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Grant McDonnell, a lifelong resident of Fredericton, is a hard working individual with an aptitude for numbers, statistics and financial information. His education includes various accounting programs and tax preparation courses. Over the years, Grant has worked in the government, the non-profit sector, and financial service industries.If you're looking for someone with a strong set of skills, a professional dedication to serving the public, and the motivation to complete assigned tasks in a timely manner, please contact Grant, and let him show you what he has to offer!

Summary of Skills


OPERATING SYSTEMS-  Windows 3.1- 7, Mac OS 7-10.8 systems

MS OFFICE  PC (+30ys), Mac OS (+30yrs)

E-MAIL PACKAGES- Outlook, Eudora, Entourage, Thunderbird and others

INTERNET BROWSERS- Netscape, Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Google Chrome, Safari and Others.

ACCOUNTING PACKAGES- Simply Accounting, Peoplesoft Oracle, J.D. Edwards, MYOB, Quicken, Others

DATABASE SYSTEMS- Versa, Act, Peoplesoft, Access, Others

CUSTOMER SERVICE- 15 Yrs of retail service, 10-15 of other industries

Volunteer Services

Volunteer WorkPHL Hockey Pool Pool Administrator/Statistician 1984- Present

o Prepare selection sheets, meeting scheduleso Plan, organize structure of pool from styles of systems, to prize allotments, to report typeso Regularly send out update notification of website for statistical information to memberso Maintain and notify prize winners, answer inquiries on player changes, tradeso Create year-end presentation for pool participants---------------------------------------------------------------------------Capital City Rec. Ball Hockey Communications/Website Officer 2008- Present

o Communicate upcoming ball hockey sessions or cancellationso Update, maintain statistics for ball hockey group, various days, stats categories.o Weekly updates to overall statistical information on a "points-per-game" basiso Prepare game sheets and record early exits, late arrivals, goals, assists, goalie winso Act as backup to Group's Financial Administrator/Organizer---------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Job Seekers of NB Managing Officer/Meeting Facilitator 2004- Present

o Prepare advertising materials and videos for members and visitors to group website.o Act as website administrator to maintain a clean and informative web site.o Facilitate meetings with information for attendees to take and use for their own benefit.o Address concerns from job seekers, provide resume/cover letter suggestionso Network with employers, community representatives on matters of job seeking in that area---------------------------------------------------------------------------

School District 18 Track Meet Event Operator 2010

o Assist in setup for track event for studentso Regular maintenance of site facility during event functioningo Announcing to participants on when to commence their participationo Read out measurement to other event operatoro Direct participants on the next step in the functioning of the overall event---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Cancer Fundraiser Booth Attendee 2008

o Receive cash for payment of ticketso Assist in set up/take down of both booth and site materialso Balance cash float, regular provide excess cash to event accounting officero Direct event attendees to tables of other aspects of eventso Answer questions of attendees for event---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Red Cross Poinsettia Delivery Personnel 1990-1996

o Receive delivery list of flowers, plan travel route with drivero Deliver orders of poinsettias to clients, receive paymentso Record deliveries of orders to clients as completedo Receive calls on urgent orders and add to list of deliveries for that dayo Balance received money with expected totals, validate with bookkeeper

Work experience

Records Management Officer

NB Power

o Effectively ran microfilm machines to scan documents

o Properly prepared film for machines

o Accurately indexed scanned documents into computer system

o Swiftly retrieved documents from file room and deliver to relevant employee

o Promptly performed cleaning of filming machinery

Mar 2012Present

Product Demonstrator

Professional WareHouse Demonstrators

o Prepare tables for product demonstration.

o Setup table, read information about product.

o Present product samples to customers, answer inquiries.

o Close down tables, clean up, store supplies used.

o Assist other staff members in cleanup, standing in on their tables when needed.

May 1996Present

Billing Clerk

McDonnell Cartwright & Associates

o Produce bills from provided information

o Provide casual clerical assistance when required

o Utilize computer programs such as Word & Excel

o Analyze records to find out-dated accounts to secure payments

o Write follow up letters for overdue accounts

Jan 2011Mar 2011

Administrative Assistant

Capital Region Mental Health Partners

oCompetently review received e-mails, prepare responses

oPrepare excellent documents for directories or presentations

oProfessionally provide support to executive director on various projects

oPromptly handle telephone inquiries, direct as required

oCapably restock display shelves, other office maintenance duties

Aug 2009Apr 2010

Research & Planning Assistant

Dennis Financial

o Produce client portfolio documentation based on information available

o Provide financial advisors support with presentation materials required

o Utilize computer programs such as Act, RRIF, Word, Excel, Power Point, Adobe

o Analyze corporate accounts to find new companies to advertise services

o Package client binders with necessary documents, print extras as needed.

