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Research Interests

Ethnopolitical conflict, war, genocide, terrorism, and post-traumatic stress disorder 

Scholarships and Grants

Undergraduate Research Scholarship and Creative Activities Grant, $1500.00

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Sum    2012 

Jim Pomfret Study Abroad Scholarship, $475.00

Anthropology Department, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Fall      2011 

Benjamin A. Gilman Study Abroad Scholarship, $4,500.00 

U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and the Institute of International Education     

Fall      2011 

Professional Development Grant, $480.00

College of Liberal Arts, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Fall      2011  

Wymer and Warner Anthropology Research Scholarship $500.00

Anthropology Department, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Spring  2011 

Research Experience

An Examination of The Cultural and Psychological Aftermath of 9/11

An ethnographic study of the psychological effects that the terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001 had on the enculturation process of young adult who were indirectly exposed to the violence. Fall 2010 – Spring 2012

An Analysis of Police Corruption in Costa Rica

An ethnographic and sociological study of public perception of the Costa Rican police force and the effects of police corruption in Costa Rica.Spring 2012

The First Genocide: Rome’s Final Solution.

A historiography analyzing the destruction of Carthage during the Third Punic War. This research considered the measures and severity of the destruction inflicted on Carthage during the Third Punic War. Summer 2011

Psi Beta National Research Project: College Connectedness Among First Year Freshman

A study focusing on the negative or positive relationship that first year freshmen’s have with their campus in order to determine the level of connectedness they perceive to have with their school. Fall 2009 – Spring 2010

Scholarly Presentations

Susquehanna Valley Undergraduate Research Conference

Teaching Anthropology: Summer Adventures at Archaeology Camp

Poster Session, Danville, PA

Sum    2012 

Anthropology Research Forum, Bloomsburg University

Never Forget? Examining the Enculturation of Traumatized Youth in the Wake of the Terrorist Violence of 9/11

Paper Panel, Bloomsburg PA

Fall     2011     

American Anthropological Association 110th Annual Meeting November 2011

Adult Children of Trauma: Tracing the Violence in the Cultural Legacy of 9/11

Poster session, Quebec, Canada

Fall     2011     

Bloomsburg University Student Research and Scholarship Day

Adult Children of Trauma: Tracing the Cultural Legacy of 9/11

Poster Session, Bloomsburg, PA   

Spring 2011     

25th Annual PASSHE Undergraduate Anthropology Research Conference April 2011

Understanding the Effects of 9/11 in a University Student Population: The Impact of Childhood Trauma on Young Adults

Paper panel, Bloomsburg, PA 

Spring 2011     

25th Annual PASSHE Undergraduate Anthropology Research Conference April 2011

Deconstructing the 21st Century Anthropological Canon: The Emergent Theory Project

Co-authored with Chelsea Meyers, Victoria Schlieder, et al.

Poster session, Bloomsburg, PA

Spring 2011     

Psi Beta Undergraduate Psychology Conference

Freshman College Connectedness: Psi Beta National Research Project

Collaborative Honor Society Presentation

Paper panel, Nanticoke, PA

Spring 2010     

Work experience

May 2012Aug 2012

Camp Advisor and Youth Leadership Instructor

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Susquehanna Valley Field School: Summer Adventures in Anthropology with Quest 

Anthropology Camp Advisor and Youth Leadership Instructor

Supervisor: Dr. Susan Dauria 


  • Participate in pre-camp staff training. Become familiar with and implement camp policies, procedures, and philosophy of Quest. 
  • Create curriculum for the campers which is instructed each morning prior to activities. 
  • Provide appropriate supervision and instruction to each camper in all settings and activities.
  • Participate in n all activities with the campers. Encourage and facilitate the camper’s participation in all activities by implementing appropriate strategies, such as visual structure and reinforcements.
  • Implement behavior management strategies when necessary.
Jan 2011May 2011

Teaching Assistant

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

46.200 Principles of Cultural Anthropology 

Supervisor: Dr. Faith Warner 


  • Prepare lesson materials, bulletin board displays, exhibits, equipment, and demonstrations.
  • Tutor and assist students individually or in small groups in order to help the student’s master   assignments and to reinforce learning concepts presented by the Professor.
  • Distribute teaching materials such as textbooks, workbooks, papers, and pencils to students.
  • Distribute tests and homework assignments, and collect them when they are completed.
  • Grade homework and tests, and compute and record results, using answer sheets or electronic marking devices.
May 2001Jul 2005

Signal Systems Support Specialist

US Army

Signal support systems specialists are primarily responsible for working with battlefield signal support systems and terminal devices. This equipment needs to consistently work in order for the Army to direct the movement of its troops.

  • Maintain radio and data distribution systems
  • Perform signal support functions and technical assistance for computer systems
  • Provide technical assistance and training for local area networks
  • Maintenance for equipment, terminal devices, assigned vehicles and power generators


Sep 2010Dec 2012

Bachelors of Arts

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Cumulative GPA: 3.64

GPA: 3.73