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HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL EXECUTIVE in Engineering/Operations/Maintenance, Business Development/Turnarounds/ Startups, & EPC/ESH/Project/P&L Management (Oil & Gas/Power/Chemical, Nuclear/Defense, Semiconductor/Paper/ Pharmaceutical, Construction, Consulting). •$600+ million/yr savings by eliminating OSHA/EPA violations. •$200+ million/yr profit by doubling plant capacities. •$200+ million/ship savings by eliminating 75+% rework. •$100+ million savings by preventing oil & gas capital project shutdowns. •$75+ million savings by using reconditioned process equipment. •$25+ million/yr savings by eliminating 50+% rework in semiconductor facility. •Managed/constructed/designed $3 billion production facilities. •Managed $800+ million capital catastrophic audits. •Results-Driven Leader: Adept at capitalizing on opportunities/analyzing needs/solving problems/managing teams. •BS/MS/PhD work ChE, MBA, PE. Managed 500+ person staffs/teams. •Outstanding Communication, Technical, & Management skills.

Work experience

Mar 2007Present

Eng/Operations & Maintenance/ESH/Project Manager

Plant Process Engineering
•Managed/directed engineering/operations & maintenance/reliability/ESH/capital projects. •$100+ million savings by preventing oil & gas capital project shutdowns/eliminating bottlenecks. •$75+ million savings by using reconditioned process equipment at a substantially reduced price over new equipment. •Led/directed engineering project management for oil & gas/chemical/alternative energy clients (Tyson/Alcoa). •Implemented/improved: engineering/six sigma/SPC/design/reliability/EHS/maintenance/operations systems. •Implemented ESH/inventory control systems (due to 3 staph infections/month). Simulated processes (WinSim). •Business Development: Issued $50+ million capital project proposals. Sized relief devices (by modeling release scenarios).

Engineering/Maintenance/ESH/Project Manager

Northrop Grumman
•Managed/directed $3 billion engineering/operations & maintenance/reliability/ESH/capital projects. •$200+ million/ship savings by implementing engineering/six/sigma/reliability systems & eliminating 75+% rework. •Implemented/improved: engineering/six sigma/SPC/design/reliability/EHS/maintenance/operations systems.

Sr. Systems Engineering Manager

SAIC/Praxair Semiconductors
•Managed engineering/ESH/operations for $1.4 billion semiconductor/aeronautical/VX/construction processes. •$25+ million/yr savings by eliminating 50% rework (materials/valves/piping/engineering). •Improved/implemented: engineering/maintenance/MRP/ISO/operations systems. •Determined system component chemical compatibility/lifecycle. •Tested/modeled HVAC/pipe flow efficiency for semiconductor material delivery cabinets/valve manifold boxes. •Implemented: design systems, PHAs (crane/propellant/VX), & ESH/JSA/investigation programs (due to 3 fatalities).

Process Engineer/ESH Manager

•Managed engineering/ESH/operations for six titanium dioxide pigment production facilities. Directed capital projects. •$200+ million/yr profit by doubling plant capacities. •Commissioned: reactors/conveyers/spray dryers/pumps/compressors/vessels/cooling towers/scrubbers. •Determined capital project feasibility/EVA reports (ore/coke silos, ore blend, CWC, steam/chlorine reduction). •Used six sigma/SPC/TQM/SAP to improve/troubleshoot daily production activities (Finishing/Chlorination, QA/Lab). •Increased PSM program compliance from 50% to 100% ($300,000 savings by internally developing programs). •Conducted/revalidated PHAs/HAZOPs (3000+ action items). Sized relief devices (by modeling release scenarios). •Developed best practices (titanium tetrachloride release reduction, electrical classification/ventilation for fuels). •Streamlined/enhanced Management of Change/Pre-Start-Up Safety Review/Emergency Response systems.

