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Work experience

Jul 2005Present

Technology Analyst

Infosys Technologies Ltd


Jun 2001Jul 2005

B Tech

Netaji Subhash Engineering College


I worked on the following - Solution and Technical designing Build and Implementation of enhancements in Legacy applications. Requirements Elicitation  Estimation and propose solution Validation Software Architecture Review of Solution and Technical designs Assign and Review tasks for the work product implemetation with the objective of ensuring the highest levels of service offerings to customers Managing teams and taking requests to closure from Estimation to implementation
MicroFocus Cobol
I am currently working on Legacy Modernization, wherein we work on the "Lift and Shift approach of Legacy Applications into Windows or Linux platform mainly with Micro Focus solution". This provides enhanced flexibility by modernizing and migrating legacy systems, architectures and processes. It brings down the cost of running a business and fuels growth.   For Micro Focus I have done the following - I have worked on Windows platform with Net Express and Enterprise Server (Micro Focus Studio 6.0) and on Linux platform Server Express and Enterprise Server. PoC for assessment of customer Application and then estimating. Proposal for re-hosting mainframe applications to Windows\Linux using Micro Focus Solutions.


SCB Opportunity - Appreciations


 Thanks a lot . An important mile stone has been achieved .

-Ramesh N - Head of Technology Solution Delivery - Retail Banking Group Technology and Operations (SCB)

Thanks Abhishek Dutta and team for putting together all the required hard work. Abhishek has been leading this challenging Re-hosting POC in Linux platform from the front.

- Prabin Kumar Bardhan -DM from Infosys


Just wanted to let you know that I have been hearing about your excellent performance from all around MTC (Vivek Shukla and Varun), Client (Ramesh), BM and EM - Ganesh and Kumar Ramani and other folks as well. You have done a fantastic job in overall driving this SCB opportunity and I know irrespective of the result of this deal, your performance stands. Thanks for the effort and appreciate the work done till date.

 Let us give one final push to win the deal.

- Prabin Kumar Bardhan -DM from Infosys

Superb Job! Keep it up, Abhi - Abhishek Kumar Sharma

Really nice to hear such appreciation for Abhishek.

 Abhishek..Please keep up the good work and as Prabin says let us go get the SCB deal. - Vinod Varkey

SEARS Opportunity - Appreciations

I'd like to recognize Abhishek for the tremendous amount of work he put into getting this working in a timely fashion.

Without his persistence, I'm sure someone would still be working on this a week from now.

Well done Abhishek!

- Robert Collins Senior Solution Architect Micro Focus

Great work Abhishek!  Dinesh and Amit - Please read below re:  Sears demo.

- Joe Moyer (Micro Focus)

Excellent work, Abhishek.

Really appreciate the dedication Abhishek has shown.

 I want to call out the unflinching and reliable support from MicorFocus. Robert, Bob and the entire MicroFocus support team, a big thank you!

We are taking this to Sears tomorrow.

-Mayank Ranjan (Retail GEM)    


I want to take a moment to acknowledge & thank you for the excellent work that you have done on the Sears MF re-hosting demo.

This is the first instance when we have a combination of Microfocus, Linux and Oracle running successfully - it's a testimony of your dedication and perseverance to make this vital demo a success

Also, the demo/presentation that you did on late Thursday night really impressed the customers. Mike and Jerry were both totally glued to the screen while you went about the demo in a very confident manner. I'm sure this demo will go a long way in helping us in this large pursuit at Sears...

Thank you and keep up the good work...!!!

- Saurabh Singh (SI Sales)

Hi Abhishek:

Great job.  Thanks for driving a demo that was very successful and helped capture the client's attention very effectively.  This will pave the way to showcase the same demo to the senior VP as well shortly. 

Bhushan and Deependra - excellent work.  Thanks for all your support as well.  We truly appreciate your diligent efforts.

I am also quite excited that this has value beyond the target Sears account and can be leveraged for other clients as well.  M/F re-hosting on Microfocus with a Linux / Unix OS is getting a lot of enquiries (as much or even more than the Microfocus on MS Platform).  This is a first in terms of a demo on that combination of platforms (M/F, Microfocus, Linux, Oracle)!!.

The other unsung hero here is Saurabh Singh J  Saurabh has been phenomenal in his efforts in conjunction with this pursuit as well.

- Venkat, G (SI Legacy Modernization Head)

Abhishek, you are "Tendulkar"! What you have done with your team is invaluable and has gone a long way in positioning us strongly to win this business at Sears. Bhushan, Deependra, excellent work. Keep it up.

-Mayank Ranjan (Retail GEM)

Saurabh, Venkat & Abhishek and team..this really rocks.....I have already told this story to Pepsico and so in GAP ...initiated a conversation for Hannaford....this spirit and team work will go a long way.....

-Rajeev PS (SI Sales)

Team - great show! And excellent collaboration!!

-Venkan Patil (SI ETM Head)

Excellent work and also this is the true Infosys spirit. Keep up the good work folks. We need many more such migration stories

-JP Balakrishnan (SI CSG Head)

Abhi  you are rocking !  Waiting to see your magic in CSX also .

- Abhishek Kumar Sharma

Abhishek is a Star!!!! He has done it for SCB and he is doing it for SEARS as well. Venkat and Saurabh - great leadership . Bhushan, Deependra - well support to drive this to success.

Good job Abhishek. Please continue your effectiveness towards positive outcome.

- Prabin Kumar Bardhan -DM from Infosys

Great work Abhishek!!!..Your "never say die" attitude has really helped in crossing all obstacles you had in this POC. Thanks to Bhushan and Deependra for helping in this POC.

- Vinod Varkey


Currently I am interested to work on Legacy Modernization by using various tools, such that I can propose clients solutions so that their Legacy applications which can be ported easily onto Windows or Linux platform easily. Also I am interested in end to end execution of such Legacy Modernization Project