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Work experience

Security Officer

Pacific Protection Services

Substance Abuse Intake Counselor/ Case Management Trainee

Substance Abuse Foundation

DutiesIntake, Assessment, Group Facilitation, Urine Analysis 

Jan 2010Present

Senior Peer Advisor

Long Beach City College

Long Beach City College— Long Beach, CA

Coordinated student appointments, maintained the book loan library, assisted in conducting peer

advising appointments, recruited students to available programs, handled multifaceted cerical task

(e.g., data entry, filing, confidential records) as the assistant to the admission department. Ensured

the delivery of premium service to students. Quickly became a trusted assistant known for “can-do”

attitude, flexibility and high-quality work.


Oct 2008Feb 2009

Substance Abuse Counselor/ Case Management Trainee

Choices Recovery

Group facilitation, charting, office assistant 


Jun 2008Present


Long Beach City College


Long Beach City College — Long Beach, CA

Relevant Courses:

� Cast Management: Treatment and Aftercare

� Stress Management for Case Managers

� Intervention, Treatment, and Recovery

� Group and Family Practice

� Law and Ethics

� Dual Diagnosis

� Pharmacology & Physiology

4.0 GPA

4.0 GPA

4.0 GPA

4.0 GPA

4.0 GPA

4.0 GPA



Online Social Marketing/ Performance Marketing
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Office Assistant
      Professional Development:   � Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), 2007 Computer Skills:   Office Management Records Management Database Administration   Spreadsheets/Reports Event Management Calendaring   Front-Desk Reception Executive Support Travel Coordination   MS Word MS Excel MS PowerPoint   MS Outlook MS Access MS Project   MS Publisher FileMaker Pro Windows    

Publishing Urban Wordz Channel

Micheaux's Poetry

FAREWELL dedicated to the Late Great Gil Scott Heron by Urban Voodoo on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 1:25pm

This is a universal brotherhood

the underground railroad with

solid tracks and steady conductors

lyrical instructors

with spontaneous combustion

...liable to explode rhythmic equations,

prophetic calculations spoke from elder's tongue

behold the movement from which

rivers sprung;

He was an ocean of wisdom;

let us gather to drink from his well..... Farewell

Farewell to the monotony of it all

the crosses born of destitution

Farewell to the confusion of woe

addiction to the seeds we soe

often becoming popi leaves

that leave us to burn in their misery

Farewell to the feeling of want

of need

of loss

of gain

of triumph

of struggle

of joy

of pain

Farewell my freind


Leave us to the doings undone

For we shall meet at the accomplishment of it all

smile upon us with pride

rejoice in the knowing

your baton which you carried

even in despair did not have far to fall

This is not the end...

It is merely a Farewell

a so long

a memory

And you were its inspiration...Farewell.

The Revolution by Urban Voodoo on Monday, February 21, 2011 at 9:53pm

The Jazzzz...

It speaks!

It speaks to me!

The Jazzzz...

It speaks to me!

It speaks to me frequenly, exciting my emotions

Exciting my compulsion to write.

To write of rhythms.

Rhythms that dance!

Rhythms that dance like Ali

And Malcom!

Speaking with the courage of Martin!

The Jazzz...

It speaks!

It speaks to me!

Frequently I feel the pulse of bass drums,

Strings that strum the thoughts that flow with the sax

To relax the rage, the anguish, the cry, the sigh, the moan!

The Jazzz...!

It speaks! It speaks to me in ancient


It is my language!

Through it I travel to ancient lands!

I speak Bantu-Can't-You-Hear-Me-Speaking?

Can't you hear my story speaking?

Can't you hear my story speaking Fulani,

Yoruba, Palo Mayombe, Abakua, Swahili, feel me strumming

Humming a tune in Condombe, Hausa,

Xhosa, Zuluuuuuu;

Do youuuuu- hear-me?

Do you hear-

Do you hear the Jazzzz?

The jazz!

The jazz!

The jazz it speaks...

It speaks to me! It speaks my language,

It tells my story, it is my story speaking!

Its speaks to me frequently exciting my emotions

Exciting my compulsion to write,

To write of rhythms that dance!

Rivers that dance like Nina, like Tina Rhythms that dance like Aretha, Lateefa,

Like Debbie and Nikki and Angelaaaaa! Dancing through my mind,

Dancing through their rhyme!

Causing a revolve inciting my resolve to write as I flow to Miles

For miles my mind began to travel in

Search of revolution!


The Jazz it speaks!

I said the Jazz!

It speaks to me!

My brotha,

My sista,

I blame it on the Jazz Because it speaks of Revolution!

The Revolution Of Jazz

By: A'Jaye Micheaux


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