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Work experience

Nov 2006May 2015

Radio Morning Show Host/News Announcer/Traffic Manager

Lynchburg's News & Information Station
  1. Local News content; on air hot topic conversation; and guest interviewing live and recorded.
  2. Voice track of afternoon hourly news segments; productions of weather and special segments.
  3. Research, interviewing, editing and producing of news and commercials.
  4. Liaison for local, state and federal officials.
  5. Updating website on headline news.
  1. Programming and producing of Morning drive segments for contemporary & classic rock format;
  2. Prep and conducted Interviews, news, weather, contests and  other announcements for hourly content.
  3. Fact finding, story research and call screening.
  4. Remote appearances.
  • Collaborated in marketing and promotional decisions for the station. 
  • Traffic Responsibilities ( for three sister stations):
  1. Maintaining and Input of sales orders.
  2. Scheduling of local and network spots. 
  3. Upkeep of affidavits and logs.
Jun 2004Oct 2006


AM 1000 WKDE
  1. Reported and produced bi-weekly Board of Supervisors Report.
  2. Maintained all Public Service Announcements and Obituaries.
  • Involved in all aspects of promotions both on air and for on location events:
  1. Responsibilities included creating and hosting The “Annual Sweethearts Game Show” and the weekly talk program “Profiles”.
  2. Represented the station on economic development, various not for profits and tourism boards as to recruit amusements and attractions to the County.
  • Hosted a Sunday Morning  Sunrise Program.
Apr 2002May 2004

Executive Dir. Tourism

Appomattox Chamber of Commerce
  • Was responsible for all aspects and practices of a chamber office.
  • Supported local merchants through various business oriented seminars, trainings, events, advertisements and fostering community relationships.
  • Actively developed and implemented short and long-range goals and strategies to promote the area as a tourist attraction and travel destination.
  • Designed and produced all marketing material, campaign designs, media advertisements and public service announcements.
  • Coordinated all chamber events including fundraisers, ribbon cuttings, parades, festivals, seminars and concerts.
  • Wrote, compiled and printed weekly correspondences, bi-monthly newsletter and quarterly mass/bulk mailing inserts.
  • Procedural upkeep of billing, accounts payable, utilities and maintenance of the building.
  • Administrative duties included coordinating operation and staffing of volunteers for the Visitor Information Center.
Jan 2000Apr 2002

Program Director

Alliance for Families & Children
  • Administrator for the Marriage Before the Carriage program:
  1. Was the lead spokesperson for the campaign.
  2. Soliciting participation from the target audience while creating an awareness of MBtheC to the public in general. Representing the program’s objectives before several committees, boards and civic groups
  • Facilitator of intervention initiative, marketing committee & Leadership Board:
  1. Involved in the future planning aspect of the Alliance for Families & Children.
  2. Conceived campaign logo, theme and slogan.
  3. Designed program’s brochure and registration forms, as well as flyers and posters.
  4. Implemented involvement for community events through associations with coordinators and/or directors of local fairs and Festivals. 
  5. Researched and prepared monthly and quarterly activity reports.
May 1994Nov 2001

Morning Show Host

105.5 KD Country
  • Creator and Co-Host of the Manic Morning Show.
  • Recipient of the 1999/2000 V.A.B. (Virginia Association of Broadcasters) Best Morning Show Award. Along with awards for production on commercials.
  • Served as a Publicity Consultant for contest and station events.
  • Production ranging from copy and script writing to mixing of sound bites, music beds and voice-over for commercials.
  • Hosted promotional and live broadcast remote appearances.
  • Served as Mistress of Ceremonies/Emcee for concerts, fairs and benefits featuring National Recording Artists.
Mar 1996Dec 1999

Special Events & Projects Coordinator

City of Lynchburg/Community Market
  • Planned, organized and assisted in the implementation of up to 15 annual special events yearly.
  • Directed all projects from concept to materialization.
  • Managed public relations and supervised crowd control.
  • Worked with various accessories, decorations, props and costumes.
  • Fashioned set/stage adornments in order to embellish the concept of a particular event.
  • Administered volunteers, ground crews and security personnel. 
  • Designed and compiled the monthly Market newsletter, as well as designs for the newspapers, area journals, magazine advertisements, brochures, posters and other marketing literature. Also wrote script for media releases and/or public service announcements.

