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Tracey Connolly

Ann-Louise Richard

Sara Sutcliffe

Sarah McCourt


Overview of Candidate

Megan Goodine

44 Valley Woods Road

     Toronto, Ontario M3A 2R4

  (705) 241-2947

[email protected]

Ontario College of Teachers, 640721


                                      Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario

August 2013              SPECIAL EDUCATION PART I

                                      Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario

June 2013                    BACHELOR OF EDUCATION

                                       Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario

                                       Primary/Junior Divisions

                                       iTeach Laptop Learning Program

June 2012                    BACHELOR OF ARTS (HONOURS)

                                       Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario

                                       English Literature Major, Geography Minor

May 2013-Present      CLASS INSTRUCTOR

                                       Mad Science, Toronto, Ontario

                                       ·Present fun and educational Science programs for childcare centers, schools and day                                                  camps

Winter 2013                GRADE 4/5 PRE-SERVICE TEACHER

                                      Sydenham Public School, Kingston, Ontario

                                      ·Planned, implemented and assessed lessons for Math and Physical Education

                                      ·Designed, implemented and assessed differentiated lessons for Science and Visual Art

                                      ·Led guided reading groups and assessed PM Benchmarks

Fall 2012                    GRADE 3 PRE-SERVICE TEACHER

                                      Selby Public School, Selby, Ontario

                                      ·Planned, implemented and assessed differentiated lessons in Social Studies

                                      ·Designed a series of Math activities for NS and N

                                      ·Attended and participated in staff meetings and problem solving strategies meetings

                                      ·Attended and assisted with field trips and class outings

2006 – 2012                BAKERY CLERK

                                       Sobeys, Barrie, Ontario

                                       ·Worked as a member of a team to get tasks done and solve problems in the bakery as                                                 well as the store

2010 – 2012                ELEMENTARY SCHOOL VOLUNTEER

                                       Winston Churchill Public School, Kingston, Ontario

                                       ·Read with students in order to determine reading levels

                                       ·Helped the classroom teacher with marking, classroom organization and crafts

2009                            FROSH LEADER

                                     Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario

                                      ·Acted as a mentor for first year students at Queen’s University

2009 – 2011                RECREATIONAL SOCCER COACH

                                       Barrie Spirit Soccer Club, Barrie, Ontario

                                      ·Assigned positions, ran practices and coached players through soccer games and                                                        practices once a week


2012                           Safe Talk Suicide Awareness

2013                            Welcome to Kindergarten Certification

2013                            CPR – Level C

Nipissing University Workshops

2012                            Stand UP and Stand OUT

Computer Skills

·Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Smart Notebook


Sara Sutcliffe, Associate Teacher

Selby Public School, 1623 County Road 41, Selby, Ontario

(613) 388-2670

Sarah McCourt, Associate Teacher

Sydenham Public School, 5 Clergy Street East, Kingston, Ontario

(613) 548-3491

Tracey Connolly, Assistant Manager Training Program

Alcona Beach Sobeys, 2080 Jans Boulevard, Innisfil, Ontario

(705) 725-4248

Commitment to Students

My Teaching Philosophy

The role of a teacher is to take the curriculum set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education and use it to educate students in ways that are meaningful to them. Teachers create opportunities for students to be involved in their own education and to be successful. Educators need to teach with equity and respect, taking the individual factors that may have an impact on student success in their classroom into account. They should strive to inform students of what it means to be a member of Canadian society, but also incorporate a diverse range of other cultures and traditions if they can enrich the knowledge and experiences of students in their class. Teachers should practice professionalism by bringing their own knowledge and experiences into the classroom. They should use these to inform their pedagogy, their use of the curriculum, their application of evaluation and assessment, as well as their judgments inside and outside of the classroom. 

During my own elementary experiences, I had a number of teachers who created opportunities for me to succeed in every way possible. Many of these teachers would incorporate my interests and the interests of all of their students into their lessons and strive to make things interesting, approachable and meaningful. During my practicum I found that although it was a difficult task, if I created lessons and assignments that students could approach in ways that were meaningful to them, they were excited about learning and more successful as a result. It is important that students know you are working with them to achieve success by providing them with every opportunity you can manage. 

I will strive to create classrooms that provide opportunities for students to succeed as a group, as well as on an individual level. I will empower those with a strong sense of themselves and I will encourage and inspire those that are struggling. In my classrooms, students will be excited by education and surprised by what they are capable of. I will constantly work to help students realize their full potentials and provide them with the tools and the steps to achieve them. 


Professional Knowledge

Teaching Practice

Leadership and Community

Ongoing Professional Learning

Ethical Standards