Marlene Heida


For many years I have worked hard to be the best housekeeper possible. I started working as a housekeeper in a hotel ten years ago when I was 18. As I worked my way up I went from regular hotels to first class bed and breakfasts. In Ecuador, it is very important to excel at your job and do your best. It is the only way to survive. And survival is important because people make so little money and the competition is great. At most of the places I have worked I have excelled and been one of the best workers. In Ecuador, I was hired as a bilingual waitress and housekeeper at a five star English bed and breakfast. When I arrived in the United States I started immediately working in a top hotel near my home. My second year I was voted top employee of the summer at the hotel. This was between one hundred fifty workers at the hotel. Right away, the hotel noticed my ability and made me responsible for training some of the seasonal housekeepers that come every year. For me, work and dedication to the job is very important. I enjoy seeing a job well done and the customers satisfied. In housekeeping, this is even more satisfying because you can see the people are happy with the work you do. And your goal is to make them happy and satisfied with the quality of the hotel. Over the years, I have noticed that many customers will remember how clean or neat their hotel room was. Since you are working in a customer's personal home for one week, it is important that they are well attended to. It makes a big difference when people actually mention or comment to the hotel how neat their room was. The opposite would be guests complaining to the hotel. When people notice how well a housekeeper tends to details they will remember and maybe come back for a return visit. It has always been a goal and dream of mine to continue working in the tourism industry. I really enjoy hotels, villas, vacation areas, and meeting guests. I also would like to continue to move up in my career level. I believe with my native Spanish, excellent English, and ten years of housekeeping experience I would be an excellent fit for an assistant manager position. In addition, I believe I have the desire and will to fulfill all the duties and responsibilities needed.

Work experience

Work experience


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