Work experience

Work experience
May 2012 - Present

Operation Manager

LSN Argentina
Responsibilities: 1. Definition of the policy of the company stock in Accordance With The Offer Logistics 2. Reporting, KPI monitoring and definition of the sector. 3. Operation and Supply Chain Manager. 4. Responsible for P & L business unit. 5. Responsible for the programming of the plants. 6. Responsible for the sales forecast colaborative whit the plant´s.
Oct 2006 - Apr 2012

Regional Distribution Center manager

Schneider Electric Argentina

Position Summary

Carry out the operation and logistics analysis of the company from scheduling to deliver to the customer by measuring the effectiveness and cost of it. To Fullfill the company policy and defined targets.

Main responsibilities and achievements

o Achievements:

  1. Increased inventory accuracy by 17 points to achieve 99%.
  2. Increasing operational productivity by 25%.
  3. Winner for Best Six Sigma Project 2008.
  4. Increased service tax by 3 percentage points to achieve the goal of 97.5% and reduced logistics costs by 3 points to reach the target of 5.5%.
  5. Implementation of a Milk-Round system for just in time supply of raw material.
  6. Implementation of Supply Logistics with national and international clients


  1. Management of operational and administrative staff (73 administrative and 7 Operators)
  2. Selection and evaluation of personnel.
  3. Calculation and monitoring of KPIs.
  4. Development and implementation of production processes.
  5. Kaisen Management and Control, VSM and Lean processes.
  6. Calculation of activation capacity and resources.
  7. Logistics layout of dispatch, reception and Preparation process.
  8. Enable internal and external suppliers.
  9. Layout Design.
  10. Customer Care and Visit (Satisfaction Survey).
  11. Productivity Management and reorganization sectors according to the workload.
  12. Evaluation and modification of the versatility of staff.
  13. Evaluation and determination of sea-Air Flow, Stock and Supply Logistics and security parameters Stock.
  14. Productivity Analysis (P & L).
  15. Strategy Management Material parameters in accordance with the Offer Logistics.
Nov 2002 - Sep 2006

Plant Manager

Position SummaryProduction scheduling and purchasing, logistics and layout of the delivery according to customerneed, measuring the efficiency of it.Main responsibilities and achievements• Logros:1. Increase service rate by 20 points.2. Increasing operational productivity by 16%.3. Reduced purchasing costs of raw materials in 7 points• Responsabilidades:1. Management of operational and administrative staff (47 administrative and 4 Operators )2. Production scheduling and supply.3. Calculation and monitoring of KPIs.4. Logistics layout of the office and reception.5. Production and service purchases.6. Negotiating terms with suppliers.7. Line Productivity (Production Process Design: Kaizen, VSM).8. Control and monitoring of production.9. Design and Capex Budget.10. Productivity Analysis (P & L)
Oct 1998 - May 2002

Sr Purchaser

Sony Argentina S.A.
Position SummaryPurchases of spare parts for the needs of the services authorized and layout of the branch supply tomeet customer needs.Main responsibilities and achievementsAchievements:Implementation Process and Budget database and quotations.Comparison of offers for Raw Material net Price.Responsibilities:Quotes and Purchase Order issued.Negotiation with suppliers and activation of others.Evaluation of contracts and tenders.System and process of supply branches.Budget Control.


Apr 1997 - Dec 2001

Ingeniero Mecanico

Universidad Tecnologica Nacional


Achieve professional development commensurate with my skills and desire for progress and the possibility of intellectual development to expand the use of new tools to improve my performance.


  • I have experience in global supply chain from purchase to delivery to the customer.
  • My goals are to achieve the necessary tools to meet customer demands at the lowest possible cost and time
  • Specialisations: Business Processes Optimization Organization Design Inventory Management Technology Integration Distribution Centers Design and Location Transport Management Outsourcing Contracts Negotiation Measuring Supply Chain Performance Supply Chain Collaboration Initiatives Distribution Channels Strategy and Implementation IT Tools WMS, TMS, Routing Operations Management Negotiation with Unions Lean Logistics Security, Health & Enviroment




The ability to set priorities according to business needs


The ability to get a group of people working towards achieving a goal


Feb 2010 - Aug 2010

Lean Expert

Nov 2009 - Mar 2010


Bridge CORE
Jan 2008 - Jul 2008

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt