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Work experience

Sep 2012Jan 2014


San Francisco State University

Instructor for undergraduate courses.

Philosophy 110: Critical Thinking.  Teach material covering the use of critical thinking to analyze arguments, evidence, and logic.  Topics covering: Categorical Logic, Truth Tables, Logical Fallacies, Identifying Argument Structures, Inferential Logic, Sentential Logic.  Also conduct analysis of applied ethics essays to 'capstone' the course and apply concepts.  Conduct writing workshop to improve student's ability to write argumentation papers, as well as develop and integrate messaging to improve the persuasive effectiveness of their logic.

Sections 33 and 41 (Fall 2012) total of 74 students.  Conduct 1.5 hour lecture twice per week.

Section 39 (Spring 2013): 35 students.  3 hour lecture, once per week.

  Section 33 and 43 (Fall 2013) total of 75 students.

Philosophy 101: Introduction to Philosophy.  Broad historical survey of philosophy, covering metaphysics, epistemology, existentialism, and ethics.Writings of Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Hume, and Kant as well as several contemporary essays.

Section 8 (Spring 2013): total of 60 students.  Conduct 1.5 hour lecture twice per week.

Apr 2007Jun 2008

Conduit Sales Manager, Partner

Neighborhood Lenders

Propelled this 10-person retail mortgage origination firm to the next level by setting up a full-scale wholesale banking arm, including product research, pricing, marketing, partnering, quality control, and fraud prevention.

  • Strategic Planning: Generated 1-year business plan to roll-out a broad range of 'A' and 'Alt-A' credit products in strict compliance with tightening lending/banking regulations. Coordinated and passed 3rd-party audit within 60 days to legitimize financials.
  • Products & Pricing: Created a product mix of 30 mortgage programs from secondary market providers, being careful to adhere to emerging regulations and guidelines.
  • Risk Management: Researched and identified brokers who fit Neighborhood's conservative risk profile. Sought out and secured 3 warehouse lines to mitigate risk during a volatile market.
  • Business Management: Managed loan submission and credit line volume of $30M, holding a reliable margin of 1.125% on conduit loan products (while other banks failed) …until secondary market evaporated.
Oct 2003Feb 2007

Broker, Owner

Atlas Home Mortgage & Capital City Real Estate

Launched 2 businesses in parallel to create a one-stop real estate sales and mortgage origination operation, focusing predominantly on regional revitalization and community building in downtown Lansing’s depressed and underserved areas.

  • Strategic Planning: Drove business concept to fruition, devising plans for company branding, strategic positioning, organizational structure, and headcount.
  • Company Branding: Purposefully set up shop in historic retail building in a low-income neighborhood to integrate with the community and exemplify the values of the organization.
  • Organizational Leadership: Recruited, trained, and managed 15 loan originators, 12 real estate agents, and 3 support staff, and directed marketing and advertising campaigns on an annual $60,000 budget.
  • Business Management: Facilitated real estate deals and structured tax credit development packages on a consultation basis of up to $10M in value.

Honored as a "Featured Business Leader" in the Lansing State Journal (2006) for community involvement and neighborhood investment aimed at redeveloping an historic building into a mixed-use space, leveraging NMTC, Federal, State, and Local tax credit incentives.

Jun 2001Oct 2003

Loan Officer & Real Estate Agent

Grewal Mortgage & Grewal Real Estate

Took on 2 concurrent positions within sister organizations in order to deliver a holistic approach to the home-buying experience, polishing skills in business development, marketing, and account management.

  • Account Management: Lauded as the #1 producer for 3 straight years (out of 50 office staff), namely due to ability to understand the complexities of lending and real estate transactions.
Aug 1999Apr 2001

Wholesale Account Executive & Junior Field Underwriter

NovaStar Financial, Inc.

Held underwriting authority for numerous territories across the Midwest, walking customers through a very laborious and complicated process.

  • Territory Penetration: Opened up Wisconsin sales territory from scratch, in very first year in the industry, with no existing contacts or customer base from which to draw.


Master of Arts

San Francisco State University

Completion of program expected in 2013. Thesis topic: Climate Justice

  • Ethics focus
  • Current GPA: 3.7
Sep 2010Jun 2011

Master of Business Administration

San Francisco State University
  • Dual degree masters program.  
  • Accelerated 9 month program.  
  • Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society Member.
  • 3.963 GPA.
  • Thesis: lululemon athletica, inc. Analysis of financial position, marketing, project management, information technology utilization, and change management.
Sep 2010Jun 2011

Master of International Business

IAE Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis
  • Dual degree masters program.
  • Coursework focused on cultural aspects of doing business in Europe, European banking, international financial reporting, and strategic alliances.
  • Class rank: 1st
  • Graduated 'Tres Bien' honor.
Aug 1996Aug 1999

Bachelor of Arts

Michigan State University
  • Carried full class load while working full time to put myself through school.
  • Worked part time for state representative in constituent affairs (1996-1997).