Mgmt/ESH Consultant

Boise Cascade
•Managed/implemented operations/ESH/PSM/risk management/best practice programs. •$600 million/yr savings by eliminating OSHA/EPA violations (40% ahead of deadlines) for two tape facilities. •$400,000 savings by internally developing PSM/risk management programs using multidisciplinary teams. •Increased PSM program compliance from 5% to 100% for pulp/paper mill (60% ahead of 2.5-year timeline).

Mgmt/Process/ESH/Eng. Consultant

•Managed/improved ESH/PSM/risk management programs for oil & gas/chemical/paper/nuclear/pharmaceutical clients (Exxon/BP/Chevron/Marathon, Scott/GP/IP/ Kimberly Clark/Temple Inland, Merck/Pfizer, OSHA/DOE/AIChE). •Managed $800+ million capital catastrophic audits (20+ fatalities, 150+ injured). •Business Development: Published/issued $20+million proposals, two AIChE PSM/TQM papers, & 17 reports. •Conducted PHAs: oil & gas refinery/pipeline/marine terminal/offshore HAZOPs, hydrogen FMEAs, nuclear material transfer FTA/ETA/HRAs. •Implemented nuclear facility restart capability/safety requirements (Oak Ridge/SRS/Hanford/Rocky Flats/ Mound). •Developed environmental risk management consequence methods for AIChE/OSHA/DOE/Exxon.

Process Engineer

•Managed/started up $3 billion Defense Waste Processing Facility. Simulated DCS process procedures. Placed organic waste storage tank in operational order. Determined material inventories. •Managed/started up $150 million Replacement Tritium Facility. Installed metal hydride beds 40% ahead of schedule. Redesigned in-bed nitrogen feed system (vital tritium accountability component). •Managed/constructed $10 million Thermal Cycling Absorption Process for Tritium Production Facility. Relocated to production to keep project going (due to a personnel shortage). Changed plans/scope (increased scale/redesigned leaky aluminum column to steel) to be relevant to production's needs. •Managed operation of Advanced Hydride Laboratory ($4 million pilot plant). $3 million cost savings by discovering leaky nitrogen valves. Conducted metal hydride tests. Programmed PLC/DCS system.

Process Design/Development Engineer

Alameda Instruments
•Managed/designed novel $2 million sulfuric/hydrofluoric acid reprocessors for semiconductor industry clients.

Process Development Engineer

•Managed economic feasibility studies for $200+ million new/improved chemical production processes. •Used process simulation software (PRO II) to support economic evaluations. •Investigated methanol as diesel fuel. Proved coal-processing costs made methanol uneconomical. •Developed reactive distillation software package. Tested package (ethylene glycol/polyol production). •Produced Ibuprofen production economical comparisons for various reaction/feedstock scenarios.

Industrial Intern (M.Ch.E. Thesis)

•Managed process development for new $1.5+ million/kg pharmaceutical product. •Enhanced membrane fractionation between product/excess reactant by selectively binding the product with polymers. •Developed thermodynamic model to quantify the product-polymer binding interactions. •Analyzed experimental results using high-performance liquid chromatography & freeze-drying.

Development Engineer

W.R. Grace
•Catalyst Development: Zeolites •Pilot Plant Startup: Coal Gasification/Liquifaction to Methanol/Alcohols

Quality Assurance Engineer

•Thick Film Electronic Material Lab/Quality Insurance: Precious Metal (Platinum, Pladium, Gold, Silver) Pastes/Paints




University of South Carolina
¤ Distinguished Student Award recipient, 3.9 GPA.

PhD work

University of California, Berkeley
¤ Taught Graduate Courses: Separations (with C. Judson King); Chemical Engineering Management (with Arnold Grossberg, VP Chervron Research). ¤ PhD work: Mixing Patterns in Spray Drying; offered minithesis by John Prausnitz. ¤ Minor: Mechanical Engineering: Fluid/Heat/Mass Transfer, Combustion, Turbulence, 3.9 GPA.


University of Delaware
¤ Industrial Internship Program, 3.5 GPA. ¤ Published thesis: Membrane Fractionation: A Process Development Study.


State University of New York at Buffalo
¤ Outstanding Student Award recipient, 3.9 GPA, MINOR: Economics.