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Engineers are budding world designers. True and I believe it completely. Just not that also I have born to prove it. To summarise, The best quality I have is my objective in my career mentioned at first and i work according to that. The best part other than objective is the adaptability to learn any new thing at any point of time if the need arises.

So this keeps me different from all others and helps me in outhsining myself.


Basically my interst moves on to the Technical stuff. That to if its related to the gadgets and automotives I just get tuned to it. 

I also like music which is part and parcel of my life. I am learning keyboard(piano). I am also intersted in learning Foreign languages and I am learning French. Thruogh online I am able to learn and move towards my intersts.

I like photography too. My interst moves on with the nature and natural things which I am very good at taking the snaps.


To seek a responsible position where my technical skills in the field of Computer Science & superior work ethics will add maximum value to the organization


Visvesvaraya Technological University

Bachelor of Engineering

Academic Records:

  • "Bachelor of Engineering" in "Computer Science" with an aggregate of 65.47% from "Nagarjuna College of Engineering & Technology", Bangalore, affiliated to "Visveswaraya Technological University (VTU)" ( July 2009 pass out batch)
  • PUC (Karnataka State Board) completed with 82.17% from Sarvodaya PU College, Tumkur, and Karnataka in 2005.
  • SSLC (Karnataka State Board) completed with 81.28% from Silver Jubilee Memorial Demonstration high School, Tumkur, Karnataka in 2003.


  • Programming Languages known:- C, C++, JAVA/J2EE, C#
  • DBMS Packages known:- MYSQL, SQL2
  • Operating System:- WINDOWS 98, WINDOWS XP, LINUX

Academic Projects:


Organization:Computation Theory and Fluid Dynamics Division (CTFD)

National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL),

Belur campus, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Field of working:Computation Fluid Dynamics

Designation:B.E Project Trainee

Duration:Jan 2009 – May 2009

Title:“Performance of Quadtree in Aerospace Application”

Description:The aim if the project was to develop a grid less mesh structure

over the cloud of points. This is basically a preprocessor model. For this Quadtree was the mesh structure utilized. By creating mesh structure it is easy and possible to find out the location of a particular point and get the details of it. Around the wing section it is very essential to calculate the physical parameters. By getting the details of the points, we can collect the data of the points and further we can help in the basic analysis of the construction of air wings. The performance was calculated by using the inbuilt functions. C was the programming Language used to code and

UNIX was the Environment used for the execution. As space itself cannot be showed the whole project was depicted using the plotting software called GNUPlot.

PROJECT 2 :( Mini projects)

Title:“Graphics Editor”

Semester: 6th Semester (as per syllabus)

Description: It provides most of the features that a 2D graphics editor should

have. Developed in C and implemented in DOS platform. This editor supports basic operations which include creating objects like lines, circles, polygons, spirals, and operations on them. Like rotation, translation, scaling.

PROJECT 3: (Mini projects)

Title:“Lexical Analyzer”

Semester: 5th Semester (as per syllabus)

Description:Lexical Analysis is a process of taking an input string of characters

and producing a sequence of symbols called “Lexical Tokens” further which parser handles it.

Seminar & Achievements:

  • ·Participation in the workshop & National Seminar on “Fast Computational Analysis And its applications in Computer Science & Engineering at Nagarjuna College of Engineering & Technology, Bangalore
  • ·Have been qualified in GATE 2008 with a score of 302 having 82.75 as percentile

Technical Presentations:

  • In National Seminar, SIPAD: An integration of Internet Telephony and Instant Messaging
  • In National Conference on Recent Trends in information Technology, A practical Approach for 4G system: Deployment of overlay network
  • Android Operating System, An open source OS powered by Google people. (For final Semester presentation )


Concepts of JAVA/J2EE
The concepts of JAVA/ J2EE are well understood. The further proceeding n JAVA regards will help me a lot.