Published Articles

Letters of Recommendation


Kenny Shelton

Voice of Central Virginia


Jeff Taylor

Appomattox Economic Development


Tom Rush

Travel Lovers Promotions


Bill Wheaton

Journalist Lynchburg Ledger



Jan 1991Dec 1993


Central Virginia Community College
Jan 1990May 1993

A.A.S Graphic Design

Central Virginia Community College


Demo online at :

Other voice work examples available upon request

Tools of the Trade
SOCIAL NETWORKS: Facebook,  Twitter, StumpleUpon, FB Group, RockBlog,  LinkedIn, E-mail, Youtube and alike.    COMPUTER PROGRAMS: AudioVault, Adobe Audition, Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel and Access,  PageMaker, WordPerfect, Image’Pro, Paintbrush).   PRODUCING APPARATUS: Marti and Symetric Broadcast equipment, Emergency Alert System, Sound/level Board, Reel-to-reel, Cart recording and other programming equipment. Mic/Headphones and landline/cell phone remotes. CREATIVE MATERIALS: Displays, paint & canvas, Kiln, Printing Press, drafting tools, Chalk, pencils/pens, camera, photo & developing and various computer design programs. OFFICE TECH PARAPHERNALIA:Computer, switchboard, copiers, adding machine, typewriter, fax machines, printers, scanners, and cash register.    
Costumer service, sales, reservations; Filing, , data entry, ordering and receiving; Bookkeeping to include operating reports, income receipts, journal and auditing reports; Payroll billings and accounts receivable Inventory control and stocking, Computer communications  
Ad copy (radio, television and print) Publications (articles, newsletters, greeting cards and invitations) Creative Works ( poems, short stories and song lyrics)      
  Taught private Art Classes for the Framery Art Supplies (7 years) Instructor of Ballroom Dancing for Fred Astaire Studios  (2 years) Mentored young adults and children with better decision practices for Partners in Prevention (3 years )  
Acting - * WKDE television commercial *Central VA Community College commercial *Various costume characters/mascots.  Modeling -*Subject for drawing classes* Figure  form for stained glass window paintings *Fashion participant in local fundraisers. Spokesperson - * Lynch's Landing Downtown Revitalization *Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs * Virginia Tourism efforts.  
THIS IS A LISTING OF RADIO GIGS PERFORMED ON A FREELANCE BASIS... 96.1 Litefm ~ Contracted copywriter, afternoon air-talent for VerStandig Broadcasting (March 2011) 101.5 The Music Place ~ Weekday afternoon voice track (from Sept. 2009 until Jan. 2010) The Morningline, WLNI Talk Radio ~ Temporary News Editor &  Morning Show Co-Host (from Sept. 2004 until Jan. 2005) WLQE/WLVA The Lake Radio~ Guest Host for Christmas Special ( Nov-Dec 1999) & (Nov-Dec 2000) WGOL Oldies Stations~ Weekend mornings voice track (from Jan.2007 until Jan. 2008)   
  Sole Proprietor of For You To Muse Visit 4U2Muse website Promotions, Marketing and Creative Ideas that Sell!; Voice-over talent, Freelance Writing & Special Events Expertise  

Multimedia Background ~

BROADCASTING: Announcer for station breaks, commercials and/or public-service information; Introduce and close programs or music sets. Made ad-lib commentary on the air while presenting news, sports, the weather, the time, and commercials. Also interviewed guests and made promotional appearances and remotes (live broadcasts); As well as board operating, monitoring of transmitters and maintain logs of the station's daily programming. Produced and voice-talent for advertisements and other recorded material.

MEDIA & PUBLIC RELATIONS: Established and continued a comprehensive contact database. Maintain files regarding various activities while fielding inquiries from the press and public. Organized and/or conducted press conferences and media events. Wrote press releases, speeches as well as prepared and delivered talking points as program spokesperson. Possessing the ability to communicate clearly and capable of applying creativity and initiative in writing, problem solving, decision making and research techniques.

MARKETING/PROMOTIONS:  Numerous occasions to develop imaginative and inventive publicity endeavors. Use of design principles for print ads; verbal or image hooks for audio/visual commercials. Able to meet tight deadlines, productive with time management and resourceful under pressure. Successful in networking, endorsing and conveying concepts and ideas with team members, clients and stakeholders alike. Course work in advertising, business, communications in management, public speaking and visual merchandising. Completion of Assessment, Evaluations & Outcome Funding Training, in addition to Target Audience studies..

JOURNALISM: Copy and script writing and editing; newsletter design; press releases, articles for newspapers and local journal; personal poetry, short stories and song lyrics.

Correspondent Reporter for:

 1.) Lynchburg Ledger from Nov. 2006 ~ June 2007.           

2.) Region 2000 Business Magazine from July ~ September 1999.

EVENTS:  Development of appropriate theme and concept for particular functions; served as sponsor liaison, show promoter, participant and vendor contact person, visual merchandiser, floor plan and site foreman. Coordinated media relations, advertising and publicity, public and community involvement. As well as, the solicitation of various attractions, entertainment, activities and concessions. History of organizing amusements extending from competitions and children’s carnivals to full-scale concerts and fairs.

ART: Sketching, painting, illustration, printmaking, airbrushing, silkscreen, photography, duplicate/plate burning for printing press. Type specifying and graphic design ranging from basic skills to principles of visual communications and desktop publishing.Employed as artisan of stained glass window also production assistant for displays, also have several years freelance instructing: teaching fine art techniques to various age groups.


