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Jul 2009May 2011

M. Tech

Defence Institute of Advanced Technology

M.Tech (Modelling and Simulation) course is offered by Department of Applied Mathematics. It is a multi disciplinary course. This course covers subjects such as Mathematical Modelling and System Analysis, Statistical Techniques, Numerical Methods, Nonlinear System Dynamics, Simulation Tools, Computer Graphics and Geometric Modelling, Advanced Modelling Techniques, Discrete Event Simulation, Statistical Modelling, High Performance Computing, Simulation Lab.

M.Tech dissertation topic is "Robust Control of Robot Manipulator based on Uncertainty and Disturbance Estimation".

Description: In the dissertation, Uncertainty and Disturbance Estimation (UDE) based robust trajectory tracking controller for rigid link manipulators is proposed. The UDE is employed to estimate the composite uncertainty that comprises the effects of system nonlinearities, external disturbances and parametric uncertainties. A Feedback Linearization based controller is designed for trajectory tracking and the same is augmented by the UDE estimated uncertainties to achieve robustness. The resulting controller, however, requires measurement of joint velocities apart from the joint positions. To address the issue, an observer that employs the UDE estimated uncertainties for robustness is proposed giving rise to the UDE based Controller-Observer structure. The notable feature of the proposed design is that it neither requires accurate plant model nor any information about the uncertainty. Also the design needs only joint position measurements for its implementation. Comparison of the performance of the proposed approach with some of the well-known existing controllers is carried out. Lastly, hardware implementation of the proposed design for trajectory control of Quanser’s single flexible link module is carried out.

I have submitted a paper in International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control and it is under review.


Matlab / Simulink
C & Data Structures


Seeking an entry level position in an organization where I can learn and apply acquired knowledge.