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Project and Process Management Leader and key player in the efficient management of successful chemical and pharmaceutical projects – from early stage to validation. Deep technical, manufacturing and chemical engineering expertise in customer-focused environments. Adept at maximizing resources to meet customer needs. Recognized for creativity, project follow-through, strong decision-making abilities, and the talent to gain buy-in at all levels to rollout strategy and systems that maximize performance and simplify/promote change. BS in Chemical Engineering.

Managing for Results through Top-Line Performance

§Efficiency Expertise in a Scientific Setting – Instrumental in delivering four major multi-million dollar campaigns on-time and within 1% of budget for Eli Lily. Possess unique ability to interact and translate PhD Chemist requirements into engineering and process language. Managed conversion cost budgets: direct labor, indirect labor, building charges and raw material costs.

§Process Turnaround – Successfully delivered a production planning process that resolved ongoing late-stage development campaign issues at the Eli Lilly Tippecanoe Laboratories facility around deadline and budget concerns.

§Product Development – Forecasted long-range production costing for manufacturing planning for Small Molecule Development (SMD) portfolio evaluation, a valuable decision-making tool used across Eli Lilly.

§Team Leader and Independent Contributor – In key engineering and leadership roles, worked as an internal liaison, consultant and team leader driving scientific transformation campaigns across functional boundaries: QC, development, manufacturing operations, and project managers at Eli Lilly production facilities worldwide.

§Goal Alignment – Trend expert skilled at analyzing and identifying core strengths and areas for improvement in all aspects of the production life cycle. Drove engagement working across an organization to deliver and communicate innovative concepts all players understand and rally around.

§Performance Management – Adept at motivating, mentoring and developing teams and individuals that drive efficiency, quality and profitability.

Capabilities and Skills

§Efficiency-Driven, Pilot Plant and Full-Scale Manufacturing

§Supply Chain Excellence/Six Sigma Lean

§Technical Management/Master Scheduling

§Customer-Focused Environments

§Deep Scientific Knowledge – Drug/Process Development

§Budget Control of Campaigns/Optimal Resource Utilization

§Continuous Improvement/Process Automation

§Large-Scale Capital Project Management

§Metrics for Organizational Effectiveness

§Long-Range Manufacturing Cost Estimates

Work experience

Process Engineer

Eli Lilly and Company - Indianapolis

Process and validation engineer for fermentation development and automation projects. Held complete oversight of facility design, construction, start-up, and automation of entire full scale, expandable fermentation manufacturing facility (new product production) in Speke, England. Process engineer for the unit operations for the isolation of bovine and porcine insulin. Selected for a four-month, cross-training development program in pharmaceutical sales (Chicago).

Apr 2006May 2009

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Consultant

Eli Lilly and Company

Managed and scheduled all internal large-scale API projects around SMD across three development facilities: Indianapolis, IN, Tippecanoe Laboratories, IN, and Kinsale, Ireland. Within tight budget constraints, directed up to two campaigns per year (15 – 25% of the entire Lafayette and Indianapolis development annual budget).

In this customer-focused role, implemented pre-campaign preparatory activities (four months prior to campaign start) and customized project guidelines to maximize human and facility resources. Established “supply” strategy and concept of project “Time Fences” based on key deliverables to monitor campaign readiness, ongoing resource utilization/status and project reporting. Tapped on-site resource team comprised of manufacturing management, technical services, QC, analytical, and development to achieve alignment across campaign. Monitored costs with site financial to verify validity of charges. Reported to Director of Development.

Relocated to Indianapolis plant following consolidation of manufacturing operations previously located at Lafayette Facility (completed in 2007) and integration of 30 small molecule development scientists. Tasked with integration and promotion of sharing of “best practices” among scientists late-stage development (process definition and validation – Lafayette) with early stage process (route selection/molecule development – Indianapolis) to allow for a more seamless flow in the production process. Monitored and maintained processes from route selection through process definition by peer review.

§Turned around campaign process from past-deadline/over-budget situations to on-time / on-budget scenarios. Delivered four major campaigns on time and within 1% of plan, while balancing demand for specialty equipment that exceeded supply.

§Developed all long-range manufacturing campaign scopes/estimates for SMD portfolio planning. Held complete budget responsibility for all conversions costs: direct labor, indirect labor, building charges and raw material costs.

§Supplied monthly metrics on early phase API production to determine improvement opportunities.

§Provided strategic planning with estimated molecule manufacturing costs ($/Kg) to factor into long-range portfolio valuation. Ensured continuous updating with major changes in synthetic routes or process improvements. Supplied cost estimates to molecule senior scientist to evaluate synthetic route selection or process development focus.


Development/Manufacturing Liaison

Eli Lilly and Company - Tippecanoe Laboratories

In this liaison role, served as single point of contact between late-stage development activities/campaigns and manufacturing where development required large manufacturing equipment. Liaised between two internally competitive manufacturing approaches: For Sale campaigns (governed by New Drug Application division) and Development Campaigns (governed by Investigational New Drug division). Both divisions demanded different control over changes in processes.

Coordinated competing priorities around campaign preparation and technical coverage for all development campaigns at Tippe Laboratories. Scoped and monitored late-stage campaigns and implemented “Resource Team” approach to obtain alignment on site development activities.

§Wrote all development policies and procedures (demand management and supply conformance) that supported successful certification in Operational Systems for Supply Chain Excellence for Tippecanoe Laboratories manufacturing site. Tippecanoe Labs is the only Eli Lilly site that included Development that achieved this distinction.

§Substantially reduced need for management oversight by developing and formally incorporating milestone reviews into the Core Implementation Team – a group of cross-functional site and development scientists.


Department Head of Development Engineering

Eli Lilly and Company - Indianapolis

The Development Engineering department was downsizing as a part of the overall Eli Lilly Development downsizing initiative in response to increased competition and cost pressures. Tasked with improving productivity of a group of 12 engineering teams responsible for process development and campaign implementation. Success of role led to promotion to liaison and consultant roles.

§Drove improved productivity by creating and implementing individualized development plans.

§Incorporated cross-training to allow flexibility in shifting roles as the need arose.

§Established new concept of a Resource Team that obtained alignment and priorities across development: chemists, engineers, QC, and analytical managers and directors.

§Integrated a “leap frog” staffing strategy to deliver campaigns on–time, while maintaining continuity of resources.

§Increased the number of successful campaigns with 15% less staff.

§Contributed to the development of the quality plan and led quality lead team in resolving major FDA issues identified in an inspection of Eli Lilly manufacturing as they applied to Development. Received Quality Advocate Award (2003).


Plant Expansion Department Head of Major Project Management

Eli Lilly and Company - Clinton Laboratories

Coordinated all automation projects associated with $500M plant expansion at Clinton Laboratories. Managed 12 internal and 40 contract programmers. Hired and trained automation engineers to take on the expanded responsibility of automation support for all chemical manufacturing operations at Clinton Labs. Trained 700+ employees as part of a major site initiative to change the manufacturing culture to a more market competitive mindset.


Aug 1978May 1982

Bachelor of Science

The Pennsyvania State University