  • Sustainable business and green technology
  • Philosophy: Business and Organizational Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Global Justice, Existentialism, Epistemology, Logic, Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics
  • Literature


Brian Krause

Professional colleague since 2001.

Lending industry colleague at Grewal Mortgage and Atlas Home Mortgage.

Kurt Sutton

Partner at Neighborhood Lenders.

Alain Tobelem

20 year veteran of the World Bank as a principal institutional development specialist.

Dr. Tobelem is a professor at the IAE Université de Nice and encouraged my PhD pursuits. Alain has worked in 73 countries and speaks 12 languages thru the World Bank and as an independent consultant.

Dr. Tobelem specializes in state reform and public sector modernization.

Other Noteworthy Accomplishments

State of Michigan, Department of Education Vocational Oversight Committee

1996:  Appointed to serve on vocational oversight committee for six student vocational organizations (BPA, HOSA, DECCA, VICA, FFA, FHMA).  Committee comprised of state program directors and department of education personnel.  Committee reviewed finances of each organization, foundations, scholarships, general budgeting, and response to state legislative initiatives.  

Business Professionals of America

1995-1996: National officer, Eastern Region Vice President.  Elected to office by peers (54,000 members). Largest speaking engagement audience: 7,500

1994-1995: State officer, Regional Vice President.  Elected to office by peers (4,500 members).  Engaged in several public speaking engagements.  Membership drive resulting in 10% growth.  Proposed and implemented scholarship funded thru membership dues.  Scholarship structured as foundation and now awarded to three students per year. Largest speaking engagement audience: 2,500

1994-1995: Local chapter president.  Oversaw fundraising efforts and membership drive.  As a local chapter officer oversaw organizational growth to largest extracurricular club of school campus. (90 members)

1993-1994: Local chapter treasurer (44 members)

1992-1996: Member

1997-1998: Volunteer: State conference competitive judge and event proctor

1995: First Place 'Small Business Management Team' case competition.  First place regionals and state level    competition.

Alma College Model U.N. Team

1995-1996  Awarded Distinguished Delegate at the St. Louis, Missouri conference representing Cambodia on the Economic and Finance Committee. Economic and Finance Committee resolution accepted into conference agenda. Proposed resolution passed by committee and general assembly.



Multi-layered Business Management Professional with joint MIB/MBA degree backed by 10 years of entrepreneurial work in Asset-Based Lending and Real Estate Development, driving both financial analysis and business development initiatives. Well-versed in building full-functioning organizations from the ground up, including strategic planning, staffing, and policy development. Core competencies include the following:

  • International Business
  • Financial Analysis
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Game Theory
  • Market Research
  • Sustainable Practices
  • Market Penetration
  • Risk Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Social Responsibility
  • Portfolio Management
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Financial Services Expert
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Moral Psychology 
  • Decision/Choice Sciences


Entrepreneurial Ventures

This list briefly illustrates businesses founded and my keen interest in identifying and acting upon opportunity. 

'The Graveyard BBS' (Mt. Pleasant, Michigan)

1993-1995:Fee based dial up BBS (pre-internet).  Provided free-ware, chat rooms, and entertainment games.  Only independent and local BBS for modem users in the calling area.  High school venture with partner.  

Immaculate Valet Auto Care (Alma, Michigan)

1995-1996: Auto detailing shop.  College business employing two.

Backroom Processing (Lansing, Michigan)

1999-2003: Contract mortgage processing service.  Placed and processed mortgage loans for 18 origination offices.  Employed two processors.  Filled acute staffing shortage of local origination shops. 

Brick and Mortar Holdings (Lansing, Michigan)

1998-2006: Holding company for investment properties. Entity held and managed personal investments covering 23 student rental units in the Lansing area.

Capital City Real Estate LLC (Lansing, Michigan)

2003-2007 Real estate sales firm (As noted above).

Atlas Home Mortgage LLC (Lansing, MIchigan)

2003-2007 Mortgage brokerage firm (As noted above)


Options Pricing Models
Options pricing models for evaluating project scenarios and investment options.  An options pricing model is a superior valuation model to both IRR and NPV methodology, due to its recognition of volatility and flaws inherent to discount rates.  Similar to Black Scholes Pricing Model.  Options pricing modeling was recently reinforced thru Haas's Center for Responsible Business workshop entitled "Sustainability and Finance".  The workshop applied options pricing models to issues regarding sustainability.  Main case study of Southern Company and the investment options regarding implementation of the Clean Air Act of 1990.
French Language
  Current proficiency: A3/B1
Ellie Mae, Encompass
Ellie Mae loan management software suite.
Calyx loan origination and management software.
Mac Pages and Keynote
Mac word processing and presentation software package.  
Microsoft Office
Word, Excel, Powerpoint.
Open Project and Microsoft Project
Open source project management software suite.  Also proficient with Microsoft Project.
Microsoft Excel
Used in several MBA classes for projects.



Certified Mortgage Consultant

National Association of Mortgage Brokers

Real Estate Broker

State of Michigan

Mortgage Broker

State of Michigan


Old Town Commercial Association