Murray State University. I held a few positions such as; Assistant treasure, Social Chair, Community Service Chair among others.

I was a member of Toast Master International, Murray State University.

International students Organization Murray State University.