Aug 2006Feb 2007

Accounting Clerk

Service New Brunswick

o  Reviewed incoming invoice, and expense clam forms and sign off on accurate forms

o  Properly perform account review to verify that balances are up-to-date

o  Verified information and employee office location is correct

o  Performed bi-weekly cheque, fund transfers from system preparation to printing/sending

o  Assisted office contacts with account inquiries or payment notices as needed

Sep 2005Aug 2006

Financial Services Officer

Department of Finance- Gov't of NB

o  Reviewed incoming expense forms and invoices for accuracy pass along for approval.

o  Properly enter data from forms, invoices, into computer system to be paid.

o  Verified corporate credit purchases on a weekly basis with confirmation reports.

o  Performed account reconciliation with departmental accounts as was required.

o  Consulted with other staff members when approvals or other issues arose.

Mar 2004Sep 2004

Office Manager

Theatre New Brunswick

o Professionally receive clients into office and direct them to the proper connection.

o Regularly retrieve mail and other delivered packages and distribute to staff members.

o Accurately received course and subscription payments, provide receipt.

o Successful scheduling of senior students to available audition times and locations.

o Capably handling booking of theatre seats for several locations and manage payments

Nov 2003Mar 2004

Office Manager/Sales Clerk

EZ4U Display Systems

o Greet the public into the office and discuss their needs

o Complete and provide customer order forms to clients

o Manage office supplies and inventory control

o Perform maintenance on product systems

o Conduct light office cleaning tasks


Apr 2013Jun 2013

University of Virginia (Via Coursera)

This course focuses on the common human resource ("people") challenges faced by existing private businesses when they attempt to grow substantially. Most entrepreneurship courses focus on how to start a business. Few focus on the next big entrepreneurial inflection point: how do you successfully grow an existing private business? This is the focus of this Course. It is based on the instructor's research and thirty years of real-world experience advising private growth companies. This Course will focus on the common “people” challenges private growth companies face as they grow. You will study stories of how six different private businesses faced their growth challenges. While strategic focus and operational excellence are necessary to build a great growth company, they are not sufficient. Growth requires the right kind of leadership, culture, and people. My research clearly showed that many entrepreneurs struggle with personal challenges presented to them by growth, as well as the challenge of hiring the right people and building the right management team that can play well together. The research shows that every growth business faces common challenges. You can learn from others' experience—you do not have to "reinvent the wheel".

Jan 2013Mar 2013

Growth of Private Business 1

University of Virgina (Via Coursera)
Most entrepreneurship courses focus on how to start a business. Few focus on the next big entrepreneurial inflection point: how do you successfully grow an existing private business? This is the focus of this Course. It is based on the instructor's research and thirty years of real-world experience advising private growth companies.  This Course will challenge how you think about growth; give you tools to help you plan for growth, assess the preconditions to grow, and manage the risks of growth. You will study stories of how five different private businesses faced their growth challenges.  Growth, if not properly managed, can overwhelm a business, destroying value and in many cases even causing the business to fail. However, the research shows that every growth business faces common challenges. You can learn from others' experience—you do not have to "reinvent the wheel". The Course format is case based. Each case tells a compelling story.  You will engage in Workshops where you will be asked to use and apply the Course tools and concepts to create growth strategies for two different real-life businesses. You will have the opportunity to create a Course Community of fellow-students to learn from each other as the Course progresses.  You will learn about the: "3 Myths of Growth"; the "Truth About Growth";  why growth is like "Mother Nature"; the "Gas Pedal" approach to growth; the all important "4 Ps" of how to grow; and how to scale a business strategically.
Jan 2008Feb 2008

Tourism Industry Association of NB

This is a course the prepares the participant for work.  Searching is done in the Tourism sector for opportunities that this training will prepare them.

The course includes:

o CPR/First Aid

o Mature Consumer course

o Super Host Atlantic

o Basic Budgets  & Time Management

o WHMIS & "Food Safety certiciations

Participants are also required to complete a team project where they are featuring a tourism package and are able to also prepare their own graduation.

Jan 2008Feb 2008

Tax Preparation

H & R Block

This course included tax preparation skills in order to prepare customer tax returns and include such topics as:

- Education tax breaks

- Other income Sources

- Property taxes

- Pension splitting benefit

- Tax Free Savings Accounts

- Multiple employment T4 forms

- Use of software to complete tax returns

- Processes involved in meeting with clients

- Proper forms to have clients sign and where you need to confirm

- Return or payment amounts and process required

- Contacting Canada Revenue Agency

This course resulted in employment for a 2 month period in Feb-Apr 2008.  A refresher course was completed and employment for the Feb-April 2009 period as well was completed.

Sep 1993Aug 1994

Computerized Accounting

Access Computer Training

The course prepares the student to be able to conduct standard accounting functions in accounts receivables, accounts payables, payroll and inventory control.

Other aspects of the course include:

Business Communication

Typing Skills


Word Processing

Job Search Training

Feb 1992Jun 1992

Accounting Level 1

Academy of Learning

This course is designed to allow the student to learn at their own pace in the practices of accounting and what is expected of someone who would be wanting to go into the accounting field.  Practices of accounting theory with exposure of software training are parts of the course.  Successful students will receive a completion diploma.