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 I'm Mustafa and I'm a Science Student in the class of 2016 .
I'm from Damascus ,Syria and I live in  Zayed City ,Abu Dhabi ,UAE right now .
I studied in 7 different schools for now and I'm looking to get into a respectful university that has a high ranking between the universities around the world .


Aug 2015Present

El Falah High School

High School

Aug 2014Jun 2015

11th Grade 92%

El Gharbeyah High School

Highest 6th On The School

Aug 2013Jun 2014

10th Grade 91.1%

El Tumooh High School

Highest 3rd On The School

Sep 2012May 2013

9th Grade 88.4% 

Yousef El Azrounie Junior High School

Highest 5th On The School

Skills & Abilities

  • Problem solving.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Able to develop ideas.
  • Motivating.
  • Decision making.

Interests & Hobbies

Animals and pets ,when i was 12 i wrote notes about every animal i know and it was about 50 pages , i had 6 cats and 2 dogs but i left them in syria when i came to the Emirates .
Also i'm interested in Football , video Games , Online Sports , Cards games , music and chess .
I played for the school team of football during the Football Tournament in 2011.
The Best Online Sport i played is Dota 2 ! it's an online strategy team game ,i have  4524 Hour and still counting , in the professional scene i played in Syrian Dota 2 tournament Twice but sadly i couldn't win any.
Chess was the best challenging game i had when i was a child my uncle won a tournament without even looking at the chess table he was so clever ,so i tried to be just like him , i got trained as hard as i can and i signed into Damascus tournament but before 2 days from the tournament starting time i got Inflammation of the lung and i couldn't go .
and about the music I like the pop music , country music and quiet music.


I Volunteered in many campaigns in my hometown like cleaning streets , helping people with special needs and limiting the spread of Tuberculosis disease .

My Plans For The Future

First of all , i want to study Computer Engineering and get a magister , then i want to study Graphic Design 
this will take so long but i want to be the best in the field and i'll work as hard as i can to reach this dream.
i want to live in europe in a village so i can spend the rest in my life in a calm and beautiful place away from the noise.