A position wherein utilization of talent and abundant creativity can and will be coupled with the gained knowledge and acquired skills from the combination of broadcasting, journalism, public relations and a special events background; An opportunity to illustrate a desire to amuse, inform, and enhance our community and the lives therein, while striving for professional excellence. Preferably in the industry and/or fields of the following interests: Broadcasting/communications; public/media relations; marketing/promotions or conservation/ preservation efforts. Looking to grow and develop in an environment that will appreciate, reward and will equal a fervent work ethic.


My personality type is ENFJ. I celebrate a birthday in December, which makes me a Sag'. "Daydream Believer" was a hot song the year I came to BE and I think it set the tone for my personality. I was born in Trenton and spent my childhood in Princeton N.J., but have lived in Central Virginia for over half my life.

Although I have been committed to the same man for almost 14 years now, I am not married and am not a parent. I have one sister, two nieces and one nephew... I am a very COOL aunt by the way!

My greatest joy comes from animals; not just my pets but all critters large and small. The natural world , be it the wilderness or the wildlife therein, is what I am most interested in. I love to write poetry, watch PBS and just be lazy in meditation from time to time. The #12 is my favorite numeral, September is my favorite month. Early mornings, as the sun is coming up, is the best time of the day and  green is the most beautiful color because it is the hue of LIFE!

Classic rock is my first pick for my listening pleasure. Although, I enjoy most genre of music in moderation. I can get lost in an epic motion picture; anything historical in theme or filmed with big breathtaking scenes. Cinematography can sometimes be an important character in itself. 

I'm somewhat of a "tomboy", I take great pleasure being outdoors. A naturalist at heart, I relish long walks in the forest or down a beach... I adore the seashore!  I participate in canoeing, fishing and camping with great enthusiasm . I am not an athlete by any stretch but look forward to swimming, diving and just splashing and playing in water every chance I get.

My spiritual philosophies are synonymous to those of the great native peoples. I have both Blackfeet and Cherokee blood running through the branches of my genealogical tree. The sacred beliefs, lore and history of the aboriginal North American Indians compel my spirit and fuel my non-traditional religious ideals.

I am loyal, reliable, thoughtful and generous. But I also can be stubborn, opinionated and picky.

The best advise I can give,  is to never stop learning; as long as the mind can devour knowledge we shouldn't ever stop feeding it wisdom. Allow yourselfto mature everyday in every way~physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually!

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* Come On Get Happy

My Thoughts About My Work

  If I had a magic wand and could compose an ideal work scenario; my occupation would continue to be one that is exciting, enjoyable and completely fulfilling. I would invest my time, talent, energy, zeal and spirit in a cause that is meaningful, inspiring and impactful at the end of the day. My dream job has always been traveling around the world as a correspondent for National Geographic or more perfectly, hosting a television/radio program liken to its mission. I’m very committed to wildlife preservation, environmental conservation and cultural diverse exploration. I love it when I learn something new on a daily basis! Or even better, when I’ve been instrumental in helping someone else be more aware. I am evolving as a human being and am eager for my career to follow suit. I’m open to any possibility that will allow me to illustrate my desire to enlighten, entertain, enrich and influence humanity in a positive way; the prospect of relocating in order to nurture the seed of my calling is welcomed.  Monetary imbursement has never been the driving factor in my pursuit of happiness; to me, it’s not how well I make a living, rather the earnest effort of creating a purpose while I live it…Although a competitive salary is always an added bonus in my vocation ~

Favorite Quotes

John Muir ~ In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

White Eagle ~ Do not criticize your brother or sister, for this brings about disintegration in your own your own life. Instead, look in love and thankfulness on those with whom your karma has brought you into association.

Anne Frank ~ Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.

William Wodsworth ~ Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.

Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ Earth laughs in flowers.

Affiliations & Associations

Served as a Board Member of:Friends of the Community Market, Partners in Prevention,

Va Tourism Commission, Appomattox Chamber of Commerce Task Force,

Va is for Lovers Marketing Steering Committee,

Alliance for Families and Children Advertising council and

the Better Beginnings Coalition.

Committee Memberships include:

American Red Cross,

Lynch's Landing & Downtown Revitalization,

Lynchburg City Events Committee,

The Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association,

The Virginia Tourism ~ VA is for LOVERS campaign,

VA Association of Chamber Executives,

Civil War Memorial Commission, National Parks Administration, Central Virginia Economic Development Program,

Va Retreat Committee and Virginia State Fairs.

Events and/or Programs Planning Participation:

The Father Initiative,

Friday Cheers,


The Batteau Festival ,

CVCC Open House,

Day in the Park,

VA Ten Miler,

Appomattox Railroad Festival, Uncle Billy's Day,

Colgate Country Showdown,

MDA Lockup,

Salvation Army Kettle Fundraiser; Decisions made with BBC (Better Beginnings Coalition),

The Partners in Prevention campaign and

VA Department of Health better options committee.

Complied with City policies by following through with proper procedures to include:

Obtaining appropriate insurance policies, riders/waivers;

acquiring permits for specific attractions and rides through City inspections;

notifying and/or supplying food vendors with pertinent information from Health Department; securing banquet licenses and other relevant documentation; assuring participation of fire, police and EMT officials to oversee the well being of the attending public.